The Babydoll Corner

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #humiliation #hypno #infantilisation #office #sub:female #objectification

The executive board are tired of Kylie’s opinions – so they hypnotise her into being a good girl and staying quiet in her “Babydoll Corner”.

The Babydoll Corner
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
The men of the executive board had gotten increasingly frustrated with their colleague Kylie, who always turned up to meetings in a foul temper and acted like a bitch.
Together, they had arranged to send her on a “management course” which had really been nothing more than an extended course of mind-altering hypnosis.
Now Kylie turned up for meetings in a much more attractive outfit - which is to say, naked except for cute pink panties and a pink bra.  She even put on eyeshadow and bright red lipstick to look extra sexy.
They let her keep her furious, outraged pout though.  She looked cute that way.
Her enticing new attitude was complemented by two trigger phrases that the board made liberal use of.
If they got sick of one of Kylie’s ill-considered opinions, they would just say, “Shush, Babydoll” - and Kylie would fall silent in mid-sentence, her lips parting in a vacant but sexy manner, and she would gaze adoringly at her male colleagues.  The trigger actually shut off her conscious thought for three minutes, leaving her incapable of forming a coherent idea, and exceptionally receptive to whatever the men around her were saying.
If a stronger corrective was required - if, for example, Kylie started to complain about how she had been non-consensually brainwashed - they would instead say, “Bad girl.  Sit in your corner.”
Kylie would find herself getting down from her chair, and crawling on all fours to a corner of the boardroom that had been labelled “Babydoll Corner” with a printed sign.  There was a soft, furry rug there for her to kneel on, and a pacifier, and a collection of baby toys including building blocks and a rattle.  Kylie would be forced to kneel there, pouting furiously, fully aware of her humiliation, with a gradually increasing urge to suck on the pacifier and play with the toys, until a man allowed her back to the table, or the meeting ended. 
The worst bit was that the trigger also made her become more sexually aroused the longer she spent in the Babydoll Corner.  At first it would just be a throb in her pussy, but then wetness would follow, and a slowly increasing need, as her cunt juices soaked through her panties and her nipples got harder and her cheeks flushed.
If she was allowed back to the table after ten minutes in the Babydoll Corner, she would be so horny she found it difficult to think straight or make coherent statements - which was exactly how the men liked her.
But it was even better when they *left* her in the Babydoll Corner - because if she stayed there for more than about 20 minutes, she would no longer be able to help herself, and the men would look down to see her sucking eagerly on the pacifier, while she used one hand to pull the crotch of her panties aside and the other to work the handle of the rattle desperately in and out of her fuckhole.
On these occasions, the men would draw straws to see which of them would stay back after the meeting to “look after” Kylie.  The rest of the men would leave, and the lucky executive would walk up to Kylie, unzipping his pants to extract his cock.
Kylie would, of course, look outraged, and prepare to object - maybe even to swear at her colleague.
But the man would just say, “Shush, Babydoll”, and when her eyes went vacant and her mouth fell open, he would gently push his cock into her mouth, stroke her hair, and enjoy Kylie’s only contribution to the meeting that anyone was interested in getting from her. 
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