The Last Night (And The First Day)

Chapter 4

by AngelMoon__

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #ritual_of_the_familiar #sub:female #fantasy #humiliation #hurt/comfort #mind_control #mindbreak #pre-existing_relationship #transformation
See spoiler tags : #pov:bottom

I sailed along on cloud nine as we passed the various ateliers of the Artifice Building.

“I placed the order yesterday while you were asleep. Oh, you were totally out of it! I was just pulling you along with a conjured tether.” Lissy giggled at the recollection.

“I hope I wasn’t a burden, Mistress.”

“You were adorable, is what you were! Anyway, we’re here.” She strode in a workshop much like the rest, a room dominated by thaumaturgic gadgets doing…things. Things centered around leatherworking? “Hey, Mr. Benoit, I’m here for that thing I told you about!”

“I’ve got it ready for you,  *Magus* Chi’en. Ah, it’s nice to be able to say that! Seems your font is actually awake today…” The portly man snickered and cast a glance upwards. “Millicent! Get yesterday’s order, will you?”

A figure I hadn’t yet noticed rolled off of a free floating hammock, keeping herself aloft with rapid beats of her bat wings. “Got it, boss,” she said, flitting over to root through an ornate chest which was also gravity impaired. She descended, handing her master a neatly wrapped package.

The artificer had a knowing look on his face as he surrendered the order to Mistress. “I’m sure she’s gonna go nuts for this. Make her beg for it, that’s always a classic.”

“I’ll consider it,” Lisette said with a relaxed shrug.

“You need anything else? I guess since you’re into girls,” he leaned in for a conspiratorial whisper, “you can rent Milly if you like.” He bellowed a throaty laugh.

“I’m good for now, thanks,” Mistress replied, shaking her head. Millicent had returned to her hammock at some point, and was peering over the side to watch us. “Now if you don’t mind, I’ve gotta go home and make a familiar scream. Ta-ta!” 

I shivered with anticipation as we made our exit.

She left me on the bed for a short time while she was in the other room. Her new dorm was quite a bit larger than our old one; my meager belongings, now hers, occupied a box in the corner, not yet unpacked. The last trip to my old room had been somewhat embarrassing (“Sheesh, Hilde, you lived in this?”), but I was glad to not have to go there again.

Mistress’ instructions preceded her. “Close your eyes and kneel, please. Right where you are is fine.”

“R-right away, Mistress!” I could easily sense her through closed eyelids; I had an innate understanding of her location, except when she didn’t want me to.

I felt warmth — her hands — on my neck, followed by something colder. Something that wrapped around it.

“Open your eyes now, Hilde.”

I did so. My hand subconsciously shot up to investigate the addition to my wardrobe, but Lissy held it still.

“Let’s get you a mirror…stand up for this, unless you’d rather see yourself kneeling.” I started to rise. “Your choice,” she added. I resumed my earlier position. With a small flourish, Lisette made a full length mirror shimmer into existence, and I…

Come to think of it, it was the first time I’d gotten a good look at myself since my defeat. I was…my own shocked expression greeted me. My completely hairless skin was silvery-pale, with a subtle but unearthly glimmer to it. I recognized features of my past self — thick and dark eyebrows, thin and delicate lips, but the rest was beyond compare. My hair was as long as it felt, hanging in a waterfall around and past my shoulders, one lengthy strand hanging between my eyes. It’d never bothered me, somehow. My wide eyes displayed the full extent of my prismatic irises, subtly shifting in color as I looked from different angles.

Lisette had likely expected me to zero in on the collar, so I did that. It was a tight but wide band, softly glowing with runes that denoted ownership. With a thought, I could make my eyes match the color of them. I was finally able to feel out the fine leather, soft but firm under my fingers, with grooves where the runes were. I turned to my Mistress, who looked excited to hear my response.

“I…I love it, Mistress. It’s beautiful, and so very soft…” I trailed off. Highlights under my skin were shifting to a uniform pink, and my vision tunneled until Mistress was the only thing I could comprehend. 

“I’m glad you like it,” she said. “You’ll always think about me when you notice it.”

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you so much.”

She said nothing, instead hooking a finger under my collar to pull me forward into a long kiss. We became almost one being, melting into each other, falling back onto the bed. She grabbed at my dress and it melted away, leaving me fully exposed. As I was meant to be. She released me while I kept hold, and I found out the reason once I felt her hands shimmying up to grab hold of my breasts, gingerly twisting each nipple. My moans collided with hers, but turned to a whine as she pulled away. I watched with desperation in my eyes, silently begging her to come back.

What she did instead returned me to the realm of understanding. Robes and underthings were gradually shucked until panties and a bodice was all that was left, letting me witness the full extent of divinity as she removed those articles as well. Nipples capping perky breasts were stiff in the air, and as my gaze travelled downwards, she collapsed on me once more.

Instinct carried us onwards, the unthinking knowledge of what to do. Our soulbond directed the flow, making us a single entity as we sampled and tasted each other.

“I think I’d have been just as happy to be the loser,” Lisette husked between short breaths, “but I’m so glad I won. This is the rest of our lives, Hilde. Relish it, love every day. Every second with you…” words dissolved as they stopped being necessary. Her hands were on the move again, reaching my mons, probing the folds of my labia. 

I inhaled her and exhaled bliss, losing myself in the rhythm she found. “Scream for me,” she breathed, and I did so, letting sensation take over, reveling in Mistress’ total domination.

We had done this when I was still human, of course. It didn’t compare.

A short chapter with an abrupt ending. I intend to add more in the future, but I also need to figure out where exactly this story is going! If nothing else I have some ideas for a slice-of-life, but I'm definitely going to have to explore my options. Especially since this story went a bit further than I planned! 

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