The Breeding Switch

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #breeding #dom:male #f/m #hypno #sub:female #hatefuck #impregnation

Female graduates of the elite Hallfour School are left with a hypnotic trigger that drives them to breed with the man they hate most on their 25th birthday.

The Breeding Switch
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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As always, this story represents my kinks, not my politics.  Please support respect, equity and positive, enthusiastic consent.
The Hallfour School accepted only the brightest of girls into its prestigious classes, and its founder, billionaire philanthropist Jeffrey Hallfour, had developed an outstanding reputation in the world of education as a result.
If you wanted your daughter to grow up to be a brilliant, confident, feminist professional, then there was no question that she absolutely *had* to be enrolled at Hallfour.
But Jeffrey Hallfour did not ultimately believe that confident feminists was what the world actually needed in its boardrooms and parliaments.  Sure, it was good to have talented young interns and secretaries, but at the end of the day a woman’s place was in birthing stirrups, not an executive office.
And so Jeffrey had ensured that there was one special class that every young student at his academy took twice a week.  It was called “Empowerment”, and it consisted of hypnotising the girls for an hour, in a dark lecture theatre with flashing lights and loud conflicting noises. 
It was no secret that hypnotism was taking place.  The school said it was to give the girls confidence and self-worth – and, indeed, the girls did come out of it feeling good about themselves and ready to seize their dreams.
But the hypnotism was also burying a deep internal switch in every girl – a switch that would lie completely dormant until long after the girl had graduated and entered the workforce.  A switch that would not be flipped until the girl’s 25th birthday.
The switch revolved around one key phrase: “Naked, helpless, and pregnant to a man you hate.”
At first it appeared in the girls’ dreams.  They would wake up after their birthday wondering why they were thinking of those strange words.  They would begin to have vivid dreams of going naked in public, of being unable to perform basic tasks, and of having unprotected sex with a man in their life who they completely reviled.
Sometimes they would wake up orgasming from these dreams.
Then the thoughts started to appear in their waking lives.  They would find themselves unconsciously doodling them on pieces of paper, accidentally typing them into emails, and occasionally saying them out loud, in a quiet, speculative voice.
They were usually unaware that they had ceased all birth control some months ago, or that they were buying pharmaceutical products intended to increase their sex drive and promote their fertility.
Then, at the most fertile point of their menstrual cycle, about two months after their 25th birthday, they would seek out the man they hated most in their immediate circle of acquaintances, and do whatever it took to get him to ejaculate in their unprotected womb. 
They wouldn’t know they were doing it.  Their mind would go blank.  Everything they did in order to get impregnated would make no mark on their memory.  They would have no awareness of their behaviour – until they finally took a pregnancy test, and saw a positive result, at which point the full circumstances of how they had been impregnated would come back to them, filling them with horror and shame.
In the event that the pregnancy didn’t take on the first try, the girl would seek out another man she hated at the peak of her cycle every month, until she fell pregnant.
Jenny, who was in the middle of bitter divorce proceedings with her ex-husband on her 25th birthday, found herself arriving naked at his house and begging him to fuck her, the way that he had fucked her best friends while they were married.  He told her that he would only fuck her if she agreed to give him everything in the divorce, and she signed the papers on the spot, desperate to get his cum into her womb.
He would not, of course, be paying any child support once she got pregnant.  In fact, no one would even believe he was the father, given the large number of men she had confessed to fucking during their marriage in the divorce settlement she had signed.
Anna was also in legal proceedings on her 25th birthday – giving evidence at trial, that a family friend had raped her at a party a year ago.  But after the first day of evidence, she lured the accused into the male toilets, stripped naked in front of him, and begged him to impregnate her.  He photographed her nude, cupping her tits and spreading her pussy for him, and filmed her confessing that she was a cocktease who had lied in court.
The photographs and film were tendered in court the next day, and distributed to the jury, and eventually distributed to the media.  The tabloids published the full nude pictures of her, under the headline “COCKTEASE SLUT”, and she was subsequently convicted of perjury and sent to prison for a year.  She would end up having her baby in jail, but she agreed to let her rapist visit her for “conjugal visits” every two weeks, where he would re-rape her in a trailer, as the necessary tradeoff to avoid a multi-million-dollar defamation lawsuit from him.
For Kia, a lesbian, the man she hated most in all the world was Evan, who had seduced her bisexual girlfriend Rose away from her.  So when her breeding trigger kicked in, she found herself knocking on Evan’s door and confessing that, even though she was a lesbian, she *really* wanted Evan to impregnate her, and she would do anything if only he would fuck her hetero-virginal cunt and put a baby into it…
For Julie, a police officer, the trigger kicked in while she was wrestling with a criminal in a back alley.  She had chased him half a suburb from a burglary-in-progress, over fences and through backyards, and when she had finally cornered him, he had had the gall to slap her once in the face and punch her twice in the tits as she struggled with him. 
She had just pinned him to the ground – where he had further managed to bring his knee up hard against her cunt not once but twice – when she felt herself suddenly go limp.
“Fuck me,” she whispered.  “Rape me.  Please.  And then I’ll let you go.”  And she found herself unbutton her police shirt, and pulling up her bra, so that he could feel her tits – or punch them again, if he felt so inclined – and then pulling down her pants and panties.
The criminal did rape her there, in the alleyway, impregnating her on the first try, but he also took photos, to blackmail her, and over coming months Julie found herself forced to fuck him again, and his friends, and help them in their crimes, and find them other women to rape – including, eventually, some of her fellow female police officers…
And for all these women, the pregnancy was only the beginning.  Because they had two other imperatives – naked, and helpless.
As their bellies swelled with humiliating new life, and their tits grew heavy with milk, the women found it progressively harder and more unpleasant to wear clothes.  They stopped wearing them at home, and then found themselves first going without panties and bras in public, and then later finding excuses to bare their tits or cunts discreetly in places like their private office, or while driving from place to place.
And then finally they would realise they were completely nude in a public place, with no memory of having undressed, and no idea where they had hidden their clothes. 
And at the same time they would find themselves growing stupider.  They would have trouble with basic tasks, growing worse and worse at their job, and needing to seek out male assistance more and more often.
It would soon become apparent that they were losing the skill to do anything other than the basic duties of breeding.  They could do domestic chores well enough – providing they were naked.  They could fuck, and please a man.  And they could watch their baby develop inside them, and wait for it to be born – at which point they would resume seeking out men who they hated in order to be reimpregnated.
And thus every woman who graduated from the Hallfour School would find herself a pregnant, breeding bimbo within a few months of their 25th birthday.  Some would be kept on by their employers as secretaries or decorations.  Some would turn to prostitution to pay their pregnancy bills and feed their children.  Others would wind up marrying a man – sometimes the father of their child, sometimes someone else they hated (because they were going to have to keep fucking men they hated, regardless of who they married) – and becoming a perpetually-pregnant housewife.
But they all found, invariably, that after their 25th birthday, none of their opinions or preferences ever mattered again.
And that was exactly how Jeffrey Hallfour liked it.

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