Corrupted, HypnoTober Day 10

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #brainwashing #D/s #dom:male #microfiction #pov:bottom #corruption #HypnoTober #slut #trance_slut

My microfic for HypnoTober Day 10: Corrupted.

Looking back on how naive I had been was always a little unsettling. I scrolled through my old Facebook, and it felt like it belonged to someone else. How had that innuendo gone over my head? How had I overlooked such obvious flirting?

Well, I reflected, good thing I have Sire. Thrall is grateful for Sire.

I answered the message, closed that tab, and went back to the visual. Almost, I thought, but it needs to be a little…slower. Oh.

And as I fell into the spiral, all I thought was what the voice told me.


Good trance slut.


Good thrall.


Thrall is beautiful.

I whimpered. I switched back to Discord.

"Siiiiiire," I typed. "Please may thrall touch?"

"Point your cam a little lower, thrall."

"Yes Sire." I adjusted it as I spoke. I squirmed, and pleaded with my eyes.

"Very good. Now continue."

Moaning, I looked back at the spiral.

That's right.

Sink for me.

Let it build.

Good thrall…

I whimpered and squirmed and blushed and managed to obey and keep my hands away, and thought, being a trance slut is the best. Thrall is so grateful for Sire.


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