Surrender, Part 11

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypno #office #sub:female #degradation #demotion_fetish #exec2sec

Surrender, Part 11
Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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About an hour after Lachlan and Sarah returned to their separate offices from their meeting with the Minister, an email arrived in Lachlan’s inbox.
It was filled with the artificial spelling mistakes that Lachlan’s malware was introducing into all of Sarah’s communications.  It read.
Im sory sir.
I sukked the cock of teh Minister liek a slut.  i diddnt want too but i did choose too and that maeks it my falt.  It is a beach of the coed f conduct and thefor i must be punished & surrender sumthing.
I surendder my comfort sir
Luv Sarah Rose
And there was a little pink cartoon love-heart next to her name.
He smiled to himself, but made a mental note to turn down the intensity of the software.  If Sarah was sending all her emails like that, it was going to be hard to keep her credibly employed in her current job.  Although he loved the fact that everyone she was emailing probably thought she was an idiot bimbo now.
Then he signed himself out of the office for the next couple of hours.  He hadn’t quite expected Sarah to surrender her comfort so quickly - he had something to pick up from home.
He arrived in Sarah’s office near the end of the work day.  She jumped as he walked in - she had clearly been on edge, waiting for him, ever since she sent the email.  
“Hello, kitten,” he said, knowing she hated that name, and knowing that it would set the tone for their talk.
“Hello, sir,” she said unhappily.
He closed the blinds in her office to give her some privacy, then sat in a chair as near to her as possible, and unzipped his pants to take out his cock.  He had been carrying a black suitcase, which he put on Sarah’s desk, and then he passed Sarah a condom.
“Why don’t you earn yourself a dinner supplement while we talk, kitten?” he said.
Sarah blushed, but got out of her chair and knelt in front of him.  She worked the condom over his cock - so as to catch his cum when he ejaculated, so she could eat it later - and began to masturbate him.  Lachlan honestly would have preferred it without the condom, but he knew that Sarah would appreciate a tasty treat of sperm to take home with her.
“Tell me, kitten,” said Lachlan, as Sarah sulkily pumped his cock, “why did you choose to surrender your comfort?  Why not something else?”
“Are you kidding?” she asked - and then flinched, and corrected herself.  “I mean, it should be obvious, sir.  I don’t want to… be your little puppet.  Or become more of a bimbo than you’re forcing me to be.  I want to get out of this.  And if I surrender my heart, my history, my intelligence, my opinions, my emotions, or willpower, that will be the end of it.  You can just… remake me, into whatever you’re trying to make me into.”
“Those weren’t the only other options, kitten,” he prompted her.  “What about the rest?”
“I’m not giving up my career, my finances or my possessions,” she said.  “That would be… like you owned me.”
It would be exactly like that, Lachlan thought, and he was looking forward to it.
“Go on,” he told her.
“I’m not giving up my name,” she said.  “I bet if I did you’d make me think Kitten was my actual name.”
Lachlan actually had some more humiliating ideas than that in mind, but he nodded.
“I’m not giving up my friends or family,” she said.  “I care about them too much.”
He didn’t intend to have her give them up, exactly, but she didn’t need to know that.
“My reproductive system and my sexuality - I guess you’d make me get pregnant?  Or have sex with women?” she asked.  “No thank you.”
Those ideas were certainly on the table for Lachlan, among others.
“My body shape - what would you do with that?  Make me get fat?” she asked.
Lachlan scrunched up his face.  “No, of course not,” he said.  “I’d probably start by making you think you needed bigger tits, and then we could go from there.”
She flushed.  “Well, absolutely not,” she said.  “No.  They’re big enough already.  And I don’t know what you’d do with my privacy - what little I have left from you - but I don’t like that either.  And my bladder - what would you do with that?”
“I’d make you wet yourself in public, kitten,” he said.  “In front of people you know.  I want to be honest about that, so that when you eventually surrender it, you know exactly what you’re giving me permission to do.”
Her grip on his cock tightened in sudden fury, to the point where it became painful, so Lachlan reached out and slapped her across the face.
“Careful, kitten,” he told her.  “I think harming the cock of a fellow employee would definitely be a breach of the Code of Conduct, don’t you?”
She glared at him - but relaxed her hand.  “Yes, sir,” she hissed, through gritted teeth.  “Sorry, sir.”
“Well, let’s turn to the matter of your comfort,” said Lachlan, as Sarah continued to masturbate him.  “You’ve surrendered your comfort, so from now on, you’re never going to be fully comfortable.  Not ever.”
“What do you mean?” asked Sarah nervously.
Lachlan opened the black briefcase on Sarah’s desk.  “Well, kitten,” he said, “your body only has four important parts - your cunt, your ass, your tits, and your mouth.  And from now on, at least two of them will be uncomfortable at all times.  And this briefcase has a range of ways to cause that discomfort.”
He took out two gags from the briefcase, and showed them to her.  
“These are for your mouth,” he said.  “This one is a ring gag.  It stops you from completely closing your mouth.  It will cause you to drool, and you won’t be able to stop people from forcing thinks like fingers or a cock into your mouth if they want to.  The other is a penis gag.  It will fill your entire mouth and some of your throat, to help you learn to suppress your gag reflex.  Also, it actually slowly drips a liquid into your mouth that tastes identical to semen, but you’ll find it gives you a mild buzz of euphoria, to help train you to love the taste of men’s cum.”
She looked at them in horror.
“I can’t wear these to work!” she protested.
“Oh, no, I wouldn’t expect you to,” said Lachlan.  “So you’re going to change what toys you’re wearing three times a day:  first thing in the morning when you wake up, in the evening as soon as you get home from work, and then again immediately before bed.  Each time you’ll chose two parts of your body to cause discomfort to and apply toys to them.  You must torture all four parts of your body within each 24-hour cycle, and you’re not allowed to use the same toy in any two consecutive periods, or in the same time period on two consecutive days.  So if you use the ring gag when you go home tonight, you’d have to wear something different to bed, and you couldn’t use the ring gag after work tomorrow either.”
She was dumbstruck.  Lachlan just smiled.
“Oh, and the gags have a little timer lock here, at the back,” he said.  “So once you put them on, you can’t take them off for three hours, no matter what happens.”
Sarah’s eyes told Lachlan that she hated him with a burning fury - but she just stared at him in silence.
“Let’s look at your other options, shall we?” he told her.  
He pulled a pair of butt plugs out of the briefcase.
“These are for your ass,” he said.  “The first one is, as you’ll see, quite thick.  And you’ll find it vibrates.  The motor is not as quiet as it could be, so you’ll need to be careful about who can hear you with this.  And the second one, as you can see, does NOT vibrate - but has this gorgeous long kitten tail attached to it.  Much too long and thick for you to hide it in your panties, I’m afraid - this will need to hang free if you’re wearing it.  There’s a bottle of lubricant in the case as well to help you get them in.”
He brought out another selection of items.
“These are for your tits,” he said.  “And we’ve got several options here.”
He showed her a pair of rubber pads, each covered on one side with short, sharp plastic spikes.  “These just slide right into your bra cups,” he said.  “The spikes won’t break the skin on your breasts, don’t worry - but they *will* be slightly painful all day long, and they’ll hurt like the devil if you actually press your tits up against something, or do anything that makes them bounce.”
Next were a pair of thin leather straps with buckles.
“These go around the base of your tits,” she said.  “Cinch them as tight as they’ll go.  They’ll be quite uncomfortable, they’ll make your breasts into a lewd balloon shape, and they’ll cut off the blood flow to your tits, causing them to become much more sensitive.  You WILL need to release the pressure briefly every ninety minutes or so, and at that time you’ll probably find the resumption of circulation to be incredibly agonising.  You might want to gag yourself to prevent yourself from yelling. The need to regularly release them means you shouldn’t wear these to bed.”
He paused, a speculative expression on his face.  “I wonder if I could get a version of these made with a timer that also-releases the pressure for you at fixed times?  It would probably be fun to be surprised by the pain, and it would mean you could wear them at night… something to think on, I suppose.”
Next was a leather collar with chains hanging from it.  The chains ended in clamps.
“This is the first of our two clamp options,” he said.  “Both of these would need to be worn without a bra.  In this one, you wear this leather bitch collar, and attach the clamps on the chains to your nipples.  The clamps are quite tight - they’ll hurt - and the chains are quite short, meaning that your tits will be pulled upwards, and your nipples will be supporting the full weight of your breasts.”
He looked at it.  “I think you can get away with this under a work outfit, if the shirt is opaque enough to hide the clamps.  The collar will probably be visible, and your tits will look a little perkier than normal.  Anyway, that’s a matter for you.”
He held up another set of clamps.  “And here’s the other one.  Tight nipple clamps, with weights hanging from them, each about the weight of a ball bearing.  After a while, when you’re holding still, you’ll start to not notice the pain - until you move, or release the clamps.  You can’t wear a bra with these, but they’ll work under a loose shirt.”
There were tears in the corners of Sarah’s eyes.  “Why are you doing this to me?” she whimpered, still stroking his cock with her hand.
Lachlan looked at her directly.  “Because you were always a bitch, Sarah.  A preachy man-hating feminist cow.  You didn’t respect me, you didn’t respect any man, and working with you was hell.”  He smiled.  “And besides, you look so damn sexy when you’re humiliated and in pain.  This is clearly how you were always meant to be.”
She looked away from him so he wouldn’t see her cry, but he reached out and grabbed her chin, tilting her chin back towards him.
“I’m not done, Kitten,” he said.  “Pay attention.  And keep pumping my cock.”
The next item was a pair of transparent plastic cups connected by tubes to a device about the size of a book.
“This is the last option for your breasts,” he said.  “It’s a breast pump.  You’ll find it’s quite distracting, or even painful if your breasts are particularly sensitive.  It’s quite loud and I doubt you can wear this at work, but it should be fine at home or overnight.  After a while there’s a good chance the stimulation will cause your milk to come in, and then you’ll be a cow in more than just name.”
Then he pulled out the last handful of toys.
“And these are for your cunt, Kitten,” he said.  “This one’s simple enough - a nice thick vibrating dildo.  You’ll probably need to wear panties with it to stop it sliding out of you.  And it has a nice extra surprise - every now and then it will give you painful electric shock inside your pussy - maybe once every 40 minutes or so.  Won’t that be fun?”
Sarah sniffed and wiped tears from her eyes.
“This one’s a clit weight,” said Lachlan, holding up a clamp with a weight hanging from it.  “Just clip it onto your love-nub.  It’ll be quite painful, and worse when you move.  No panties with this one, Kitten.”
The next one was a set of elastic straps with clamps at the end.  “This one’s a cunt spreader,” he told Sarah.  “One end clips onto the top of your stockings, and the other clamps onto your pussy lips.  It will spread your cunt wide open.  No panties with this either.”
The second last item was a large bulldog clip.  “And this will just clamp your entire pussy mound shut,” he said, “to stop things going into your whorish fuckhole.  You can wear it with underwear, albeit that it will make an interesting bulge in your panties.”
That left only one thing left.  “This one’s special,” he said.  “It’s for your hands, and you have to wear it for at least one period every two days in addition to two other items.  It’s a leather belt that goes around your waist, with a D-ring on it - and a pair of handcuffs at the back.  Basically it traps your hands behind your back, see?  And it’s got a timer like the gags, so once you’re in it, you can’t get out for three hours.”
He smiled.  “There’s one more catch with this one, Kitten, to make sure that you’re uncomfortable in it.  You see, if you’re wearing this at home, you have to leave the front door of your house open and unlocked.  So you’ll feel nice and vulnerable.”
There was nothing else in the case except the lubricant.  “And that’s it, Kitten,” he said.  “Now, tell me, do you deserve it?”
She glared at him with hate through tear-filled eyes.  But she knew the answer - and more importantly, she *believed* the answer, thanks to her surrender of her ethics.
“Yes,” she whispered.  “I deserve to be tortured because of my oversized fuckbags.”
The guilt and shame she felt over her large breasts - the guilt and shame he had *made* her feel - made her tear-streaked face beautiful.
And it was all Lachlan needed.  He felt himself cumming, ejaculating into the condom.  He sighed with happiness.  Sarah’s hand slowed on his cock, and then stopped as his orgasm finished.
He removed the condom, tied it off, and passed it to Sarah.  She would eat the contents with her dinner last night - but there was no reason she couldn’t have a taste now.
“Lick it clean, Kitten,” he said, pointing to his cock.
She looked at him with hate again, but leaned in and took his cock into her mouth, sucking the last of his juices off his dick submissively.
“Good girl,” he told her.  
And when she was done, and withdrew her mouth from his cock, she said, without prompting, “Thank you, sir.”
“Now, Kitten,” he said, tucking his cock away, “which two items are you going to wear right now, until you go home?  You may get up and look at them.”
She rose unsteadily to her feet and looked in dismay at the collection of demeaning toys, clearly not wanting to choose any of them.  
But it wasn’t actually that hard a choice.  She wasn’t going to wear a gag in the office, and her current shirt would make it obvious if she wore anything on her tits.  So she needed an ass toy and a cunt toy.
She eventually picked the vibrating butt plug and the vibrating shock dildo.  She blushed as she pulled her panties down and slipped the dildo into her pussy in front of Lachlan.  Then she paused, clearly inexperienced with butt plugs.  
“Could you…” she finally asked, blushing red.
“Of course,” said Lachlan.  “Bend over, Kitten.”
She bent at the waist, leaning on her desk, pulling her skirt up and pushing her ass backwards.  Lachlan took the lubricant and spread a generous amount on her ass, then slid a finger into her anus, making Sarah squeak.
“Think of this as training to take a cock, Kitten,” he said - and then withdrew his finger, and pushed the plug into her ass.  He wasn’t very gentle, and Sarah made a weird squawking noise as the fat toy pushed past her sphincter.
He hit the switch on the base, and the plug started to vibrate.  Then he pulled her panties back over her ass and groin.
“Thank you, sir,” said Sarah - and then yelped, as the dildo gave her her first electric shock.  Her whole body shook, and Lachlan was pleased to see it was obviously painful for her.
And yet she knew she deserved it.  Because of her tits.
“When you go home,” he said, “text me to tell me what you’re going to wear for the evening, and what you’re going to wear to bed.”  He smiled.  “And remember, you’re going to be doing this every day now.  Forever.  So get used to it.”
He received the text when he was at home.
“I’m about to wear the breast constrictors and the handcuffs and clamp my slutty twat shut,” she said.  “My front door is open and unlocked.  And I’m going to go to bed wearing the ball gag and kitten tail plug.”
Lachlan thought about telling a friend that Sarah was at home with her hands restrained and her door unlocked - or visiting her himself.  Sarah could use a good raping.
But there would be plenty of time for that later.  For now it was enough to picture Sarah helpless, with her tits constricted and bulging, and a painful clamp on her pussy.  And she would soon be remembering that she had to eat a meal flavoured with his cum, and trying to work out how to do it with her hands restrained.  He imagined that she would end up eating her cum-seasoned meal directly from a bowl like a dog, unable to use her hands to help her, and that would suit her very well.
The Securo-System had improved Sarah so much already.  She was a much more pleasing woman now than she had been when she started, and she continued to get more entertaining every time she found a new way to fuck up.
And she had so much more to lose - things that she had just told him how much she would hate to give up.
The more she hated it, the more Lachlan loved it.  And before Lachlan was done, Sarah would hate it very much indeed.

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