by Altered_reality

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/nb #pov:bottom #sub:nb

Guided thought around becoming a biker for your mistress

You stand there, keys in your hand, helmet on your head and a beast of a motorcycle in front of you. as you straddle its metallic frame it feels good, turning the key it erupts to life and in the process so do you. You dont remember how this happened, one day you sold your car, bought a motorcycle and some gear and hadnt looked back. Maybe it was fate? Maybe it was advertising? Maybe it was that thing the girl you met at the bar had said. the way she described the joy of riding a motorcycle. Or maybe it was how she had kisssed you? Took you to her bike and made you straddle it, the way the frame vibrated beneath you while she kissed you a second time. You remember the pleasure, the tone of her voice as she told you how wonderful it would be if she could kiss you on the back of your bike sometime. the way her leather felt against you, some people said leather was tough and unforgiving, not that night, not on her, the leather had added to the experience, it felt safe, it promised enjoyment with protection. you remember spending the next day wearing nothing but her leather jacket, you almost had forgotten to get dressed at all that day. but you also remembered that she had to go somewhere, a motorcycle club, she ran it as far as you could remember, each of the other riders called her something that you dont remember when you try to think of it, but that didnt matter, it didnt matter what they called her, what mattered was what you called her, but even that was forgotten for now. as you swung your leg over the bike and started it however, the vibration of the bikes eagerness to be ridden reminded you. She was the mistress, and you? you were her bike rat, that much was true, its all you wanted to do, when you were on the bike you forget what you were without it, with the bike you were important, you loved being wanted like the mistress wanted you right now. and so as you pulled out of that suburbanite dream of a street on your noisy bike, drawing anger from neighbors but feeling nothing but freedom and desire, you headed to be by the side of your mistress, just another rat in the growing swarm serving your mistress

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