The Neighbour's Backyard

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #hypnosis #sub:female

Pamela seeks hypnotic help to explore her exhibitionist fantasies - but when she finds herself trapped, nude, in her neighbour’s backyard, she gets significantly more than she bargained for.

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Pamela *knew* that she was aroused by public exposure, humiliation, fear, and vulnerability.  She just wasn’t brave enough to follow through on it.  She had a constant fantasy of climbing into her neighbour’s backyard, stripping nude, and masturbating to orgasm with the fear of being caught and discovered, but although she had made the climb over the fence to next door on three occasions, her heart beating wildly, she had always chickened out before stripping and hurriedly returned home.
She spoke to her psychologist about it.  He seemed surprised.  “You know, I could use hypnosis to help you follow through on these fantasies.  Just a little burst of courage, and you could live your sexual dreams.”
She blushed bright red, embarrassed by the idea... but then, eventually eager.  “Yes, please,” she begged.
He put her under, and gave her a simple set of triggers.  Once she’d formed an intention to enact her fantasy, she would not back down until it reached completion, with her orgasming nude in a stranger’s back garden.
She tried it out the next day, and found to her horror - and delight - that it worked as promised.  She climbed into her neighbour’s backyard - she thought he was out at work - and immediately wanted to run away again, but instead found herself stripping naked and throwing her clothes to the farthest corners of the yard.
She began to masturbate, and it felt *so good* - better than any of the boring vanilla sex she’d had, because it was flavoured by the exposure and humiliation and fear that really drove her pussy.
Until the back door opened, and her neighbour Sergei came out into the garden.
She squealed, wanting to cover herself - but unable to resist the need to keep masturbating until she orgasmed. She turned bright red as she fingered her pussy in front of Sergei, until he shouted, “What the fuck are you doing in my garden, you whore?” and ran at her.
She wailed with frustration as he grabbed her arms and pulled them from her cunt.  “Get out of my garden, slut,” he screamed at her.  But she couldn’t, because she couldn’t leave the garden until she orgasmed while nude, so she just shook her head.
He produced a set of handcuffs from somewhere, and cuffed her hands behind her back.  Now she couldn’t masturbate at all.  She tried to rub her thighs together, but it wasn’t enough.
“I’m calling the cops, you crazy naked slut,” yelled Sergei.  Pamela freaked out.  She didn’t know what would happen if the cops tried to drag her from the garden before she orgasmed.  She might fight them.  That could be dangerous.
“No, please, no,” she begged.  “Please, I just need to cum.  I can’t leave your garden until I cum.  Please.”  She had an idea.  “You can fuck me.”  She leaned over and wiggled her ass at him.  It was humiliating, but if he fucked her she might cum, and...
“You can’t leave until you orgasm?” Sergei asked, thinking.  “And you’re scared of me calling the police?”
“Please, yes, please,” begged Pamela.
An evil grin spread on Sergei’s face.  He unzipped his pants and took out his cock.  Pamela gasped in relief, and wiggled her ass temptingly again.  But he ignored her nether regions, instead pulling her head up by her hair and pressing it against his dick.
“Suck,” he commanded.
Pamela hesitated.  She couldn’t cum from sucking cock... but she realised now she was in a bind.  If she was of no use to Sergei, he would call the police.  Wrinkling her nose, she opened her mouth and started to suck Sergei’s cock, naked, kneeling, her hands cuffed behind her back.
Sergei used his grip on her hair to vigorously face-fuck her, until he eventually ejaculated down her throat.  Afterwards, she looked up at him with watery eyes, and said, “Please... sir.  Please, can I cum?  Can you let me out of the cuffs?”
“I don’t think so,” he said, and turned and went back inside the house.  Her eyes bugged out.  He was leaving her?  She thought about shouting for help, but... again, they might try and drag her away before she orgasmed.
Sergei was gone a long time.  Near dinner, he brought out a dog bowl filled with slimy chunks of dog food, and another filled with water.  She ignored them for several hours, outraged, but once it got dark hunger set in, and she blushingly began to eat the food from the bowl face-first like a dog.  It tasted awful.
The next morning he came out with two items.  The first was a dog collar, which he fastened around her neck, as she blushed at the further humiliation.  A tag hanging from it read “Bitch”. 
“This is an anti-barking collar,” Sergei explained.  “If you make a loud noise, or try to talk like a human, it gives you a shock.  You’ve been very good so far, not calling out and disturbing my sleep, and I want that to continue.  You will be a silent slut.”
She opened her mouth to complain; but the second her throat made noise, the collar shocked her, and she fell to the dirt of the back garden, twitching, for a few seconds.  When she had recovered, she looked up in fear.
“And now that you are a good, silent bitch,” he said, “I’m going to fuck your little bitch cunt.”
She gasped in delight.  Maybe she could cum!
“Oh, don’t look so happy,” he said, and showed her the other item he had brought out.  It was a syringe.  “This is a little local anaesthetic.  We’re going to inject it right into your slutty little clit before I fuck you, so that I can fuck you all I want without you being in any danger of cumming...”
He laughed at her horrified expression.  “Oh yes, little neighbour slut.  I think you’d better get very used to eating dog food and being my little rapetoy, because it’s going to be a very, very long time until I allow you to have an orgasm...”

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