Surrender, Part 15

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypno #office #sub:female #degradation #demotion_fetish #exec2sec

Surrender, Part 15
Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
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Lachlan had almost forgotten that Sarah had surrendered her style to him - but when he arrived at her house early on Sunday afternoon to help her prepare for her party, he was immediately reminded, in the most satisfying way possible, when she answered the door.
There she was - completely naked but for high heels and a pair of pink panties.  She was made up in blush, pink lipstick and sexy mascara, and her hair was in childish pigtails, held by pink ribbons.
And she was frantic.
“Lachlan - sir…” she babbled.  “Please.  You have to let me get changed before people get here.”
He pushed past her, into her house, grinning.
“*Let* you, Kitten?” he asked.  “Are you telling me you don’t think you look perfectly fashionable right now?”
There were tears in her eyes.  “Yes,” she said.  “This is my style.  This is how I dress when I’m at home.  Or I go naked, or in just a T-shirt.  But… it’s so slutty.  People are going to be here in a couple of hours.  My *friends* are going to be here.  They’re going to see… see my exposed udders… see me looking like this…”
“And what’s wrong with that?” asked Lachlan.
“They’ll think I’m a *SLUT*!” wailed Sarah.
“Will they be wrong?” asked Lachlan.
She stared at him, her eyes filled with despair and hatred.  “You’re really not going to let me change?” she asked.
“Kitten, you can wear whatever you think is appropriate and stylish for hosting a party in your own house,” said Lachlan.
She looked away, defeated - because despite everything, she *did* think her current outfit was appropriate for her.  The Securo-System - and Lachlan - had made her believe that.  She didn’t think the clothes (or lack of clothes) was wrong - she just didn’t like the consequences that would flow from it.
“Did you celebrate your rape like I suggested, Kitten?” asked Lachlan.  “What did you do after you left the office on Friday?”
She still wasn’t looking at him.  “I drove to a public park,” she said sullenly.  “I was still naked from when you fucked me. I still had your cum on me.  And I got out and found a dark spot where the lights didn’t reach, and then I masturbated until I orgasmed.”
“And what were you thinking about while you masturbated?” prompted Lachlan.
“Being raped by you,” she said - almost whispering now, her voice choked with shame.  “About the possibility that I might be pregnant.”
“How long did it take you to cum, Kitten?” asked Lachlan.
“A little under an hour,” said Sarah.
Lachlan squinted.  There was something Sarah wasn’t telling him.  She wasn’t being dishonest with him - she wouldn’t dare - and yet she was leaving something out.
“Did anyone see you, Kitten?” he asked.
She made a little choking noise, and then said, “Yes.”
He waited.
“A man found me after about 30 minutes,” she admitted.  “And he just stood and watched.  And… I kept masturbating.  Because I knew you would be angry if I stopped.  And then after a while he took his dick out and began masturbating too.  And when he orgasmed, his… spunk… hit me in the face.”
Lachlan waited again, but Sarah remained silent, looking down.
“Finish the story, Kitten,” he prompted.  He had an intuition of what she was about to say - and he was soon proven right.
“And when I felt him cumming on me, I orgasmed,” Sarah admitted.
Lachlan laughed.  “Good kitten,” he said.  “I always knew you were the kind of slut who’d orgasm from having a stranger cum on your face.”
She flinched a little, and Lachlan thought it made her look pretty.
“Now come over to the couch and sit on my lap, Kitten, and we’ll talk about your friends,” he said.
Sarah reluctantly did as she was told, sitting on Lachlan’s lap as though she were a child.  Lachlan tried to reach between her legs to play with her pussy, but she clenched her legs together tightly.  He gave her a light slap on the inner thigh, and she reluctantly spread her legs for him, and he began to stroke her cunt through her panties.
“Do you remember why we’re talking about your friends, Kitten?” he asked her.
It was insulting question.  She could hardly forget.
“Because I surrendered control over my friends to you,” she said.
“Good kitten,” he said.  “So I’m going to redefine what friendship means to you, all right?”
It was not all right.  It was terrifying to her.  But she nodded silently.
“From now on, a friend is anyone who treats you like a fucktoy, Sarah,” he told her.  “People who sexually harass you, and stare at your tits, and call you demeaning names, and rape you - those are your friends.  And people who talk about feminism, and respect you, and encourage you to be independent - those are NOT your friends.  Those people piss you off, and you need them out of your life.  Do you understand, Kitten?”
The tears were back in her eyes.  She could feel her mind rearranging itself - shuffling around every person she had ever known, re-sorting them into new boxes, disconnecting some of her emotional attachments and reassigning them in new places.  Lachlan couldn’t imagine it, but he knew it had to be scary and disorienting.
But he knew it was working when her hand crept out and took his free hand, squeezing it.  Her mind was telling her that Lachlan himself was the best friend she had ever had.
And part of her mind knew it wasn’t real, that it was an opinion being forced on her.  Part of her knew that Lachlan was her tormentor, her abuser, her worst enemy.
But another part of her was feeling warm and happy to be so close to Lachlan, to be with a good friend who had always treated her like the fucktoy that she was.
She wouldn’t fight him as much now, he knew - and that caused him a bit of regret, because he liked breaking her.  But it also amused him to know that from now on she would be rationalising his abuse of her as the actions of a good and true friend.
He decided to get a taste of it immediately.
“Kitten,” he said.  “Am I your friend?”
“Of course you are, sir,” she whispered.
“And you know that I’ve humiliated you, and ruined your life, and raped you,” said Lachlan.
“Yes, sir,” said Sarah.
“Why did I do that, do you think?” he asked her.
Her mind was making up the reasons why a friend would do that to her.
“Because… I deserved it,” she said.  “I needed it.  You were being a good friend and… giving me what I needed.”
She sounded unsure - but the Securo-System hypnosis was telling her it was true.  It must be true.  After all, it was precisely because of that abuse that Lachlan was her friend.
Her rationalisations would likely become deeper and more nuanced, given time.  This was enough for now.
“Good kitten,” Lachlan said.  “So soon your friends - and former friends - will arrive.  And for most of them this will be the first time they see the real Sarah - the slut.  You’re going to take note of which ones encourage this version of Sarah and enjoy it, and which ones disapprove.  The ones who disapprove aren’t your real friends, are they, Sarah?”
“No, sir,” she said.
“I’ve also invited a few other people, who you aren’t expecting,” he told her.  “And if they treat you like the fucktoy you are, I want you to encourage them, because they’re your friends.  Do you understand?”
‘Yes, sir,” said Sarah.  It was almost a whimper.  Some part of her still knew what was happening to her, and understood that Lachlan was forcing her to reject the only people who could help her escape her current predicament, and encourage those who would abuse and exploit her.  But she had fully internalised Lachlan’s instructions about friendship, and she could not resist.
The party was a nightmare of humiliation for Sarah - and it was endlessly entertaining for Lachlan.
One by one the guests turned up at the door, and Sarah let them in.  They would have startled expressions when they saw that she was mostly naked - and then their faces would twist into one of two expressions: lust… or disgust.  
Either way, Sarah was able to see their respect for her vanishing in an instant, as they relabelled her in their mind with words like “fuckable”, “slut”, “bimbo” and “whore”.  The way she looked now - like a rapeable big-titted baby - would colour every interaction she had with these people for the rest of her life.
Sometimes people would ask why she was dressed this way, and Sarah would tell them that she thought she looked good like this.  Sometimes they would apologise for staring at her tits, and Sarah would blush, and tell them that it was okay, and they were welcome to keep staring.  
Some guests - particularly women - suggested that Sarah should put on some clothes.  Sarah politely declined these requests, and only Lachlan could tell how deeply she wished she could do precisely the opposite, and cover her shame.  If the guest pressed back, or asked for Sarah to cover up a second time, Sarah coldly suggested that they should leave, and showed them the door.
Lachlan couldn’t help but laugh as he watched Sarah eject her oldest and closest female friend from the party for claiming that Sarah was acting strangely.  The best bit was when Sarah called the woman a “joyless frigid feminist bitch”.  Lachlan hadn’t told her to say that - it was entirely the product of Sarah’s new beliefs about women, and her internal rationalisations.
In addition to Sarah’s existing “friends”, Lachlan had invited several men from work.  He had selected these men carefully, eager to introduce them to the “new Sarah”, but also careful not to put Sarah in a position that would compromise her future humiliation.  The men had been cautioned that they couldn’t talk about this experience in the office, and they couldn’t take pictures.  If a picture of Sarah hosting a party in the nude began to circulate, it might be hard to keep her in her position at the Department.
The workplace guests included Vivaan, the head of Finance at the Department; Trent, a senior project manager; and Armin, Lachlan’s friend in IT who had helped make the humiliating changes to Sarah’s office.
Sarah went white when she saw them, sure that she was going to be outed as a slut at work - but nevertheless she greeted them, encouraged them to stare at her tits, and found herself thinking of them as friends once they did.  
Armin in particular had been instructed by Lachlan to test the boundaries of Sarah’s consent, and shortly after entering the party he reached out and grabbed one of Sarah’s tits, squeezing it painfully.  
“It’s nice to see you showing off your fuckbags, Sarah,” he said loudly.  “I’ve always thought you were a cunt who would look better with your sex-melons out.”
There was a nervous silence as the other guests saw and heard this - but it was broken by Sarah giggling.
“Thank you for squeezing my over-sized milk-sack,” she said.  “I hope you enjoyed it.  You’re such a good friend.”
Lachlan knew that the core of Sarah didn’t want to say that - but she couldn’t help herself.  And after that, there was laughter, and then everyone felt free to grope Sarah, and call her a cunt and a bitch.  
Sarah found herself taking note of which ones had the loudest and cruellest laughter, and noting how they were probably her best friends.
Lachlan took part, too, openly squeezing Sarah’s tits, and prompting her in conversation.
“Why don’t you tell everyone what you did on Friday after night after work, Kitten?” he asked her.
Sarah blushed - but she had to be honest.
“I masturbated in a public park while fantasising about rape,” she muttered, her cheeks bright red.
There was more laughter at this.
At eight pm, Lachlan reminded Sarah it was dinner time, and watched her eyes widen in horror.  And yet, Lachlan controlled her diet, and his instructions to her on how to take her dinners were irresistible.
The whole party watched as Sarah took a leftover curry-and-rice from the fridge, then tipped it into a dog bowl, which she then set on the floor.  Then they laughed as Sarah stripped off her panties – exposing her cunt to everyone – and got down on all fours to eat the food like a dog, as the whole party watched.
Lachlan noted with pleasure that, despite the humiliation, Sarah’s now-visible pussy was obviously wet.
By the time Sarah was done eating, and had risen once again to her feet (seemingly forgetting to put her panties back on), those guests who weren’t entirely comfortable with the increasing sexualisation and humiliation of Sarah self-selected themselves from the party, leaving early, and soon the only guests left were the ones that were thoroughly enjoying Sarah acting like a slutty sex toy.
A little later, Lachlan watched with pleasure as a bearded man named Gary - who he knew had been one of Sarah’s closest friends since high school - took the opportunity to stand behind Sarah, as Sarah was engaged in a discussion with a group of other men.  She was busy explaining her new belief that women with big tits deserved to be abused and humiliated by men.  Gary put his hand on her ass, and began to caress it, and Sarah - ordered to encourage such behaviour - pushed her butt back eagerly against his touch.
Emboldened, Gary moved his hand between her legs, exploring for her pussy.  He found it – still embarrassingly wet - and he pushed two of his fingers into her twat.
Sarah gasped, and her face went red.  She couldn’t believe this was happening - that she was being finger-fucked in public, in front of her friends.  It was humiliating.  It was disgusting.
And Gary was such a *good friend* for doing it to her.  She was so lucky to know him.
She had trailed off mid-sentence as she felt Gary’s fingers enter her pussy, her mouth wide open.
Trent filled the silence by reaching out and grabbing her left breast.  “You were saying that women with big tits deserved abuse?” he prompted.
“Yes…” Sarah gasped, as Gary pumped his fingers in and out of her.  “I’ve had a long career in women’s issues, and it’s clear to me that giant fuckmelons can only be seen as a sign that a woman deserves degradation and pain…”
Trent smiled - and slapped her boob, hard enough to make Sarah squeal.
One of Sarah’s more recent friends, a man named Charles who had worked with her at her last job, reached out and took her other breast in his hand.  He pinched her nipple hard, and then slapped the breast.
“Is this what you deserve, cunt?” he asked her.
She had to be honest.  “Yes…” she gasped.  “I deserve…”
And then Armin put his hand over her mouth.  “Shut the fuck up, bitch,” he said.  “No one wants to hear what you think.”
And there was the unmistakeable sound of a zip being undone, as on Sarah’s other side Vivaan undid his fly, and took out his erect cock.
It was obvious to everyone that this party was about to turn into a gang rape.  Those who didn’t want to take part knew that now was the time to leave if they didn’t want to rape Sarah Rose.
Nobody left.
As Trent and Charles began to rhythmically beat Sarah’s tits, tears appeared in Sarah’s eyes.  But she made no effort to discourage this behaviour, and she even parted her legs to give Gary’s fingers better access to her cunt.  
The men pulled her forwards by her tits and bent her over an armchair, and then Gary was replaced by Vivaan, pushing his cock into her wet, unprotected cunt, and Gary moved around to stuff his own cock into Sarah’s mouth.  
To the men, it was impossible to think that Sarah didn’t want this.  She bucked her hips against Vivaan’s cock, and made enthusiastic sounds as he drooled around her mouthful of penis.  Punching and slapping her tits only made her wetter, and she visibly orgasmed against Vivaan’s cock just before he ejaculated into her, and she was still wet when Vivaan moved aside and let Armin take a turn with her pussy.
Only Lachlan knew that Sarah was screaming on the inside, fully aware that she was being raped and violated, in some cases by people she had known and trusted for years, terrified that they would get her pregnant.  He knew that this very violation was making her see these people as her best - her only - true friends, and that she was going to rationalise reasons to be grateful to them for this abuse, even as her mind trembled at the knowledge that the only “friends” in her life were now people who had eagerly and violently raped her.
He called out to her as she was being raped.  “You’re a stupid cunt who deserves this because your tits are so big, aren’t you, Kitten?”
Compelled to be honest, she nodded, as best she could with a cock stuffed in her mouth.
He laughed.  He didn’t need to join in the gang rape.  He would take her last, after everyone had gone home.  He would make her shower, and then he would make her ask him to rape her, and make her tell him what a good friend he was for raping her, and then tell her to dwell on the memories of her gang rape as he fucked her.
And despite the depths of degradation that Sarah had experienced tonight, Lachlan was excited, because there was still so much to do with her…

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