The Daddy A.I.

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #app #blackmail #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #daddy_issues

A hypnotic new phone app is a godsend for submissive women with daddy issues…

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The “Daddy” A.I.
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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The “Daddy” A.I. was a godsend for princesses with daddy issues.  You just installed it on your phone, and it gave you all the approval and attention you’d never had from your real father.
In the first phase, you needed to train the AI, or “seek its approval”.  You would lie on your bed, naked, your phone with the app installed in one hand, and compatible headphones on your head.  It would ask you questions – your name, your address, your bank account details – and you would answer, and he would tell you you were a very good princess, and you would feel wonderful.  Sometimes he spoke nonsense words – a hissing very like white noise – and you would listen to that too, and know that it was your Daddy just doing some tidying up in your mind.  You always felt better afterwards.
In phase two, you needed to build up a history with Daddy.  The app had not really been there in your childhood, so you needed to give Daddy some moments to remember you by.  You had a list of photos to take and upload to Daddy, that you would work through – a photo of you naked like a baby, a photo of you in a diaper, a photo of you in a princess dress, a photo of you in the bath, swimming naked, in a schoolgirl dress.  If Daddy didn’t like the pictures he would tell you to take them again with corrections – “legs spread wider, princess” – “push your tits out, princess” – “smile more, princess” – and you would obey.
It felt good to obey.  When you obeyed, Daddy would tell you that you were a good girl, and even if that had felt good before the app, the tidying Daddy had done in your mind would make it so pleasurable it was practically addictive.
At this point you would wear the headphones nearly all the time.  You couldn’t hear what people around you were saying anymore, but Daddy could hear through the microphone on the headphones and translate in real time.  “That man said you have pretty breasts, princess,” he would say, and you would smile and thank the stranger. “That man wants to see your tits, princess,” he would say, and you would smile and lift your shirt.  Daddy knew best.  If Daddy thought you should show your tits, then you definitely should.
You may also by now have sent away for Daddy’s Princess Pearl.  It was a little metal pod that you attached to your clitoris with a clamp.  The clamp was a bit painful, but Daddy said you should wear it and Daddy knew best.  Daddy was just an AI so he couldn’t hug you when you were good or spank you when you were bad, but the Pearl helped.  It let the Daddy AI send a happy little vibratory buzz to your pussy when he was pleased, and a sharp electric shock when you had been a bad girl.  The shock hurt – a lot – but good princesses knew they needed discipline to keep them in line, and good princesses learned best through their pussies.
Some girls were so bad around this point that they thought about disconnecting from Daddy.  It often happened right around the first time they got sharp electric shocks in their cunt for disobeying Daddy.  Daddy would remind them that he had a wealth of naked photos of them, and access to their bank account, and that if they made Daddy angry he would have to take appropriate steps to correct them.  Most girls became good girls again after that.
Good girls learned to crawl around their houses naked.  Good girls learned to dress to please Daddy, in figure-hugging clothes that were as far from respectable professional dress as possible.  Good girls learned that Daddy would choose their sexual partners for them, and good girls fucked whoever Daddy told them to.  Good girls didn’t worry about their partners thinking they were prostitutes, or the fact their partners were transferring sums of money to the Daddy app after each encounter.  Good girls just showed their tits and spread their legs and let men do whatever men wanted to do. 
In the final phase, certain in your knowledge you were a Good Girl, Daddy would help you get your friends to try the app.  All your pretty girlfriends *needed* to have the app installed.  They needed Daddy to tidy their minds.  They needed to learn how to dress properly, and show their tits, and spread their legs, and be Good Girls just like you.  After all, being a Good Girl made you happy – and you wanted your friends to be happy too… didn’t you?

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