Valley College Dream

Chapter 2 - The Noise in the Hall

by AmberFog

Tags: #college #exhibitionism #f/m #fae #fantasy #dom:female #m/m #masturbation #sub:male

While Georgi is having some alone time, his roommate Theo walks in. But when The Shadow changes their attitude, RA Jess has to answer the noise complaint.

The Shadow soared over the small town, held aloft by the dreams of the residents below. It could taste each one as it passed. Nostalgic fantasies were round and fragile, like bubbles. Sweating embarrassments - “I forgot there was a test!,” “What’s my line?” - were common, and dull. The sharp edges of nightmares tasted like iron. The Shadow steered clear of those - it had been lost in one for a few decades, and didn’t care to go back. 

Few wet dreams tonight, the Shadow was sad to observe. It was still adjusting to the modern world, and something called “midterms” seemed to be distracting everyone from what was important in life: sex. A terrible shame. The Shadow had spent countless centuries observing human desire. It was always surprised by what excuses they could find to not consummate their attraction. Thank the powers that be that I’m here to remind them… 

The Shadow snatched a promising string on the web of desire, and followed it to a dorm on the south end of the campus. The string frayed, writhing like a hydra’s head. The Shadow couldn’t see through the drawn blinds, but someone inside was very horny, their attraction pulled in dozens of different directions. The Shadow licked its lips (as much as a being without a face could.) 


It slipped in through the space between the window panes. On the other side was a boy in a chair, facing the TV, masturbating furiously. 



Georgi bit his lower lip and moaned as quietly as he could. He was masturbating furiously. He had connected his laptop to the TV he shared with his roommate, and was trying to enjoy a luxurious 1080p HD wanking experience. It was midterms, and he only had the room for a few hours before Theo got back. This was his chance to unwind and finally release the pent up energy he’d been storing all semester. It was October - he hadn’t cum since August. 

It wasn’t intentional. Not at first. The first few weeks of college were an exciting blur - so many new people, things to see, and late nights exploring his newfound freedom. He didn’t realize it had been so long until one morning last month, when he woke up with a painfully needy erection. He had started rubbing it without thinking. Pushing his head with gentle force, cupping it with his palm down so he could use his fingers to trace circles around his frenulum. He had already started leaking when he heard Theo stir. Georgi froze. He forgot that his roommate was sleeping just a few feet away. 

He sat there in shocked silence, hand still cupping his twitching cock, before he heard Theo’s breathing become steady again. Thank god, he didn’t notice. Georgi grabbed his towel and snuck out of the room. Maybe a shower would calm him down. The warm water only seemed to make it worse, though. He bent his head against the tiles, feeling the heat trickle across his shoulders and down his body, all the way to his tight, athletic ass. He glanced over his shoulder. The shower stall was covered in two plastic curtains. Maybe he could get away with it… 

He peeked outside to make sure. The first thing he saw was a huge poster on the opposite wall, featuring a cartoon sperm with a speech bubble that just said: DON’T. It extolled the issues that semen would cause to the building's pipes. Their RA, Jessica, had hammered this problem into their heads during freshman week. Apparently it was an epidemic. 

Georgi bit his lip. Alright… he thought. He triple checked that there were no stragglers. He was the only one in the bathroom, probably the only person awake on the entire floor. So all I have to do… is not cum. 

He pulled the curtain shut and drove the cartoon sperm from his mind. Thus began his weeks-long edging session. 

He became an expert at stroking himself just to the point of orgasm, letting go at the exact right time. It was annoying at first. He kept telling himself that the time would come when Theo would leave early, and he’d be able to lay back and really shoot out the load he’d been saving. But somehow the roomie always seemed to sleep in. So Georgi played with himself whenever he could find the time: in the shower, in his bed, even in a bathroom stall in the academic buildings. Those sessions had been hot. He planted his feet firmly on the tiled floor so anyone who might look wouldn’t think anything of him, while his arm quickly pumped away at his slender, curved penis. Once, he stepped out after a quick “refresher” to wash his hands and was shocked to see someone had been in the stall next to him the entire time. He hurried out before he could see who it was. He was embarrassed at first, dreadfully afraid at being known as some pervert - 

And edged himself three times in the shower that night to the thought of it. The thrill, the risk, had unlocked something inside him. The more edged, the more intoxicated he felt, and the more his subconscious lingered around sex. His dreams were getting rowdier. He dreamt every night about some beautiful girl from the dorm - curvy Rashida, shy Gracie, elfin Shannon, or even RA Jess - fucking him and edging him and making him save his ever-growing cumshot just for them. Once, he even dreamed of an anonymous guy sucking him off through a gloryhole in that bathroom stall where he almost got caught. Georgi didn’t think of himself as bi, but the more he edged, the more open-minded he felt. Anything that gets me off, he told himself. Without actually getting me off, of course. Not until the time is right.

The stress of midterms finally broke him. He had spent all night in the library, surrounded by empty coffee cups and stacks of textbooks. He had enrolled in a very ambitious physics course to get a requirement out of the way, and was regretting his early confidence. He was midway through pouring a sixth cup when his heart started palpitating, and he knew he had to stop. I need to relax… His phone chimed at the exact moment - Theo, saying he was hooking up with Gracie from the fourth floor, and wouldn’t be coming back until tomorrow. 

It was like a gift from heaven. He packed up his things, rushed home, and got into bed more excited than ever. He would take a well-deserved nap, calm his heart, then wake up in an empty room and start pleasuring his morning wood. There’s nothing like a nice long wank early in the morning, he thought as he settled in to bed.Once this caffeine-zombie exhaustion goes away, I’m giving you the attention you deserve, friend. He gave his cock a friendly shake, almost like a hug, and fell asleep. 


The Shadow tilted its head in curiosity. It had seen humans masturbate countless times. So often, in fact, that the fizzling energy their self-pleasure produced was mostly just background noise for the fae. It could feed off of it, but in the same way that a whale might feed off krill. It would need thousands of the little sparks for it to be worth the effort. It was rarely anything like the delicious bite of power humans created when they made love. Nothing like the heaping twelve course meal that lovers emitted when they fucked.

This was different, though. The Shadow watched as Georgi tilt his chair back, toes curling as he slid his hand up and down his slick cock - then stop, suddenly. He shivered and gripped the arms of his chair. The Shadow felt a wave of intense pleasure pulse out of the boy’s body. The desperation was amazing. The Shadow’s hands drifted towards its own pleasure points reflexively. It was delicious. The boy must have been saving himself for weeks for his joy to be this intense. The Shadow relaxed onto Georgi’s bed - invisible, half phased out of his reality - and sat back to watch him go. 

Georgi let his cock throb against the air. He pinched his nipples and massaged his pecs. He had edged so many times today that he had stopped counting. His door locked, the windows shades pulled low, he had spent almost the entire day - nearly twelve hours - edging. Beautiful, delicious, cockthrobbing, perfect edging

That word was starting to trigger him. Edging. It was so beautiful. He had entered a fully dazed, horny state beyond his rational mind, and couldn’t  believe the things he was feeling. His nipples were really sensitive. He could feel the micro-movements of his cock rocking against the bare air. He loved his cock. He was definitely bi. He had a cumshot compilation video playing for the last two hours (Has it really been that long?!, he thought) and spent a lot of that time engrossed by the beautiful penises he saw. Other men with toned, athletic bodies stroking their cocks - beautiful trans women and nonbinary folks painting their partners faces, too. Any sense of shame or fear that he might have once felt left his body long ago. 

You’re welcome, the Shadow whispered. 

He groaned as he sat forward to change the video. His back hurt a little. He drank some water. He should probably take a break, but it just felt too good to stop. He told himself this would be a day of cumming, but somehow he found more pleasure in denying himself. He found a new video - “PMV SEXY BIG ASSES YOU WON’T BELIEVE” - and settled back down with his wireless headphones, ready to get lost in another masturbatory haze. 

He had only been stroking for a few minutes when Theo walked into the room. 


Theo was tired. It had been a long, frustrating day. A sexless day. When he got the text from Gracie that she wanted to see him, alone, to “finally finish something she had wanted to do for a long, long time,” his mind instantly went to one thing. He didn’t realize she was referring to the assignment they had been given at the start of the semester, which Theo had promptly forgotten. She was nice about it, but he felt atrocious for showing up with flowers. They laughed it off, and actually had a nice time completing their assignment. It was a productive all-nighter. They were going to meet up next week to finish it. 

But that left Theo with the dreadful thought of returning to Georgi, not as the conquering hero, but the sad, lonely single person he had been the night before. Georgi would understand, he told himself. Theo hadn’t seen him hook up with anyone all semester. Which was strange, because Theo thought Georgi was perfectly charming, fun to hang with, and pretty handsome - for a guy, he added quickly. This wasn’t the first time he had wondered about Georgi’s lack of a love life, while considering his volleyballer’s body and pale, almost platinum hair. Babes should be drooling at the chance to hook up with him, he thought. Anyone would…

He shook his head. Love was so mysterious. At least they could be unlucky together. 

The Shadow thought this was a wonderful idea. With a wave of its hand, it pushed the chair Georgi had propped against the door ever-so-slightly back.

Theo slid his key into the door and stepped in. He saw Georgi sitting in the dark with his headphones on, masturbating furiously. 


There was a noise in the hallway. There had been for over an hour.  Jessica, the RA on the floor, had fielded several complaints about it. Her fingers hovered over her keyboard, ready to complete the disciplinary log. She reread the sentence.  “Residents of the third floor have complained about Room 304. There is the loud noise of…” 

Her mind fogged up. What was that noise? 

She could hear it coming in to her own room. They were being so loud! She was open minded, and never would have expected those two to be the ones to do it, but here she was listening to them - to them - 

The fog crept back into her mind, and she put her hands down. They’re being loud she thought. She just couldn’t find the words to say what they were being loud with. 

But enough was enough. She had received too many complaints, and couldn’t ignore it any longer. She knew she was supposed to get approval first before walking into a resident’s room, but tonight, protocol would have to wait. She smoothed the lime green polo that constituted her official uniform, and pulled her blonde hair into an orderly ponytail. Business face, Jess. You got this. 

She marched down the hall to Theo and Georgi’s room. She could hear - well, something - happening loudly behind it. A few other residents poked their heads out to watch, but strangely, they seemed to forget what they were doing as soon as they looked towards her, and slunk back in, confused. Jess didn’t have to discipline them for eavesdropping, at least. 

She knocked on the door. No response. She knocked again. Still nothing. Maybe they couldn’t hear her? It was so loud… 

She knocked again, and this time, the door swung open. It was loose in the lock - and the Shadow had flicked its wrist and helped it along, seeing the threads of desire that had been there all along. Why shouldn’t Jess join the fun, too?

Jess’s jaw dropped. Georgi and Theo were sitting in chairs in front of their TV. They had porn playing at max volume. They were masturbating furiously, together. 


Jess’s thoughts ran, in order: 

  1. What the fuck. 
  2. WHAT.
  3. No way. 
  4. Porn. It was porn. I’ve been hearing porn. 
  5. This is so disrespectful.
  6. This is so surprising

The Shadow pushed away shame, and fear, and a bit of the authority Jess held in her heart. Just a bit. 

  1. I have to discipline them.
  2. Their cocks look so nice. 
  3. Their business is their business, but they can’t make it everyone’s problem…
  4. This is really hot. 
  5. Oh my god, I know this video. ‘CUMpilation Fuckfest NEW.’ 

The Shadow’s lips curled. These folks were so much more bendable than that strange girl in the theater. They could get lost in the fantasy. It bound the attraction that was already there together, tying up their trains of thought like a knot. Common sense and decency could wait for another day. Tonight, they would have fun

“Boys,” Jess said flatly. She closed the door behind her. 

Theo and Georgi looked up at her, slowing their pumping. They had been edging together for over an hour. Their eyes were glazed over. Georgi was completely naked, save for a pair of long black socks. Theo’s jeans were wrapped around his ankles. A bit of drool was hanging from his lips, staining his grey T-shirt. Their wasn’t a trace of shame in their eyes - only pleasure. 

It sent a tingle up Jess’s spine. Shouldn’t I yell at them? She thought. But her mouth said “Please turn that off. You know there’s quiet hours after 8 PM.” 

Slowly, Georgi’s left hand floated to the remote that was lying on the ground. His right hand was still gently stroking his cock. He wasn’t even aware he was doing it. He hit pause. 

“Sorry,” Theo mumbled. “I got home and Georgi was watching something… and at first I thought it was gross- no, that it was too loud, yeah. I told him to stop - I think I tried to - but then… it seemed like fun…” His voice got soft, and croaked a bit as it left his throat. “I haven’t cum since like, the summer.” 

Georgi nodded enthusiastically. “I’m like, so edged, Miss Jess.” A flash of power warmed her mind. He gave that polite nickname so much respect. “It’s been weeks for me too. Sooooo long. I thought it would be fun if we got warmed up together. We should have done this, like, so long ago.” 

“Yeah bro,” Theo smiled, pumping his cock a little faster. “I can’t believe we could have been jerking off this whole time.” He giggled. 

“I didn’t realize you two were…together.” Jess whispered. 

Both boys stammered. “No! Not like that,” Georgi insisted. “We just like, thought we’d have fun, you know? I don’t - I don’t think we’re…?” He looked over at his roommate. The brunette boy returned his confused, foggy, happy gaze. 

“I mean, I haven’t done this with anyone else, dude.” Theo smiled. “We don’t have to make anything official, but like… I do like you, bro.” He moaned as his cock throbbed in his hand. “I really like how you’re making me feel right now.” 

“Yeah man,” Georgi said. “Me too.” 

Now kiss you stupid fucking idiots, the Shadow said from the bed. It had given itself a cock tonight, and was pumping at the same speed as the guys.  Just fucking do it already.

Georgi leaned over his chair, and Theo snapped out to meet him. Their hands left their cocks for the first time in hours. Their lips locked, and each groaned in pleasure as they began to make out. 

Jess leaned against the door, watching the boys’ show. This is so hot, she thought. I can’t watch this. This breaks so many ethical violations. This can’t make it ok for them to blast porn that loudly. She unzipped her jeans. They still need to be disciplined. They’re going to need more than a stern talking to. She pulled her pants off, threw off her shirt, and stepped towards the kissing pair. 

They broke off their passionate kiss as Jess planted her foot on the arm of Georgi’s chair. They looked down on her bare foot with white toenails, following it up her long, shaved legs, and then at the sheer lace material of her panties. Jess had worn her good panties tonight. The only lace she owns,* the Shadow thought. *Criminal, given how fucking hot she is. Her long stomach was exposed, and they noticed for the first time that she had a belly button piercing. Her breasts were enclosed in a nude-colored push-up bra. She looked down at them through smoky eyes. 

“You boys need to behave,” she said. Her voice had grown husky. “Watching porn that loud… I mean that’s not fair to your floor mates, is it? They might be trying to study. Or sleep. Or masturbate to their own porn selection.” The boys fell back into their chairs, moaning. Their was quick to start stroking his cock again. Georgi was too shocked to move, and kept staring at her legs. 

She glanced over at the screen. “Though you do have nice taste. Insatiable slut.” The words tumbled out of her mouth. The part of her that wanted to protest was gone. Something new had taken hold. “You need that much porn to get you there, huh? But I bet you want to cum to something really special. Am I right?” Georgi nodded. She smiled. 

“If you promise to never cause a ruckus like this again,” she said. “I‘ll let you cum to me.” 

Tears welled up in Georgi’s eyes. His cock seemed to strain against his own skin, and with trembling hands he went to reach for it. Jess leaned down and slapped him in the face. Theo laughed with delight and stroked even faster. He put his legs up on the arms of his chair, rubbing his taint and watching this display of power. 

Georgi whimpered as Jess said, “You touch when I say you touch. Look at you, slut boy. You’re going to cum the moment you put your hands on that thing.” Georgi’s curved cock was red from hours of stroking, laying in a puddle of precum that he had leaked onto the chair. He looked up at her with big puppy dog eyes, nodding. 

Theo,” she snapped. The brunette sat up abruptly, almost falling out of his chair. She pointed to the ground in front of her. “Kneel.” 

He did. His face was inches away from the wet lace between her legs. She could feel his hot breath against her skin. 

“Poor Theo,” she said, with mock pity. “Your naughty little roomie got you to make a bad decision, huh? You wouldn’t be so loud without him, right? I know deep down you’re a… good boy.” Theo whimpered. His big brown eyes looked up at hers, nodding emphatically. “Yes. That’s my good boy.” She glanced at Georgi. “Good boys get to eat pussy.” 

Theo gasped. “Go ahead, slut,” she said. “Lick me. Over my panties.” 

Theo dove into her crotch. He spread his tongue wide and began licking her with reckless abandon. Jess wanted to let out a deep moan, but bit her lip to hold it in. A dominant authority, a leader in this dorm, can’t be seen losing it like these subby boys. Tears were actually welling up in Georgi’s eyes. He stared at them with lust and jealousy. It made her so fucking horny. 

“Good boy. Good, quiet boy,” she said. She traced her fingers along Theo’s hair. “See how easy it is? After hours are for quiet cunt worship and cock stroking. Maybe you’ll remember it now.” 

Georgi nodded. “Yes. I’ve learned my lesson. Please let -” 

“‘I’ve learned my lesson,’ what?” Jess snaped.

It took Georgi a moment to realize what she was asking. “I’ve learned my lesson, mistress.” 

Jess grabbed the back of Theo’s head and pushed him further into her cunt. She smiled. His tongue lapped violently against the panties, massaging her clit in pleasurable waves. “Good boy, Georgi. Now, you were asking mistress, please…?” 

“Please let me touch myself, mistress.” A tear rolled down Georgi’s face. “I want to cum so badly. Please, mistress, let me cum.” 

She giggled. “Where do you want to cum, pet?” 

Georgi’s cock had grown a little limp, but jumped back up to full hardness now. “Anywhere. Anywhere. Please. I don’t care. Anywhere, mistress, please.” 

“Hmm… anywhere?” She pulled Theos head back and looked down at him. His mouth stayed open, his tongue still wide and wet. “Do you hear that, my good boy? Georgi wants to come wherever I tell him too. Where do you think he should?” Theo’s pupils went wide. They both had the same idea. Jess nodded with satisfaction. “Yes, I think that’s a great idea.” 

She pushed Theo’s shoulders and turned him around to face Georgi. She leaned him back so the back of his head rested just beneath her soaked panties. “Georgi, you may finish yourself on this little puppy’s face. But you have to look at me while you do.” She squeezed Theo’s cheeks to prop his mouth open, his tongue begging for it. “Thank your mistress, baby.” 

That was all he needed. He looked deep into her eyes, at the horny fire within, and started stroking. The orgasm had been waiting to emerge all day and it barely needed any effort to erupt out of him. “Thank you mistress. Thank you mistress.” He tilted his cock right at his roommate's mouth. The tears were freely falling from his eyes. In his peripheral vision, he could see Theo smiling, too, stroking cum out of his own needy member. 

“Thank you for letting me c-cummmmm” And moaning louder than ever before, louder than the TV ever was, he shot a torrent of white hot cum all over Theo’s face. None of them had ever seen so much at once. It was like the cumshot compilations they had been watching all day - an huge, thick load that just kept coming, his cock shaking as another pulse, and another jet of semen, erupted out of his cock. Some dripped off Theo’s chin and onto his own cock - this seemed to trigger another orgasm, as Theo came in his own hands. 

Jess grinned with delight. “Good boys,” she murmured. She stuck her hand into her panties and rubbed her clit. “Now clean him up, Georgi. You both did so good. Clean him up.” 

Georgi fell to his knees and started licking the cum from Theo’s face. Theo moaned and returned the favor, his tongue falling out to kiss and lick him back. They stayed there, intertwined, making out and swapping cum and drawing closer, as Jess leaned against the dresser and gave herself rapid, sparkling orgasms. The boys have learned their lesson, she thought. I’m such a good RA. 

The waves of joy made the Shadow float back into the darkness, rocketed like a cork from a champagne bottle. It smiled wide as it faded back to the space between worlds it called home, satisfied at another job well done. 


Georgi woke up early the next morning. He was naked. Theo was naked, too, right beside him. They had pushed their beds together so they could hold each other while they slept. 

It seemed perfectly natural. Dimly, he recalled all the details of last night - the edging, the intervention from Jess, their beautiful cum-soaked makeout. Something about it seemed off. Was he normally so brave? Was it ok to give himself up to that sort of pleasure? What had stopped them from doing this before? But a magical fog was keeping him from asking those questions. They sank happily into the depths of forgetfulness. He shook his head. He had an early class, and needed to shower. 

The warm water trickling down his body made him feel wonderful. His cock stirred. He began to stroke himself, his usual routine - but stopped after just one edge. He could see through the curtains of the little stall the poster with the cartoon sperm, saying in huge letters: DON’T. 

But beneath it there was now a yellow post-it note with a message written in marker. “SEE ME - RA JESS.” 

Georgi rinsed the shampoo from his hair, wrapped himself in his towel, and walked down the hall to the RA’s door. He knocked. 

“Come in!” Jess said. He entered, and saw Jess doing her makeup. She had dark red eyeshadow accented with a black cat’s eye, and was applying black lipstick to her plump lips. She wore stockings, garters, and heels, and hadn’t yet put on anything to cover her breasts. Her RA badge was pinned to a long pendant with an ankh on the end.  She was the perfect image of a dominatrix. 

“Hi, Jess,” Georgi said. The magical fog had erased any pretense of shame. He let his towel drop to the floor. “I need to cum to start my day off right. I know I shouldn’t in the shower, anymore. And Theo’s asleep.” 

Jess looked at him, smiling. “Wow, you really did learn your lesson.” She popped her lips to even out the lipstick. “Alright, my good boy. Want to finish on my tits before I finish getting dressed? 

Georgi smiled, and wrapped his hand around his cock. He moaned loudly as he began to stroke, Jess’s beautiful, shining eyes watching him pump. Jess raised a slender fingers to her lips. 

“Ssssh, my pet. It’s still quiet hours. You want to be my good boy, don’t you?” 

He nodded. He did. He really, really did. 


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