Good Enby

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #drugged #m/nb #sub:nb

Amber takes Alexis to QUILTBAG night at a local club, where they meets someone who introduces them to hypnosis, and teaches them that good enbies obey.

Submitted for #HypNonconJam, Day 2: LGBTQIA+ (aka QUILTBAG)

I tugged nervously at the black lace of my collar, and Amber slapped my hand away. "You're going to break it. Leave it alone."
I blushed. "It's a little too tight; maybe I'll just leave it in the car."
I started to reach behind my neck to undo the buckle. This time she grabbed my wrists. I blushed harder. I wanted to ask her to let go, but couldn't quite find the words. Had she always been this hot? Maybe our experiments in Domination and submission had somehow made her hotter. I realized I was looking at her chest, and tried to meet her eyes. She was smiling at me. Her gaze was too intense. I looked down at my hands, which she was now holding in my lap.
"It looks too good on you to stay behind."
She waited. I bit my lip, then nodded.
"Good enby. Now, remind me what we're here to do."
"M-meet people, have f-fun, and look amazing."
"That's right, cutie! Now is everyone ready?" Our other friends all agreed they were. I didn't say anything. It didn't matter. Tonight, it was Amber's job to decide if I was ready. She kept hold of my hand, guiding me gently out of the car.
The lights of the club drew my eye. A sign outside proudly proclaimed "QUILTBAG Night!" in big block letters, and smaller underneath "no cover for cuties in kink/fetish wear". Amber pointed it out. "See? I just saved you $5! Good things happen when you listen to me."

I laughed. "Yes Mistress."

She slapped my hand again, playfully. "Now now, we haven't negotiated honorifics. If you want to call me Mistress, you'll have to wait." She smirked. I felt warm all over. "Now come on, let's get in there!"
We had to show our IDs to a bouncer at the door. I guess he could tell I looked nervous. "Don't worry, cutie. No one is hurting you on my watch. Anybody tries to take you out of here, they'll have to explain it to me. If everything is ok, you tell me 'green' and I'll let you go home with whomever you like, no questions, no shame. But if you need help, tell me 'red'. You got that?"
I nodded. "Yeah, green. Amber and I use stoplight signals." I held up my wrists for his inspection. One had a green bracelet, the other one yellow, one red. I pointed to the green one.
He smiled. "Heh, thought you might be familiar. Anyway, you cuties relax tonight, ok? Have a great time!"
Right away, I was a little overwhelmed. The lights were so bright, the music was so loud, and there were so many people! Bodies moving, jostling. It didn't seem like anyone was trying to disrespect my bodily autonomy or anything, but there was no way for them to avoid touching me in the crowded space. I did my best not to look at the lights, but even then, lots of people were wearing flashing or glowing jewelry, and blacklight-reactive makeup, body paint, and accessories. It was too much.
Amber and the rest of our friends wanted to get out and dance right away. She hugged me tight, and shouted, "It's ok! You're going to have a great time." She tried to pull me by the hand, but I stopped. She turned around and raised an eyebrow at me. "You're going to be a good enby and come dance with me, aren't you?" She gave me a stern Dom look. I could feel it all the way down to my toes, and burning somewhere deep in my core. I wanted to obey.
But I couldn't. "Yellow. I'm sorry Amber, it's too much. I'll go sit down a bit, and find you once I'm less overwhelmed."
She hugged me again. "Good enby. Well done communicating your needs!" She petted my head, and I buried my face in her chest to hide the blush. "Yes, go have a seat. No need to rush; we have all night! And hey, maybe you'll meet someone." She winked at me. I looked down, too flustered to meet her eyes. I watched her swaying hips as she walked away.
Fortunately, the club had some nice booths away from the dance floor. It was still too loud to hear myself think, but at least no one was bumping into me, and if I sat in the corner of a booth, it wasn't so bright. I put my feet on the seat and hugged my knees, turning my head away from the lights.
Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped, looking up in a hurry.
A tall man stood close enough to touch me, but far enough not to block my exit from the booth. He was wearing a pansexual pride flag pin, and another that read "he/Sir". I ducked, avoiding his gaze, but that didn't help much, as my eyes landed on his thick black leather belt. "Good evening." His voice was deep and resonant. "May I sit?" I nodded, still not meeting his eyes. He sat on the edge of the booth seat, still leaving me the other end to escape if I wanted to, and giving me plenty of space. I took my arms off my knees, and turned to face him. "I'm Devon, he/him."
"Alexis, they/them." It wasn't much of an intro, but it was all I could force out.
"I don't think I've seen you here before. Is this your first time?" I nodded. "It can all be a little much, can't it?" I nodded again. "Like, the loud music can be exciting, and you expect it from clubs, but maybe it's a little too loud." I nodded a third time. "Would you like me to help you calm down?"
I looked up, surprised. "What do you mean?"
"Well, I'm a hypnotist." I scooted back a little. He chuckled. It was such a nice sound, dark and rich. I could feel it, just like Amber's Dom Face. "Don't worry: it's not like in the movies. I can't make you do anything you don't want to do. But, if you're willing to listen, I can help you to tune out all that," he gestured toward the dance floor, "and feel calmer. Would you like that?"
I nodded again, shyly this time. He rewarded that with a warm smile. I smiled back, feeling my cheeks heat up.
"Ok, Alexis. Will this be your first time being hypnotized?" Nod. "Do you think you could get more comfortable in this booth?" Nod. I scooted until my back was leaning against the corner, and wiggled around trying to get comfy. "Would you like to put your feet up?" I did so, facing them away from him, toward my open exit from the booth, just in case. "That's right. That's a better position to relax in. Now, hypnosis might make you limp and floppy, though it doesn't necessarily affect your ability to move your muscles to keep yourself safe and comfy. Is it alright if I touch you to keep you from falling?"
I held up my yellow and red bracelet arm. "Well, only enough to keep me from falling, and only like, on my shoulders and near my waist."
He smiled wider. "Ok, I can do that. Are you ready to relax?" I held up the green arm. Evidently he knew what that meant, because he said, "Good. I'd like to begin by taking a deep breath for me, that's right, just let it fill your lungs and then as you breathe out just feel your body relax. Good. And then another, slower and deeper, and letting all the tension out of your body as you let go. That's right. Now as you breathe so calm and deep, maybe you'll notice your senses starting to fade or dull. Maybe the lights will seem more dim and distant, or maybe the sounds around will start to turn down like a volume knob going down, down, that's right, you can relax and I see you're blinking, see those eyes are fluttering, you can let them close down when you like, or even now."
I felt my eyes close. I made them close, right? I could've kept them open longer; I just didn't want to. "That feels good, doesn't it? Just letting your eyes close and your body relax deeper, and the sounds seem even softer now, you can still feel the bass on your skin but softly, distantly, everything is just fading into the background, dimming in your awareness, and as your muscles relax on that soft exhale you might feel like you're sinking into the booth. You're sinking down, feeling so nice and heavy, so calm and relaxed. That's right. Good enby. Relaxing so deep for me."
I smiled. I am a good enby, aren't I? Doing such a good job relaxing and letting everything fade. I started to have a little trouble sorting out what was his words and what was my own thoughts, but that was ok, I could just let them blend together as I relaxed deeper down and so heavy so it's a good thing he scooted close and put a gentle hand on my shoulder, and his hand on my shoulder felt so calming and good it just made me relax deeper. I started paying no conscious attention to his words at all. They sounded like they were coming from so far away, just faded into the background like the music and the lights. I sank and floated, somehow both at once, and I just felt so relaxed and so good and just enjoyed that heavy floating. It didn't need to make sense. Everything was just so good and relaxing and I had no idea how long I had been floating...
"3, starting to return to awareness of your surroundings, but still keeping that distance and calm, 4 maybe your eyes start to flutter open now as you take an energizing breath and stretch up to 5, awake!"
I blinked, confused. "I...yes, awake."
"Wow, good enby! You went so deep for me. Are you sure that was your first time?"
"I...I think so?" I felt so confused and floaty. He helped me sit up a little; I had slumped down, almost lying on the booth.
"Hmm, well you must be a really talented subject, then! Do you have a water bottle? It's important to hydrate, after a trance like that." I shook my head. I should've thought of that sooner. I looked down, feeling ashamed. "It's ok. I should've made sure you had a drink ready before we started. I can buy you one now. What would you like to drink?"
I frowned a bit. Something felt off about that, but I couldn't quite figure out what. "I um...blueberry lemonade? Amber told me they have it, here." My voice sounded weird, soft and slurred. But everything felt so floaty and good. The bass vibrating my skin tingled pleasantly. So did the touch of his hand on my shoulder. "Yeah. Blueberry lemonade, please."
He gave me that warm smile again. I felt it all the way down to my toes. "Be right back."
As he was walking away, I realized I should maybe have considered telling him, "No, don't buy me a drink." Somehow the thought just hadn't occurred to me. Oh well, I thought. Too late now. Anyway, Amber and my friends are here, and I can signal that bouncer if I get into trouble. So I'll be fine.
It felt like he had been gone no time at all. He set down two cups of bright blue liquid, with ice floating in the top and a blue glowstick on the bottom. "Heh, your friend had a good idea. These look really cool, don't they?"
I nodded. I realized I was doing that a lot, with Sir around. "Yeah." I took a cautious sip. It tasted like blueberry and lemon. No weird aftertastes or anything.
He took a swig from his. "All that talking works up a thirst. Trancing usually does, too. Do you not like it?"
I stared at the drink. Sir seemed so nice. How could I explain to him I was worried he might have put something in it? I'd probably offend him. He wasn't the sort of guy to do that, was he?
"Oh, I think I know. Hey, you just saw me take a big drink from mine. Want to switch cups?"
I smiled. "Um, no, that's ok."
"Don't want my germs? How...disappointing." His smile became a smirk, teasing, hinting at things left unsaid.
"I um I didn't say that I just well er." I took another drink, as much for an excuse to stop the flow of fluster from my mouth as because I was thirsty. It was good. Not a flavor combination I would've thought to make myself, but I was glad someone had.
That dark, warm chuckle again. I realized I really liked the sound, and wanted to hear it more. "That's right. Take another drink. I didn't put anything in it. But you know, with hypnosis, I could tell your mind I did. You could have all the fun with none of the side effects."
I looked at my hands. I had the red/yellow hand on the cup. I switched to the green one, and raised it like I was toasting. I wasn't sure why, but I just felt really safe with Sir, and whatever he suggested sounded like a really good idea.
He clinked his glass against mine. "Good enby. So adventurous! So take another sip, and feel it flowing down into your body. It can bring back that lovely floaty feeling you had in trance, but your eyes stay open and you keep sitting up. You can move and talk and on the outside maybe it seems like everything is normal, but inside, your thoughts are floating away, replaced with," he smirked. "Pleasure."
I made a sound that might've been "meep!"
That chuckle. Oh, I was so happy to hear that chuckle. "Good enby. Feel that pleasure flowing into you with every sip, filling you up until there's no room for those pesky thoughts. You can feel them slipping away, that's right, take another drink. Good enby." I smiled. I felt so good. I was such a good enby letting my thoughts float away. And it felt so, so good. I wanted to gulp it all down, feel all the pleasure, but Sir said, "Slow down a bit, that's right. We're going to take our time, enjoy this process, nice and slow."
He looked up. I saw a look cross his face, just for a second, that might've been anger. But then it was gone, and the warm smile was back.
"Your friends are coming this way. When they get here, you're going to introduce me and explain you really like me and I might be giving you a ride home. If they worry, you'll reassure them that everything is fine. You won't let them take you from me, no matter what they say. Everything is fine. Smile for me now, that's it."
Again, just for a second, I felt like something might be wrong. But then I knew it was time to take another sip and let those worries flow away, replaced with tingly pleasure that felt so good.
I swayed just a bit as I looked up at Amber. "Hi Mis-- hi. Devon, this is Amber. Amber, this is S-- Devon. We've been talking and um, I really like him and uh," he squeezed my shoulder, and I felt warmth flow into me, and remembered that good enbies obey. "I am actually thinking about letting him give me a ride home!"
Amber looked shocked. She glared at Devon and scooped up my drink. I whimpered a little. I wanted more. She sniffed the cup, then took a careful sip. She gave it back. "You sound weird. Is everything ok?"
"Yeah, Amber, everything is fine! Devon is just really nice, and I want him to take me home. I'm fine. Everything is soooooo good." I giggled.
He chuckled and squeezed my shoulder. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Good enby." I blushed.
Amber took my hand and said, "Let's talk for a minute. Without...Devon."
I pulled my hand back. "No! I don't want you to take me away from him."
Amber raised her eyebrow. "Be a good enby for me and come with me."
I felt so torn. I wanted to be a good enby for Amber. I wanted to be a good enby for Devon. I had to choose. I had to obey.
He squeezed my shoulder, and I held up my hand, pointing to the red bracelet. "Don't take me away from him. Devon is taking me home."
Amber looked hurt. "I...well ok, I guess. He hasn't done anything weird to you?"
I shook my head emphatically. "No! Everything is fine and I just really want to stay with him."
"Heh, never thought you had it in you, Alexis. Ok, you know what I say: no slut shame, only slut appreciation."
Devon and Amber chuckled together, and the sound was so rich and sweet and wonderful, I thought I was going to melt into the booth and be a puddle on the floor. I am such a good enby.
"Alright. Enjoy your adventure but call me if you get into any trouble. And call me in the morning to let me know how it went!"
I nodded and smiled. Sir squeezed my shoulder and I felt warmth flow into me and knew good enbies obey. I waved at Amber, and Sir and I together watched her swaying hips as she walked away.
I finished that lemonade so floaty, no thoughts left, and Sir was so wonderful and kind, he got me another one, and I sipped my thoughts away until it was half gone and I needed the bathroom before we could go. I had no thoughts the whole time, stumbling around and giggling, but still moving my body right to stay comfortable and safe. I felt so safe when I saw Sir waiting for me outside, and so good when he squeezed my shoulder and I felt warm and knew good enbies obey. I leaned on his arm, and his was around my shoulder, as we came up to the bouncer and I waved my green bracelet. He just smiled and said, "Have a good night."
And Sir said, "Good enby."

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