Work-Life Balance

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #humiliation #hypnosis #public_nudity #sub:female

She wanted a better balance between her professional life and her personal life - but the self-hypnosis tapes she found to help her had very different ideas about what that should look like…

Work-Life Balance
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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The self-hypnosis audio she found on the internet said it was for women, and promised to help her “balance her professional life with her personal life.” She probably should have investigated its origins more closely though, as its creator had quite different ideas to how to balance these things than she may have expected.
The tapes hypnotised her, all right. They were designed not to trigger until their ideas were deeply implanted in her brain, so it was nearly a month before she realised what she had done to herself, and by then the conditioning was too deep to escape.
She had had a professional victory at work - a major project complete - and was feeling wonderfully successful and empowered. She went to use the toilet, lowered her panties and did her business - but afterwards she found she couldn’t pull her panties back up. No matter how much she wanted to, her body wouldn’t obey her. She could pull them further *down*, though, so she blushingly took them off entirely and tucked them into a pocket.
Throughout the day, she noticed she was feeling horny. Her pussy was uncomfortably wet. With no panties on, she was leaving a wet patch on the back of her skirt when she sat. She blushed and forged forwards, hoping no one would notice. She thought about going to the toilets and masturbating, to just deal with the arousal, but oddly the thought did not appeal to her. She briefly felt the thought pass through her head that she didn’t *deserve* to control her own sexuality, before it vanished.
It was a late-opening shopping night, so on her way home, she stopped to buy a new dress to celebrate. She picked out something attractive, but when she went into the change rooms to try it on, after taking off her work skirt and blouse, she found she couldn’t put the dress on. Her body wouldn’t obey. To her horror, she then found she couldn’t put *her* clothes back on either. Whatever clothes she took off were staying off. She was nude in the change room, with no way to dress. She wished she’d worn a bra.
Worse, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. She could hardly think.
She bent down to pick up her skirt and try again to put it on, but once she touched the ground, she couldn’t rise again. Instead she sank down to all fours, crawling like a dog. Her tits hung down beneath her, and her legs were parted to expose her fuckhole.
And at that point, she knew what she needed. She needed to be degraded and fucked. She had had a professional success - so now she needed an experience that left her in no doubt that she didn’t deserve that success, that she was nothing but a stupid fuckpet. Her breath caught as she realised this. She tried to resist the thought - she could not.
She could stay here. That much was in her control. But she couldn’t dress. And she couldn’t get off all fours. And her pussy was getting wetter and wetter.
She tried to remember who had been on duty at the entrance to the changerooms. Was it a man? Or a woman?
She realised it didn’t matter.
“Excuse me,” she called in a small broken voice. “I think I need some help in here. Could you come in?”
“Sure, I’ll be right there,” replied the change room attendant. It was a man.
When he came in, he was surprised to see her crawling naked like a slutty animal, and more surprised when she virtually attacked the front of his pants, pulling his cock out and slobbering on it desperately. But he adjusted quickly, and soon he had her turned around, a fistful of her hair in his hand as he violently pounded her dripping slut-nest with his hard cock.
She knew now she was going to do this for the rest of her life, every time she felt empowered as a woman, respected by a man, or effective at work. She was going to balance those feelings with the experience of degradation and humiliation and being used as a sexual toy. She knew as she got used to being fucked by strangers, as it became less humiliating, she would seek out other, more embarrassing degradations.
As the attendant fucked her, she saw her handbag on the floor in front of her. She thought about work, and was struck by the thought that the company awards were coming up soon, and that she had a very good chance of being awarded Most Valued Manager, along with a hefty pay bonus. She thought of the ceremony, where she would be lauded in front of the entire workforce.
Very deliberately, she opened up her handbag, rummaged through it, and found the cardboard box of contraceptives. She took one every day to avoid pregnancy.
Very deliberately, she threw it into the far corner of the changing cubicle, where it vanished under the changing bench. And then she closed her handbag again, and let herself orgasm.

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