Stop Feeling Stress

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #sub:female

Self-hypnosis helps Olivia stay happy and relaxed - no matter what is happening to her…

Stop Feeling Stress
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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The meditation tapes were supposed to simply help with stress - but Olivia had a receptive mind, and the makers of the tapes weren’t the most careful of hypnotists.  She listened to them every night as she slept, and they had a cumulative effect.

“When you feel stressed, stop trying to think about hard things.  Concentrate on good feelings from your body.  Stop fighting.  Let yourself be what those around you want you to be.  The less control you have, the happier you will be.  You will feel pleasure from your helplessness.  You will stop feeling stress and just feel love and acceptance.”

She noted some mild improvement in her work life over the next few weeks, but she didn’t understand the full impact of the tapes until her friend Josh began to rape her in an isolated bedroom at a co-worker’s birthday party.

When she felt Josh’s firm hands on her shoulders, pushing her back onto the bed, and his tongue part her lips, she said, “No!  Stop, Josh!”  When he paid no heed, and began to pull at her shirt, she knew she was about to be raped... and that’s when a switch flipped in her head.
“Stop trying to think about hard things.”  She felt her mind go blank - a happy blank.  “Concentrate on good feelings from your body.”  Josh’s knee between her legs DID feel good... and his hand on her breast... and his tongue in her mouth.  “Stop fighting.”  She stopped.  “Let yourself be what those around you want you to be.”  A willing little fuck-kitten, she realised.  She made a silly little sound, half giggle, half purr, and Josh responded by ripping her shirt from her, baring her bra-less tits. 

“The less control you have, the happier you will be.  You will feel pleasure from your helplessness.”  She knew then that Josh was going to fuck her whether she wanted it or not, and she suddenly felt happier than she’d ever been.  She bucked her hips against him eagerly, and he responded by pulling down her skirt and panties, and a moment later she felt his cock slide between her now-wet pussy lips, and she squealed with delight.  Struck by an idea, she suddenly started to struggle a little, and Josh responded by slapping her across the face, reinforcing her helplessness - and therefore her happiness.

As Josh began to rhythmically pound her cunt with his cock, she realised that now that she’d experienced this happiness, regular life was going to be even more stressful... she thought the little switch in her mind might begin to flick more and more easily, taking her into this stupid little fuck-kitten space where she could be truly happy...

But just the same, she began planning who else she could cock-tease into raping her exactly like this...

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