Unready for Responsibility

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #hypno #office #sub:female #slut_transformation #spanking

Remy’s manager Alison makes a hypnotic bet that Remy isn’t ready for additional responsibility.

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Applying for the internal team manager position at her office was a little humiliating for Remy, because the woman doing the hiring, who would be her superior in the role, was the same Alison Crandall who had been Remy’s chief romantic rival at school. The woman was a bitch, and Remy hated her - but Remy wanted the job.
Alison was insultingly frank with Remy. “I’m not giving you the job, Remy. You’re not team leader material - what you *are* is a slut.”
Remy was outraged. Alison calmed her down. “As you know, the woman who’s currently in the position isn’t leaving for three months, so I don’t need to make a decision right now. How about we play a game called ‘Responsibility or Rapebunny’?”
She explained the rules. “I think you’re nothing but an animal to be fucked, Remy, but you can prove me wrong. What we’ll do is we’ll take you to see a hypnotherapist friend of mine, and he’ll plant a few subconscious triggers in you. He’ll tell you that there’s a possibility you’re not a person at all, but only a silly rapebunny who needs to be fucked and degraded. And that any time you do something inconsistent with being a responsible team manager, you’ll take a step towards fully accepting that identity.”
“And then at the end of three months, you can come to me, and I’ll give you a choice of jobs, and whichever one you choose, you can have it, no further questions asked. And what I’ll offer you is you can either be the team manager - or be a naked fuckpet for my husband that lives in a dog cage in our bedroom and does what she’s told.”
Remy was stuck - it was a horrible offer, but she knew if she refused, she was admitting that Alison was right, that she didn’t deserve to be a team leader. So she accepted, and visited the hypnotist that very day.
The problem was, Alison *was* right - Remy *wasn’t* ready for the responsibility. The very next day she treated herself to an irresponsibly long lunch, and by the time she came back she was blushingly wearing a pair of bunny ears that she’d bought at a costume shop, and which she would continue wearing to the office every day from that point forward.
The next day she overslept and got into work late, and that evening when she went home she found herself, to her horror, flushing her birth control down the toilet.
Two days in, Alison called her into her office to berate her for a critical mistake Remy had made in her work, and Remy found herself asking Alison to spank her bare bottom to discipline her. Alison agreed to this delightedly, giving Remy some distinct bruises, and then afterwards when Remy went back to work she found that when she laughed, she laughed differently - a vapid giggle instead of her old throaty chuckle.
She had homework to take home, to understand an important new contract, but she found that even after a couple of hours she didn’t understand any of it, so the next day she wore pink panties and an embarrassingly short skirt to work. When she opened her lunchbox, she found that she had packed nothing but carrots to eat.
Later that day she heard some of her male co-workers discussing her “very fuckable new look”, along with some graphic discussion of whether it would be more fun to rape her mouth, her pussy or her anus. When she realised they didn’t respect her, and it would be intensely difficult for her to lead or manage them, she took her lunchbox of carrots to the bathroom, and began masturbating with the orange vegetables, before sucking her cunt juices off them and eating them. She removed her bra and panties and left them on the floor before going back to her desk.
She’d made another mistake, she discovered, when Alison called her into her office again. This time Remy begged Alison to spank her pussy, and when she orgasmed from having her naked pussy beaten by her supervisor during work hours she realised she couldn’t possibly be a manager. Alison asked her to work late to correct the mistake, but instead, after everyone had gone home, Remy spent her time taking naked photographs of herself masturbating, printing them on the office colour printer, writing, “Stupid little rapebunny Remy” on each of them in lipstick, and distributing them to the desks of her male co-workers.
The next day she wore nothing but panties and bunny ears to work. There was a chorus of laughter and mockery when she arrived. Alison called her into her office immediately, and told her that she could either go home, or spend the day hiding in the men’s toilets, seeing as she was dressed like such a slut.
Remy chose the men’s toilets; and to her delight, over the course of the day every man in the office came in and raped her. She asked each of them if she was a good little rapebunny, and they told her she was, which delighted her.
At the end of the day, cum dripping from her pussy, anus, tits and face, she went to visit Alison and asked if she could have the job as fuckpet for Alison’s husband. Alison told her the job was hers, and Remy was delighted to have finally been promoted to a position she was good at...

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