Dont you dare!

by Altered_reality

Tags: #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #humiliation #sub:female

A hypno-kinky couple have been playing a game that just seems to be escalating between the two of them, neither is sure how far they are really willing to go, but they are having fun one-upping each others previous command.

Rachel had been very proud of her recent 'dare' for her girlfriend. The pair of them had been into hypnosis for a long time even before they got together, so when they both found out they had the gift for making other minds melt? well they got on like a house on fire! Their fun had slowly escaped a few sensual whispers in the bedroom and grown into a full blown game of who could make the other do something that was worse than the other. nothing over the top of course, just silly embarassing things. Laura had been made to go to the museum with Rachel and any time the tour guide said something that sounded even slightly condescending Laura had been hypnotically triggered to ask as many dumb bimbo-like questions as she could as a way of wasting the tour guides time, They hadnt been told off for that one but Laura was so smart normally that hearing her ask "So, like, did dinosaurs believe in god too?" had almost made Rachel pee herself on the spot because of how funny it was to hear her usually well spoken british girlfriend talking like some valley girl. 

But today was saturday once more and now it was her turn. Laura had her under for quite some time but other than knowign time had passed Rachel had not known any of what had been done to her, something she had decided to beg Laura for pretty early on, she liked the surprise of it far more than Laura did, whereas laura liked knowing what was going to happen so that she could feel a delightful sense of impending doom as the trigger slowly aproached, it was good because their differences made this spicy. And so as she followed Laura into a seemingly normal Library she honestly wodnered if they were staying here for their date or if Laura just had a book to return or something. That was answered of course when Laura took a seat. 

Rachel joined her with a puzzled look but would receive no response beyond Laura gently nudging the chair out for her girlfriend to join her. Pasing the girl a text book from their shared course for the girl to pass her time with. "What are we doing here? I thought we...." she had been whispering perhaps a little urgently to Laura only to have Laura look to her, raise a single finger to her mouth and go "Shhhh" That was when everything became clear. seeing the others finger lift like that had triggered something in ehr mind and the cold blowing breath that would be exhaled to say "Shhhhh" had been felt, not on her face like one would expect but on her clit!. she squirmed her hips bucking in the chair and causing a grating sound to be issued from the movement. "Now now Rachel, can you not sit still for more than ten minutes?" Laura would croon teasingly. but that wasnt the only thing she could make happen as Rachel was about to find out. 

Laura took out a notebad and, with two digits would begin to stroke over the pages almost absent mindedly. the moment she did it Rachel would have to hide herself behind that book and cover her muth. she could feel her girlfriends gidits as if they were rifght on her mound, teasing her the way she 'teaed' the notebook on the table. she shot a look that would say 'you bitch!' to her girlfriend only to almsot moan out loudly as she was punushed with a thrid finger joining the two against the notepads page. 


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