You Can't Spell Therapist Without...

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #dom:male #f/m #gender_traitor #hypno #mindfuck #sub:female

When Jamie’s psychologist betrays him, he uses a hypnotic plot to trap her - and force her to betray everything she believes in.

You Can't Spell Therapist Without...

Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
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As it turned out, Jamie should not have been honest with his psychologist. Her name was Subil, and he had confessed to her in his third session that he had fantasies about raping his manager, the big-titted Melinda.
Just fantasies, mind you - no intent, not in a million years - but Subil, in a stunning breach of ethics, had gone straight to Melinda and told her everything, and Jamie had promptly been fired.
Jamie wanted revenge, and the opportunity came to him when he discovered that a friend of his, Kane, was responsible for Subil’s professional review.
In essence Kane was the psychologist to Subil herself, responsible for giving her a clean bill of mental health to allow her to continue practicising. It turned out he’d always thought Subil was a bit of a bitch, and the two immediately set to scheming.
The key turned out to be hypnotherapy. Kane already knew Subil was intensely susceptible. She was always intensely keen to take suggestion - any suggestion, even if it was harmful to her. He merely told Subil that her next professional review session would require a little hypnotherapy, and she let him put her into a trance without complaint.
He had her strip immediately, of course. She was much more pleasant to deal with when she was naked.
“Subil,” he asked her, “answer honestly: are you a stupid bitch who deserves to be punished?”
She didn’t even hesitate. She knew what she was. “Yes,” she breathed eagerly.
“Good,” said Kane. ‘You did a bad thing when you disclosed Jamie’s rape fantasies, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” agreed Subil.
“We’re going to make you have a special relationship with rape now. How does that sound?”
“Noooo...” she moaned, but she was breathing quickly, and he noticed her nipples were erect.
“First of all,” he said, “when you are dealing with women patients, from now on you are going to give them advice and treatment that will lead them to making decisions that result in them being raped more often, more degradingly, while resisting less and complaining less, both during and after. You will lead them to believe that their rapes are natural and appropriate and something they deserve and should be thankful for.”
“Yes,” she agreed, nodding eagerly.
“Secondly, when you have male patients,” he continued, “you will be naked when they enter your office. You will encourage them to rape and abuse and degrade women, including yourself, and make them feel validated and entitled to do so.”
“Yes...” she said, moaning again now.
“Thirdly, you are going to film all your sessions, in addition to any sexual activity you engage in outside the office including masturbation, and regularly send myself and Jamie copies of all that material.”
She was just nodding now.
“Fourthly, whenever you receive any unwanted sexual attention, including degrading names, harassment, molestation or rape, you will retain no memory of it happening after it has finished, and if it is drawn to your attention at any later time you will remember it as something that you wanted, explicitly consented to, enjoyed and deserved, before forgetting it again the following day.”
“Fifthly, when you are planning to have a conversation with any man who you want to respect you, believe you, or like you, you will arrange to have visible sperm on your face and breasts when you meet with him, and you will bare your breasts to him at some point during the meeting. You will have no awareness of doing this.”
“And sixthly, you will make and execute a plan to rape Jamie’s former boss Melinda. You will ensure she is not consenting, and degraded by your actions. You will orgasm three times while using her. You will do this not sooner than three months from now and not later than six months. Afterwards you will remember the reason why you did this as being because you’re a slut who can’t help herself. I honestly don’t care if you get arrested or go to jail as a result, but if you are investigated for it you will offer to be a sex toy for the degrading fantasies of every person you interact with throughout that process.”
Jamie visited her in prison a year later, to show her the first edition of the bestselling book he’d written about her. It was called “You Can’t Spell Therapist without ‘Rapist’ - The True Story of the Bisexual Psychologist Criminal who Did Her Thinking With Her Cunt”, and the cover showed Subil’s smiling face covered in sperm, from one of the videos she’d send to him over the month before her arrest.
“We’ve arranged you special counselling,” he told her. “Kane will be coming in to treat you, starting next week, and he has a new course of hypnotherapy to help you interact better with all the other nice guards and prisoners here...”

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