by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female

She hates her enslavement - but the “self-regulation” hypnosis she has received means her Master doesn’t need to lift a finger to discipline her…

Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Even a year after her enslavement, she hadn’t stopped resenting or hating her Master.  She had been a successful lawyer, and he had abducted her and made her into a sex toy, using a brutal course of hypnotic conditioning.  She despised him, and she never stopped trying to show that.
Her Master didn’t mind.  It was all part of the fun.
He liked to bring her out to show to his friends, instructing her to bare her tits for their amusement.  The hypnotic commands left her unable to refuse a command from a male to expose her boobs, so she would start stripping, but she would spit her hatred at her Master as she did.
“Fuck you,” she would swear.  “Set me free me this instant, you sexist pig, or when I get away from you I’ll send you to prison so long you’ll die in fucking jail.”
But once her tits were bare, she would find herself falling to her knees and crawling urgently towards her Master.
“She’s self-regulating,” her Master would laugh to his friend.  “I don’t stop her mouthing off.  I let her police herself.  You see, if she knows, deep down, that she’s saying something I don’t want to hear, she’ll have the most intense urge to shut herself up by plugging her mouth with something more appropriate.”
And indeed, she would crawl to her Master’s feet, and desperately pull his cock out of his pants, and stuff it into her mouth.  Sometimes she was still trying to speak as she did this, to swear at him, and her incoherent objections muffled by his cock always made him chuckle.
“So the next thing,” her Master would explain to his friend, “is that when she swallows my cum, it gives her a moment of clarity where she realises what a stupid fuckpig she is and thanks me for everything I’ve done to her.  And she hates that more than anything.  So she wants to stop sucking my cock before she makes me cum, see?  Only she can’t do it while she still wants to insult me.  So she’s in this place where either she has to submit to me before I cum, or else the cum will make her submit.”
She was never able to do this.  Even when she tried, she couldn’t let go of her anger, and so she inevitably kept furiously sucking his cock until his sperm (delicious, said her hypnosis) flooded her mouth, and she felt her brain go pleasantly stupid.  Shame flooded through her as she realised what a stupid cunt she was, and how ungrateful she was for all the work her Master had done to help her find her place as a sub-human fucktoy.
“Thank you, Master,” she heard herself say, cum drooling from her mouth onto her bare tits.  “Thank you for making me your stupid little cum-dumpster.” 
Her Master and his friend laughed, and her Master idly kicked her in the cunt with his black leather shoe, which she knew now she deserved (at least until the taste of cum had faded in an hour or so, at which point she would be furious and humiliated).
“And this is just what happens when she swears at me,” said her Master.  “If she knows she’s done something bad enough to deserve being raped, she’ll do whatever it takes to get her pussy painfully fucked.  If I’m home, it’s a delight as she comes to me in tears and starts trying to cocktease me into giving her the sexual abuse she hates.  If I’m not home, she usually makes do by fucking herself with a toilet brush or a pinecone.  I barely have to discipline her at all.  She does it all to herself.”
And he laughed again, and kicked her cunt again, and she saw what a wonderful scheme it all was and how it was what she had needed all of her stupid pre-slave life, and she thanked him again - this time with her lips on his cock...

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