What Happened to Leah's Friend

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #hypno

Leah’s friend gets taken advantage of by an unscrupulous hypnotist – and Leah can’t help but be aroused.

What Happened to Leah's Friend
Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Leah’s friend Sandra had been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous hypnotist.
“It was horrible,” Sandra confessed to Leah, late one night over drinks.  “I went to him for help with my diet – I just wanted to lose a little weight- but once he had me in a trance, he gave me a completely different set of instructions.”
“What did he make you do?” asked Leah, trying to sound supportive - and not, as she now felt, excited and a little aroused.
“He had issues!” complained Sandra.  “Issues with rejection!  He said I was probably the sort of slut who cockteased men and then wouldn’t let them fuck me – and under hypnosis, I couldn’t help but admit that *maybe* I might have done that once or twice.”
Leah said nothing.  She had certainly seen Sandra do that on occasion.
“And then,” continued Leah, “he told me I was a cockteasing slut, and that from now on I would be unable to resist thinking about what a slut I was every time I thought about my breasts or my pussy.  God, I’m doing it now.”  She blushed.  “I’m such a slut…”
“Is that all?” asked Leah.
“No,” said Sandra, her cheeks flushed.  “He made me visit all my exes - plus every person who I’d ever rejected.  And when I saw them, I had to expose my breasts to them, and beg them to punish me… and then use me however they saw fit.  And after I was done, I would choose to either forget what they had done to me, or believe that I enjoyed it.  But either way, I would believe I deserved it, and either way, I would be able to remember the truth any time I orgasmed in the future, just before I cum.”
“That sounds horrible!” said Leah, trying to sound sincere.
Sandra averted her eyes.  “Actually, everyone I’ve seen has either been really nice to me and not taken advantage, or else it’s been really hot and enjoyable.  And anyway, I deserved it.”
“You probably did,” agreed Leah.
Sandra blushed, and mumbled, “I’m such a slut.”  Then she looked up at her friend.  “Leah, I don’t know how to make it stop,” said Sandra, pleading.  “I feel like I’m going to be like this forever, because of what that hypnotist did to me.  Please, can you help me?”
Leah barely heard her friend’s plea for help.  “Hey Sandra,” she said.  “Do you remember that time when I said that if there weren’t any good men around, we could always just date each other?”
“I thought that was a joke,” said Sandra, confused.
“It wasn’t,” said Leah.  “And remember how you turned me down?”
Sandra’s eyes widened - and then, slowly, she pulled up her shirt, and pulled down her bra, exposing her large, beautiful breasts to Leah’s gaze.  “I’m sorry, Leah,” she said, her voice faltering.  “Please - will you punish me?  I deserve it…. and then, afterwards, use me however you like.”
“Of course, Sandra,” said Leah, reaching forward to touch her friend’s tits.  “After all, isn’t that what friends are for?”
And so Leah had a very enjoyable afternoon, first spanking her friend’s breasts until they bruised, and then forcing Sandra’s head between her legs and riding the woman’s mouth to a very satisfying orgasm.  When she was done, she watched the dilemma play out across Sandra’s face, and was able to see the moment when Sandra chose to forget it, rather than believe that she had enjoyed it.
“Shit,” swore Sandra suddenly.  “Why are my tits out?  Sorry, Leah.  I’m such a slut.”  She hurriedly covered her breasts with her shirt.
“It’s okay,” said Leah, floating in a serene space from her orgasm.  “Say, Sandra, do you think you could give me the number for that hypnotist?”
She got the number from a confused Sandra.  The thought of being a helpless hypnotised fuckdoll was making her soaking wet, even though she’d just orgasmed.  She thought of the men and women she’d rejected, and how much she disliked them, and how *wet* it would make her to be *forced* to fuck them.  She would ring the hypnotist, and beg him to do to her what he had done to Sandra.
In fact, the thought made her so wet that she decided to proposition Sandra again, just so that her friend would reject her - and give her the trigger to punish and use Sandra once more….

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