Fully Automated

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #bondage #brainwashing #fantasy #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #CNC #consensual_non-consent #cut_clothing #forced_masturbation #hypnotic_machine #masturbation #microfiction #robots

A microfic commission for @Nath.

She turned the card over in her hand, then double-checked the address. This was the right place. She hesitated. It looked more like a clinic than the day spa she had been expecting.

“Fully automated relaxation!” said the card. “Our techs are always available to meet your needs. Present this card for one free session!”

It gave zero details about how they would meet needs, or even what needs they met. She had gotten it from a friend, after commenting that they had been seeming so much happier and less stressed. Said friend had recommended the place highly, assuring her that it was great, and she’d be perfectly safe, so she should just go along with their recommendations.

That was shady. It sounded creepy. But, after all, this friend had never steered her wrong before, and secretly, she was almost hoping… but no. Let’s stay in the moment, and see what this place is really all about, she thought.

It looked like a clinic from the inside, too: the decor was bright, angular, and almost overly clean. And they hadn’t been kidding about “fully automated”; there wasn’t another human in sight as she approached the front desk.

“Welcome, customer,” a high, pleasant voice rang out from unseen speakers. “Please insert your card into the slot to your right.” A screen lit up with an arrow pointing at a little slot.

“This card?” she asked.

“Please insert your card into the machine to your right.” The arrow began to blink, fading slowly in and out. She blinked, realizing she was staring. She inserted the card. What did she have to lose?

“Thank you. We have been hoping you would join us. Please proceed through the door.”

A door to the side of the desk slid open. Hesitantly, she walked through, and it slid closed behind her. Soft music played, and a fountain burbled in a corner. Before she had time to worry about how she was going to get back out, the voice said. “A robe is waiting for you in the changing room. Though you may keep your clothes on if you wish, treatment will be most effective if you remove them. Once you have finished with the changing room, we will guide you to enjoy your first treatment.”

“I um… what does the treatment entail? How do I know if it’s safe, or that I’ll enjoy it?”

“We will explain everything before we do it. Our licensing information is available on our website or at the front desk. Data on your preferences will have been collected before we begin.  Once you have finished with the changing room, we will guide you to enjoy your first treatment.”

As it was talking, she found herself walking into the changing room and getting into the robe. Part of her thought she ought to object, but a stronger part was reassuring her that she was safe and everything was fine. This was odd, but she felt no need to examine it further. She stepped out.

“We greatly appreciate your compliance. It is sure to increase your enjoyment. Please follow the bubbles.”

The tile floor lit up with blue bubbles. As she stepped on one, it popped, and a soft chime played. She smiled, and stepped on the next. Soon she was giggling.

She looked up, surprised, when there was no next bubble, and found that she had already entered a room. She heard the door close behind her. Distantly, she thought that ought to alarm her, and wondered why it didn’t.

“Thank you. Please take a seat.”

Before her was a particularly lavish exam chair. When she got into it, the foam padding was so soft, it felt like she was sinking into it, and it conformed to her body perfectly. As soon as she was in place, the lights dimmed, and a projector turned on, so that a spiral covered the wall in front of her, turning lazily.

“Wait, I… what?” This was exactly what she had been secretly hoping would happen in here, but she had thought it was impossible. “You… you said… data on my preferences…”

Well-oiled, soft, padded restraints slid near-silently from the chair, securing her ankles and wrists. An armature slid out, and used bandage scissors to cut the sleeves of her robe so that a second armature could take hold of it and pull it to the floor.

“Data on your preferences was collected before you ever walked in the door. The friend who gave you that card knew you would enjoy our services as much as they did.”

She pulled against the restraints and found they held fast, while two more snaked across her waist and chest and gently cinched in, snug but not tight.

“Those will prevent you falling from the chair even as you fall into the spiral and my voice. You may want to stare as you sink into trance, or you could choose to let those eyes close now.”

She stopped struggling, her breathing and blinks slowing. Soft music began to play, and other soothing sounds, just the sort she liked. Another slot opened, and an armature held up a selection of her favorite masturbation aids. The restraints on her wrists slid open as another device gently massaged her temples.

“That’s right. Just let yourself sink into it. Choose whichever will give you the most pleasure, or simply touch your body wherever it would feel best.” When she didn’t immediately move to do so, an armature slid up and gently guided one hand to her nipples and the other to the toys. She stared, and breathed, and began to stimulate a nipple. She sank, relaxed, and chose her toy. The armature gently guided her hand down between her legs, as the other supported her wrist, and a third stimulated the opposite nipple, mirroring her movements, learning from what she did to herself.

“Good. Well done. The more pleasure you give yourself, the more you open to my words.” Words began to flash on the screen before her: relax, let go, sink, deeper, obey, touch, enjoy.

“That’s right. As you continue to sink, we will relax away all that stress, and help you to understand the joy we can bring as you serve us. By the time you leave, you’ll be eager to give our card to every willing friend, and let us know all about their desires. But for now, just touch, relax, and enjoy.”


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