Training Katie's Thoughts

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #electroshock #mindfuck #slave #sub:female

When Katie is abducted, her captor uses shock training to ensure she can’t even think about escape…

Training Katie’s Thoughts
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
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Katie was pretty, and bitchy, and she hated Parker, and that made her the perfect test subject for Parker’s new device.
He abducted her off the street, loving the way she struggled and kicked against him, savouring the smell of her hair as he pressed the chloroform gag over her mouth.
He took her back to a simple hotel room.  After all, if his device worked, he wouldn’t need chains or locks.
She awoke on the hotel bed, dressed in lingerie and high heels, with a simple leather collar locked in place around her neck, and two small electrodes stuck to her scalp, nestled cozily amongst her hair.  Her first instinct was to reach up and remove them - and as soon as she did, the collar gave her a powerful electric shock.  Her hands twitch, and her body arced, and she jerked her arms away from her head.
“Well, that’s promising,” said Parker, watching her from a seat near the bed.
“You fuckhead!” Katie swore.  “What did you do to me?  Where am I?”
She got up to her knees, and tried to climb off the bed.
“Sit down,” said Parker calmly.
She glared at him, and continued to rise - and the collar shocked her again.  She fell back on the bed, mewling with pain and clutching at her throat.
“It’s a simple device, really,” said Parker.  “It can’t read your thoughts, exactly - although we could obviously have a lot more fun if it did.  But we know that certain *types* of thoughts create recognisable patterns in the brain - thoughts linked to broad concepts.  And the collar can recognise them - and shock you when you think them.”
Katie tried to pull at the collar - and it shocked her again, and she jerked her hands away.
“Freedom is obviously one of them,” said Parker.  “Go ahead.  Think about freedom.”
She couldn’t *not* think about it, now he had said it - and the collar immediately shocked her, and shocked her again. 
“I know it’s hard not to think about it now,” said Parker, “but that’s the beauty of the collar.  Over time you’re going to learn to instinctively not even form the thought, to avoid the pain.  Within a couple of weeks your brain simply won’t be able to think about it - and if you hear someone talk about it, or see it written somewhere, you’ll just blank out and let it pass over you.”
She whimpered - and was shocked again, clearly still thinking about how to become free.
“I know you’re probably really angry at me right now,” said Parker.  “In fact, you probably hate me.  But you’re going to have to let go of that, because anger sets off the collar too.”  He sighed.  “I was torn about that.  I was tempted to let you stay angry, because you’re cute when you pout.  But I needed to know if the collar was able to train you out of entire emotions.  And also it’s going to stop you ever forming an intention to physically resist someone or use violence.”
“Please…” Katie whimpered.  “Take this off me.  This is inhuman.”
“I don’t think so,” said Parker.  “I think you’re going to be much more pleasant after this collar trains your brain.  For example, it shocks you when you plan disobedience, too.  That’s why you can’t get off the bed.  The act of even considering not doing what you’re told will get you shocked.”  He smiled.  “Let’s give it a try.  Take off your panties and show me your pussy, Katie.”
He watched her glare at him - and get shocked.  And do nothing - and get shocked.  And get shocked again.  And then, whimpering, begin hurriedly pulling her panties down her legs, in order to throw them to the floor and spread her legs wide for his inspection.
“Doesn’t it feel good to stop thinking about disobedience, Katie?” asked Parker.  “Doesn’t it feel good to just do what you’re told?”
“No!” she protested - and the collar shocked her.
“Oh, sorry,” smiled Parker.  “That’s the last category of thoughts it shocks you for - contradicting or disagreeing with new information.  You need to practice having an open mind that just believes and agrees with whatever it’s told.  The mental process of critiquing and assessing new information is quite distinctive, and you’ll get shocked whenever you do it.  Just let anything you’re told pass directly into your beliefs without being challenged.”
There were tears in her eyes as she looked up at him, mutely pleading for mercy that would never come.
“For instance, you deserve to have this happen to you, don’t you, Katie?” he asked.
She was stubborn, he gave her that.  She actually got shocked seven times in total before finally blurting, “Yes, yes!  I deserve it!”
And she wasn’t shocked again - so he knew that she had accepted it, within her own mind, and agreed with it.
He just smiled, and stared at her pussy, letting her stew in her own thoughts.
After a while, the collar starting buzzing again, shocking her once, twice, three times before subsiding.  Parker had no way of knowing if it was because Katie was thinking about freedom, or thinking about closing her legs to cover her pussy, or just angry at him, but whatever it was, the shocks had made her stop thinking it.
Finally he spoke.
“I’m going to say something, and you’re going to have a hard time accepting it,” he said.  “But you’re imaginative, and you’ll make up whatever memories you need in order to believe this is true.  Because the collar will keep shocking you until you do.  Are you ready, Katie?”
“No,” pleaded Katie, but Parker didn’t care.
“This was your all your idea, Katie,” he said.  “You asked me to do this to you.”
And he watched her face contort, as the collar shocked her again and again, until finally after six zaps it stopped, and Katie was nodding.
“Yes,” she said, openly crying now.  “I asked you to do this.  I wanted it.”
“Because being abused and controlled and humiliated turns you on, doesn’t it, Katie?” asked Parker.
Seven zaps this time - but to his amazement, when the zaps stopped, Katie’s pussy was visibly becoming aroused, the cuntflesh reddening and engorging, and visible moisture appearing.
“Yes,” gasped Katie.  “Being abused makes me wet.”
“And you want me to rape you, don’t you, Katie?” asked Parker.
Only a single zap now before she spoke.  She was learning.  Clever girl.
“Yes,” she breathed.  “I want you to rape me.”
So he raped her.
Her pussy was amazingly wet and warm and welcoming as he pushed his cock inside her.  The collar shocked her twice almost as soon as he penetrated her.  He suspected she had thought about resisting or fighting him.  Or maybe just been angry at what he was doing to her.  But the important thing was that she had stopped thinking it.
The feeling of raping her, and knowing that she couldn’t stop him - couldn’t even think about stopping him - was delicious.  As he neared his orgasm, he whispered in her ear, “You’re the kind of disgusting slut that cums from being raped, aren’t you, Katie?”
She screamed with frustration and horror as he said that - and he listened to the collar zap her.  ZAP - ZAP - ZAP - and then her whole body shook, and shuddered, and he knew she was cumming, cumming from her rape, and he allowed himself to cum too, filling her womb with his sperm.
Afterwards, he left her alone on the bed.  She wouldn’t be going anywhere.  She couldn’t even form the thoughts that would allow her to escape.  He knew over the next few hours she would be regularly shocked as she started to think about rebellion or disobedience, or even let herself be angry at him, but those shocks would slow down over time as her brain began to instinctively avoid the pain. 
It would take, he thought, maybe two to three weeks for her to be transformed into the obedient sex-pet he wanted, completely unable to formulate troublesome thoughts that would stop her serving his cock.  And then he would be able to take the collar off her - and use it on a new woman.
He smiled as he thought about the last thing he would tell Katie before taking the collar off her.  After a few weeks, she probably wouldn’t have any resistance left, but even if she did, it would be fun to watch the collar zap her, and then stop, as she fully accepted the idea he had given her, and let the words become a thing she believed absolutely.
“You have powerful sexual fantasies, and you would do anything to make them come true,” he would tell her, “and those fantasies are about putting this collar on your sister, and on your best female friend, and helping them become mindless sex-dolls just like you…”

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