The Girl in Her Reflection

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypno #mindfuck #sub:female #discipline #identity_break #schoolgirl

The girl in Pamela’s reflection was such a slut – she deserved to be punished…

The Girl in Her Reflection

Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
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The girl in her reflection was such a slutty bitch; Pamela had come to hate her. 
She knew that it was her own fault that the girl in her reflection was such a slut, because Pamela was such a whore herself, and a bad influence on other girls, but still, she hated her.
Pamela had been home-schooled since she was 17, when she was caught kissing another girl at school.  She hadn’t wanted to kiss that girl - she had thought Lina was her friend - but Lina had forced herself on Pamela and Pamela hadn’t really struggled because her pussy had become confusingly wet, and then a teacher had caught them and reported the whole thing to Pamela’s parents.  Pamela had been pulled out of school, and her parents had employed a nice man from the local church to tutor her each day while her mother and father were at work.
Pamela had been quite a clever girl when the tutoring started, according to her school grades, but once her tutoring began she found it harder and harder to keep up with her classwork.  It was only to be expected, after all, that her slutty lesbian escapade at school would have been disruptive to her education.
Nevertheless, the methods of Pamela’s tutor were been quite odd.  He gave her a little pill each day, and then put headphones on her ears, and she spent most of the day listening to white noise.  He said that this would help her learn her lessons quickly.  But the pill made her feel stupid and lose track of time; the days went by quite quickly.
Pamela had a habit of fiddling with her clothes that irritated her tutor.  At the end of the first fortnight of studying, he told her that, as she couldn’t stop fidgeting with her clothes, she would have to remove them.  She balked, and struggled, but he tore the clothes from her, leaving her naked, and then put the headphones on her and sat her at her study desk.  She pouted, planning how she would tell her parents what he had done to her, but then the white noise started and she went blank.  She woke to the sound of her tutor yelling at her, asking her where the hell her clothes were, and why she was sitting nude like a slut.  She was confused - hadn’t he undressed her?  But that didn’t make sense, because he wouldn’t be yelling at her if he had wanted her naked.  She started to reflexively apologise, but nothing would appease him other than punishment, and she ended up bent naked over the couch as he spanked her naked ass until she cried. 
Over the next few weeks, she came to learn that she was quite stupid, and very slutty.  She found it harder and harder to think straight, and more often found herself coming out of her “learning blanks”, as she thought of them, to discover she was naked, and often masturbating.  She would get spanked on the ass for being nude, and spanked on the cunt for playing with herself.  This latter sometimes made her cum, and that got her a spanking on the tits as well for being such a whore.
In the evenings, before her parents got home, her tutor began to put her into something he called ‘disguise mode”, where she would pretend she wasn’t a stupid slut.  He would give her a few simple trigger words, and she would find herself able to smile, and wear clothes, and not touch her pussy, and say things that sounded like what an intelligent young woman might say.  It would last until her parents left the next day, and then she would revert to the dumb slutbunny that she was coming to learn she was.
She felt terrible guilty over how slutty she was becoming.  She woke from one learning blank to find herself sucking on her tutor’s cock.  He was yelling at her for being a whore, and before she could react she felt him slap her face, with his cock still in her mouth.  At almost the same time, his cock twitched and began spurting sperm into her mouth.  She reflexively swallowed, and tried to back away, gagging, but he held her head against his groin until he was done cumming down her throat, berating her for being a cocksucking whore all the while.  An apology in that instance was not nearly enough; he took out his phone and had her describe all her slutty sins nude, on camera, while masturbating, before going on to film her subsequent ass, cunt and tit spankings.
She had dreams sometimes that her lesbian schoolfriend Lina had been there, during her learning blanks.  Had Lina crawled naked under her study desk and licked Pamela’s pussy while Pamela spaced out to her headphones?  Had Pamela enthusiastically licked Lina’s own cunt?  Had Lina laughed with her tutor and called her a “stupid little brainwashed fuckdoll”?  Surely those were just dreams.
In time, her tutor took her out to the mirror-shined tiles of the back deck, and introduced Pamela to the girl in the reflection, who was nude just like Pamela.  “Isn’t she a slut, Pamela?” her tutor asked, and Pamela agreed that the girl was.
“The girl in the reflection is a very naughty slut, Pamela,” her tutor says, “and we need to correct her behaviour.  But we can’t reach her to punish her, so we have to punish you instead.  I’ll give you an example.  I want you to spread your pussy to the girl in the reflection, and if she follows your example like a disgusting whore, I’ll beat your cunt with a belt.”
Pamela hesitantly spread her pussy... and the naughty girl in the reflection did too.  Pamela wailed as her tutor took her inside and gave her twenty lashes across the pussy with his leather belt.
The next day he made her masturbate in front of the reflection girl, and when the reflection girl did it too, it meant another whipping of her abused cunt.  Pamela cried and apologised for being so slutty that she made other girls slutty too, but it didn’t get her any mercy.
It was when her tutor made Pamela push a cucumber up her pussy, and the brat in the reflection did the exact same thing, that Pamela came to truly hate her.  She was such a slut, she deserved to be hurt and used.  Pamela took her twenty lashes to her cunt, knowing that she deserved them, but then she got excited when her tutor said, “Would you like to hurt the girl in the reflection too?”
She nodded eagerly, like an excited puppy, so her tutor took her back outside again.  “I can whip your tits with my belt, Pamela,” he told her, “and it will hurt a lot, but the girl in the reflection will *also* get her tits whipped, and it will hurt her too.  Would you like that?”
Pamela didn’t want her tits whipped, but to get revenge on the slutty reflection girl... she nodded again, eagerly, and held her tits up to be whipped.  It hurt immensely, and in the end she was in tears, but the reflection girl was also crying, so it was all worthwhile.
Yet still the next day, the girl in the reflection was a slut.  Pamela had come out of her learning blank with cum in her mouth, all over her face, and dripping from her tits, as a result of the slutty things she had apparently insisted on doing to her tutor’s cock.  Her tutor made her suck his dick clean as punishment while he repeatedly slapped her face.  But when they went outside, the reflection girl had cum on *her* as well.
Pamela felt rage well in her as she looked at this degraded whore.  The girl in the reflection was supposed to be a smart, independent teenager, but instead she had lezzed off with her friend and then let herself be turned into a fuckdoll.  She was a disgusting slut and she needed to be taught a lesson.
“I want to hurt her,” she mewled to her tutor.  “Please let me hurt her.”
“She looks like she deserves to be raped, don’t you think?” her tutor asked.
Pamela felt her cunt wettening.  “Yes,” she gasped eagerly.  “Yes.”
“I think she needs to be raped by her tutor, and by her lesbian friend, and then by all of *their* friends, and maybe some men who pay to have a turn, don’t you think?”
Pamela was scared.  She knew that all those things would have to happen to *her* if they were going to happen to the reflection girl.
But the reflection girl was *such* a stupid, whorish brat...
“Yes,” Pamela breathed, falling to all fours, spreading her legs, and offering her ass and cunt up to her tutor.  She stared at her reflection, biting her lip evilly.  She knew the girl in the reflection was going to start crying once the rapes started.  She was going to beg for them to stop.  She was going to realise she had ruined her life and that she was now nothing but a fucktoy for strangers.  And seeing that look on her face was going to make Pamela *so* aroused...

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