The "Three Wishes" Company

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #dom:male #humiliation #hypnosis #office #sub:female

Holly’s parents buy her three hypnotic wishes for her eighteenth birthday - but they don’t have quite the effect they were expecting…

The "Three Wishes" Company
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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The “Three Wishes” company was all the rage.  You bought their services for your little princess’ eighteenth birthday, and just like the fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty, you made three wishes for her successful future.  Then the company put your daughter in a suggestible hypnotic trance and implanted your wishes as strong compulsions.  The theory was that she came out confident, motivated, and graceful, ready to be an immense success at life.
Holly’s parents wished that she would believe the best of people, that she would strive to be good at her job, and that she would see tough challenges through to the end.  It sounded good on paper, but it set the rest of Holly’s life on a course they had not foreseen.
She might have done better had her first job interview not been for that particular company.  The job was for a secretary for a small investment office.  The office didn’t actually need a secretary, but the manager liked to take advantage of the stupid young girls who applied. 
When Holly turned up to the job, he told her to strip naked.  Usually the only girls who obeyed, rather than running away in disgust, were the most submissive and/or financially desperate of applicants.  But Holly, believing the best of people, assumed there was some good reason for this, and blushingly took off her clothes in front of him. 
He proceeded to take pictures of her, for her “company medical file”.  She obligingly cupped her tits, bent at the waist, and spread her pussy for his camera.  She’d never been so humiliated in her life and she wanted to run home crying, but firstly she genuinely believed this was necessary for the job, and secondly she knew she needed to see tough challenges through to the end.
When she was done, he told her she was a slut.  She believed him; she could either believe he was being cruel, or that he had a good reason to say that, and again, she believed the best in him.  She must be a slut.  She blushed harder. 
He told her that her job would involve some light filing and secretarial work, but would also involve taking his cock in her mouth or pussy or ass whenever he chose, would involve working naked with a vibrator in her pussy, and she would be known around the office not by her name but rather as “Cupcake”.  She could either take the job, or he could upload her “medical file” to the internet with her name attached.
She intended to see this challenge through to the end.  Quivering with fear and shame, she told him she would take the job.  He laughed at her again, took her clothes from her, and sent her to walk home naked, telling her to be back at 8 am tomorrow.
At home, she wanted to cry with shame, but a new urge had filled her.  She would be *good* at this job.  She went online and looked for suggestions about how to be good at a job that mostly involved staying naked and being fucked.  She absorbed what she read very carefully, filled with horror but unable to stop herself, and then very deliberately she began masturbating, knowing that she intended to keep herself from this point on constantly wet and stupid and ready to be fucked at any time her employer chose.  And then she began Googling for the best and fastest way to schedule herself a breast enhancement to have big, round, slutty bimbo tits...

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