Eyes HypNovember Day 2

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #D/s #dom:male #hypnovember #microfiction

My entry for Hyenaface’s HypNovember prompt list, Day 2: Eyes.

I was combing job listings again, and getting nowhere.

“Eyes, thrall.”

I looked up and met his eyes without thinking. The interruption was welcome.

“Yes Sire.”

“Good thrall. Deep for me now.”

I was so well conditioned to him, that was all it took anymore. I felt my mind sliding away into trance, my gaze fixed on his going unfocused, my face going soft.

“Yes Sire.”

“That’s right. Put down your laptop now. Focus on me instead.”

“Yes Sire!” I was glad to. It took me two tries to get my hands to work, but I carefully set my computer on a nice hard surface to stay cool. I barely noticed what I was setting it on. I never looked away from Sire’s eyes.

“Stare. Sink. Deeper for me, that’s right.”

A tiny smile crept onto my face as my mind began to soar. Frustrations forgotten, I sank blissfully into Sire’s eyes.


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