Pre-Nup Obedience Backdoor

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #wife

Mia agrees to pre-marital hypnosis to make her submissive to her soon-to-be-husband - and then discovers he wants far more from her than she expected…

Pre-Nup Obedience Backdoor
Story by All These Roadworks (2021)
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As part of her pre-nuptial, Mia agreed to have a hypnotic “obedience backdoor” installed in her brain for her soon-to-be-husband, Brian.  She had understood it would allow her husband to compel her obedience in any matter of significant disobedience, and was willing to offer that submission to a man she thought she loved - but what he actually had the hypnotist to do to her was quite a bit crueller.
Brian knew that Mia was self-conscious of her breasts, which were both uncommonly large and uncommonly sensitive.  He knew she could barely bring herself to show them even to him, and had a habit of pulling away from even the lightest groping.  More to the point, while Mia loved Brian deeply, Brian saw Mia as nothing more than a cute little fuckpuppet, and marriage to Mia as a cheaper way to have something to ejaculate into than paying for a prostitute every night.
So, per Brian’s instructions, Mia was conditioned to be physically unable to stop anyone touching her breasts.  She could flail her arms in distress, but couldn’t actually move them so as to cover her fuckbags, or dislodge a grip on them.  She was also unable to verbally object.  If someone grabbed her boob, all she could do was blush, perhaps wiggle her arms unhappily, and allow it to happen.
Further, she was conditioned to allow people to control her by her tits.  If someone tugged on her nipples, she would follow obediently in the direction she was pulled.  And while she could feel pain in her tits, she would obey any instruction she was given.

Lastly, she was made to think that all this was *her* idea - that Brian had wanted the original, simple obedience clause, but that she had unilaterally seduced the hypnotist into giving her this degrading alternative.  There was no explanation in the hypnosis as to *why* she had done this, and in the months to come Mia had to rationalise her own explanations for what she believed she had done - the most believable being that she was just inherently a stupid slut who had wanted this to happen to her.
Her husband used her conditioning regularly, taking pleasure many times a day in grabbing her tits to pull her from place to place around the house, and instructing her to thank him for the abuse when he was done.  She spent so much time walking this way that she soon started to feel a little insecure walking places of her own volition. 
In public, Brian would have Mia wear nipple clamps under her clothes, connected to a dog leash that would discreetly extend from under the hem of her shirt, allowing him to walk a half step in front of her, his hand on her leash, leading her by her tits.
He humiliated and abused her for six months before he began to tire of her.  He had begun to notice Mia’s younger sister Kai - an equally big-titted little cockteasing brat, who had a good idea that Brian was turning Mia into a degraded fuckpig and responded to that intuition by flirting shamelessly with Brian at every opportunity.  Brian liked what he saw, and took what Kai offered.
He fucked Kai for the first time on Mia’s birthday, in the bed he shared with Mia.  He made Mia sit in the corner and masturbate while she watched them fuck.  Brian and Kai took turns pulling on Mia’s tit-leash and laughing.
He divorced Mia a week later, and married Kai immediately.  He made Mia be her sister’s bridesmaid, and both he and Kai made speeches at their wedding about what a stupid slut Mia was, before playing a video of a naked Mia masturbating and sucking on a dildo, which her entire family watched in shocked silence.
Of course, divorcing Mia didn’t mean Brian gave up use of her entirely.  Both Brian and Kai would regularly visit to grab her tits and command her to sexually service them.  Her husband was quick to share her “backdoor’ around with her friends and workmates too, which was embarrassing... but also a relief, as after all this time, Mia *needed* someone to hurt and pull her tits on a regular basis, and at the end of the day becoming a sex object for everyone who knew her genuinely was preferable to that horrible lost feeling she had when tits weren’t hurting...

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