Workplace Culture

Part 5

by All These Roadworks

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Workplace Culture, Part 5
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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The girl’s name had been Ella Winslow, and it was her complaint that had forced Horrocks, Clinton & Quayle to conduct a workplace culture review.
She had started about a year ago, as a secretary working in the legal department, and from her first day the men had been fascinated by her and the women had hated her.  She was a flirt and a cocktease.  She had a talent for fashion, and was skilled at making her skirts just a little shorter than was appropriate and her tops a little tighter, without giving anyone anything they could actually complain about.  Her 21-year-old body was fit, curvy, and well-presented, and she loved the attention of men more than anything in the world.
But a tease was all she was.  She would flirt, and giggle, and touch a man’s arm, and maybe let her buxom chest brush against him a little, but there would be nothing more.  She was always “too busy” to date; never interested in giving a man a chance to actually get physical with her.
Nathan Horrocks, though, was spoiled rotten, and not accustomed to taking no for an answer.  He was the son of Geoffrey Horrocks, one of the firm’s founding partners, and although he had no particular competency for anything in life, he had been given a management position by his father - a position that brought him into frequent contact with young Ella.
He tried flirting with her for a while - maybe a month - before moving on to openly groping her ass on the office floor.  Ella shut him down immediately - slapping him, right there in front of the people who worked for him, and warning him to never touch her again.
It was a brave move for Ella, and if she had followed it up by making a complaint or resigning, she might have suffered few consequences.  But she didn’t - just went on working - and so Nathan Horrocks had every chance to make her regret rejecting him.
He called her into his office on a Friday afternoon, two weeks later, and laid out to her how much trouble she was in.  He had installed a camera in the women’s bathroom - completely illegal, of course - but she wasn’t going to be complaining about it, because he had caught her masturbating in a toilet stall one Wednesday afternoon, during work time.
Outraged, she claimed that she wasn’t masturbating, just wiping herself - but the footage was grainy, and it certainly looked like she was fairly enthusiastically servicing her fuckhole, and her lips were clearly parted in what might be a slutty gasp, and was this really an argument she wanted to have with the senior partners?  And then with whoever she tried to get employment with after this?
And besides, Horrocks continued, he had her emails and her search history from her work computer.  She had made the mistake of emailing her boyfriend from the company infrastructure - and some of the emails were quite explicit.
“I’ve never let a boy fuck me in the ass before,” he read, from one of her most recent messages, “but if you play your cards right, you might be the first.”  He paused.  “Did you write that, Ella?”
Ella blushed.  She had.
Horrocks went on.  “Fuck, I’m so horny, I just masturbated in the toilets thinking about you when I should have been at a meeting.”
Ella objected.  That was NOT something she’d written!
Nathan acknowledged that he’d made that one up - but would anyone believe it was a fabrication, given the things that she *had* actually written?
Her search history was the same.  She’d committed the sin of going shopping for lingerie, online, on the company computer, on work time.  The records suggested she’d bought a *particularly* slutty ensemble.
And then there were the records that Nathan had added.  A visit to “Anal Sluts dot com” on work time.  A visit to “Piss Whores”.
Horrocks had made it clear to Ella that she had two options.  One was to have a series of humiliating conversations about her inappropriate sexual behaviour, which would end in her being fired and having all this material placed on her permanent file, available to future employers.
The other was to become his fuckslave.
Ella didn’t immediately agree, but Horrocks knew she would, so he didn’t wait for an answer.  He slapped her across the face and began ripping at her clothes.  Ella screamed, but Horrocks had had his office soundproofed for a reason, and Ella probably wasn’t the first office girl he’d enjoyed this way.  When she was nude, he bent the crying girl over his office desk.
“I don’t know about your boyfriend,” said Horrocks, “but I feel like *I’ve* played my cards right.”  And he pushed his cock into her virginal anus.
By Ella’s account he fucked her for around 10 minutes, and when he was close to cumming, he pulled out, yanked her down on the ground, and then ejaculated onto her face, before pushing his cock into her mouth for her to lick clean.  She could taste her ass on his cock.
Horrocks wanted her humiliated, because he knew she wasn’t going to report this rape, and once she internalised the idea that she had let this happen and not complained, he knew he could do anything he wanted with her.
After the rape, her clothes in tatters, Ella was forced to scurry through the building nude, after hours, with cum dripping from her face, and drive home completely naked.
From that point on, Ella was Horrocks’ bitch.  She stopped wearing panties. She let him grope her, no matter who was looking, no matter how obscene the groping.  He raped her almost every day, and she let him do it.  
Everyone knew what was happening, and no one said a word.  The men enjoyed Ella’s torment - and from time to time Horrocks would let an employee fuck Ella, as a reward for good performance.  The women were just happy to see the flirty little bitch get her comeuppance.  They hated her, and felt she deserved what was happening.  
And so Horrocks was able to pull up Ella’s skirt at meetings to show her naked, shaved pussy, in front of the whole office.  He was able to make her photocopy her tits and cunt on the photocopier, during office hours where everyone could see her do it, and then hang the resulting photocopies in her cubicle, labelled in black pen “MY TITS” and “MY CUNT”, where she - and everyone else - would see them every day.  He was able to make Ella give a presentation on “things that have been in my pussy” to her entire team at a meeting, and able to forbid her to clean cum off her face, so that many days she would spend the entire work day with a visible sheen of cum across her eyes, cheeks, lips and cleavage.
It might have gone on forever, except that Horrocks got greedy, and began to pimp Ella out as a prostitute to clients outside the office.  She spent most nights fucking men for money - not that she got to keep the money, of course.  And even then, it might have been okay, but for bad luck.
Because Ella was working as a prostitute under a pseudonym - “Destiny Kat” - and so her clients often had no idea who she really was until she turned up to fuck them.  Which was how Ella found herself in a hotel room, stripping naked before a man - only to suddenly realise that the client was not just “a man”, but rather her own brother.
They were both shocked.  There were blushes, tears.  Her brother demanded to know what she was doing.  Ella didn’t want to tell him.  Her own account admitted that she had said to her brother, “Just fuck me - you know you want to - and pretend you never knew who I was.”  But her brother kept pressing, and Ella broke down and told the whole story.
Her brother was smart.  He could have gone to the police - and Horrocks might have gone to jail, but Ella and he would have gotten nothing.  Instead, he went to Nathan’s father.
It was all settled in a single meeting.  Ella and her brother got a 5 million dollar payout to go away and never mention this to the police or the media.  Nathan was quietly shuffled into a new position where he had no supervision of female employees.  And the senior partners, much to their distaste, commissioned a review of workplace culture, to avoid having to make any other large embarrassing payouts in future.
Ella didn’t come out of it entirely clean.  Nathan had placed every pornographic image and video he had taken of Ella in a public folder on the company IT, and it was accessed over 300 times by employees before someone finally deleted it.  Many people had taken copies to share with their friends.  Someone had uploaded the entirety to “Workplace Whores dot com”, with Ella’s real name in the video titles.  Googling Ella’s name returned footage of her violent and degrading rape.  Ella would likely never again have anyone in her life who hadn’t seen that footage and had the opportunity to masturbate to it.
But it wasn’t Ella that the company was worried about.  It was their own bank balances and reputations.
That was the “workplace culture” at Horrocks, Clinton & Quayle.  That was what Alison had come to fix.
Except instead of fixing it, she had just spent her entire first day masturbating to the thought of Ella’s rape, humiliation, and violation.

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