Rape Safety Hypnosis

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #sub:female #pov:bottom

Allie receives hypnosis designed to improve her safety - not by helping her avoid rape, but rather by submitting to it without struggle…

Rape Safety Hypnosis

Story by All These Roadworks (2020).
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Allie’s parents were easily alarmed, and the headlines these days were very alarming.  Girls everywhere were sharing the stories of how they had been raped – in their workplaces, by their partners, by customers, by their friends, and even by police.
Allie was 19 now but they were still overcome with concern for their baby girl.  They asked a friend in the police force what they could do.
“Well, the overwhelming data says that the worst outcomes are for girls who struggle,” said their friend.  “Rape’s unpleasant for any girl, but it’s obviously better for a girl to walk away with nothing worse than a sore cunt, than to be beaten or possibly killed.  My number one advice to any girl being raped is to submit.  If possible, maybe even try and get turned on – it’ll be far easier on your vagina if you’re lubricated.”
Allie’s parents took this to heart, and made a plan to keep their darling daughter safe.  They arranged a very special session with a very expensive hypnotist.
“It’s to help you stay focused at work,” they lied to her.  “It’ll help your career to no end.  Please, it’s a gift, and it’s expensive – say that you’ll go to the session.”
So Allie went, and the hypnotist put her into a trance – but what he suggested to her had nothing to do with focusing at work.
“From now on, when you know someone wants to rape you, you will submit,” said the hypnotist.  “In fact, you will do everything in your power to facilitate your rape.  You will immediately become aroused.  You will attempt to please your rapist.  And afterwards, you will never discuss your rape, or do anything to suggest you didn’t consent, and you will tell your rapist about this hypnosis so that he knows he is safe to let you go.  You won’t admit the hypnosis to anyone who hasn’t raped you, though, or who might act to remove this hypnosis.”
After the session, Allie had no idea what had been done to her – until a few nights later she was out at a nightclub, in a cute little sexy black dress.  She had been talking to an attractive man, but she was starting to get a creepy vibe from him, and the thought occurred to her, “I think if I leave here with this man, he will rape me.”
Something clicked in her mind, and suddenly Allie was asking the man if he wanted to follow her into a back alley.  He did, and when they got outside the club, into the dirty, deserted street, Allie found to her horror that she was suddenly lifting up her dress and sliding her panties down her legs.  She struggled to stop herself as she placed her hands on the wall and stuck her ass out toward the man.
“Take me,” she heard herself purr – and he did.
Her pussy was sopping wet – but for all the instructions she had been given, none of them had told her to enjoy it.  She was still being raped, and part of her inside screamed, even as her hips bucked in a frenzied rhythm against the anonymous man’s erect cock. 
When he eventually reached his orgasm, and ejaculated inside her – completely unprotected – she turned to him and kissed him… and then told him about her hypnosis.  It was Allie’s first time hearing what had been done to her – she was hearing it at the same time he was – and her eyes widened in terror.
He laughed uproariously at the revelation, but he let her go, and Allie staggered home weeping.
The next day she was walking home from work, when a car drove past.  She heard a voice – her rapist from the night before – say, “That’s her, the slut I told you about.”  Then another voice – a different man – yelled out, “Yo, bitch!  I want to rape you!”
Moaning in horror, she felt her cunt get wet.  Right there, in broad daylight, by the side of a busy road, she pulled her panties down, and then took off her skirt and threw it to one side.  She got down on all fours and stuck her ass up in the air, trying to ignore the tooting horns of motorists showing their appreciation for her lewd display.
The car that had shouted at her had stopped, and a door opened, and a moment later there was a man standing over her.
“Can I really rape you?” asked the man, incredulously.
“You can do absolutely anything you want with me,” she heard herself reply, and apparently what he wanted was to fuck her cunt, right here in public, while his friend raped her mouth.
She had never sucked a cock, but her hypnosis made her try with eagerness and enthusiasm, and she was rewarded by a mouthful of sperm at about the same time as the man violating her pussy reached his own orgasm and filled her womb with his cum.
Again, she repeated the terms of her hypnosis to both men.  This time they decided to steal her clothes, and she had to walk home the rest of the way naked, with cum dripping from her pussy.
At home, she showered, trying to wash the feeling of violation off, and then she phoned her best friend since primary school, Matt.  She needed help.  She wanted to tell him what was happening to her.
But when he came over, she couldn’t explain the hypnosis.  Nor could she say that she was raped.  As he sat there on the couch next to her, she found herself telling the story of how she had chosen to cocktease an anonymous man to fuck her in an alleyway, and then how today she had entirely of her own volition arranged for two men to spitroast her on a public street, and how yummy the mouthful of sperm had been.
She wanted to cry, but her hypnosis wouldn’t let her – it might look like she hadn’t actually consented.
And then she saw that Matt had an erection.  She looked in his eyes, and saw what he *wanted* to do to her… even if, as her friend, under normal circumstances he would never act on that desire.
She felt herself stand, and then sit on Matt’s lap.  He was surprised, but he put his arms around her.  She pressed her tits up against his face, and began grinding her ass against his erection.
“If you want to rape me,” she said, “you can.  I’ll help you do it.”
“I want…” said Matt.  “I mean, you’re gorgeous, but we’re friends…”
“I want to help you rape me,” said Allie.  “My pussy is so wet.  You can do anything you like with me.”
“Anything?” asked Matt.  “You don’t mean that.  I mean, I have some dark fantasies.  And… we’re friends…”
“What do you want to do with me?” purred Allie.  She bounced up momentarily, and took off her panties, then sat down, lifting her skirt so that her cunt would rest directly against Matt’s pants, and began to grind again, working the little tent of cloth over his erection up between her pussy lips.
“I have fantasies…” said Matt.  “Rape fantasies.  God, I’ve always wanted to fuck a crying girl – just beat her until she’s weeping, and then rape her….”
Allie tried to stop herself – to make her body stand up, and tell Matt it was all just a joke, they should just be friends…
… but instead, she said, “Do it.  Use me.  Go on, slap me across the face.”
“Allie…” protested Matt.
“I’m so wet,” said Allie.  “Please slap me.”
He looked at her – and then he did.  She gasped – and her cunt got a lot wetter.  That was new, Allie thought – previously under the hypnosis, she’d just gotten wet for rape, and not had any particular change in arousal from particular stimuli.
But right now she was imagining Matt, her childhood friend, beating her, holding her down, and using her – and she couldn’t seem to get those thoughts out of her head.  Her pussy was *so* wet.
“Again,” she said – and he did – and after that, she didn’t need to ask again. 
He pushed her down, and ripped off her top, and then began slapping her tits as she squealed and tried to protect herself.  He kicked her in the cunt – after ripping off her skirt as well – then took out his cock and stuffed it into her open mouth, violently facefucking her for several minutes.
He didn’t cum yet, though.  Instead, he grabbed her tits and dragged her back to her feet by the nipples.  He slapped her face, and slapped her tits again, and brought his knee up hard into her cunt.  Then he pushed her down over the edge of the couch, ass up, face down – and *then* he pushed his cock into her fuckhole.
Allie was crying – weeping tears of pain and humiliation and violation – and she didn’t even notice, because at the same time this was the hottest thing that had ever happened to her.  She orgasmed as soon as his cock went into her, and again moments later, and after that it was nothing but a wave of cumming and cumming again until he finally pumped his seed into her cunt, stood shaking for a minute, and then pulled out and wiped his cock clean on her face.
She was speechless for long minutes – but finally she recovered enough to tell Matt about her hypnosis.
He looked horrified when he realised that she hadn’t really consented, that he had just really, actually raped her.  She wanted to tell him that, despite everything, she had *liked* it – but there really wasn’t any way to say that believably, given what she had just confessed to.
She looked at him.  He looked at her.
What he did afterwards was not what she expected.  It was certainly something she thought she would have hated only a few days ago.  But instead, it made her fall completely and totally in love with him.
First, he made them both a cup of tea.  They drank it – her naked, bruised, and with cum leaking from her pussy, him with his cock still out.
Then he asked her, “You really didn’t consent right now?  And you’re really incapable of ever complaining about what I did to you?”
She agreed on both counts.
He nodded.
Then he picked up her clothes, took them in the kitchen, and put them in the garbage bin.  Then he walked back towards her, slowly – and then slapped her across the face, kicked her cunt, and raped her again.
If anything, she orgasmed even harder.

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