by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypno #infantilisation #sub:female

Veronica can’t stop getting into arguments - until a hypnotist helps her find something to plug her mouth with.

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Also, my kinks aren't my politics.  I support respect, equity and positive, enthusiastic consent.
Veronica just couldn't keep her mouth shut.  She argued habitually, with anyone, about anything.  She was negative.  She was rude, and cruel, and had absolutely no filter or sense of social awareness.
It had lost her her last two jobs and her last three boyfriends, so eventually she approached a hypnotist for help.
“Oh, sure,” the hypnotist said.  “I can help you think twice about what you're going to say.  We'll start by taking you into a trance...”
Except the hypnotist had recently befriended Veronica's most recent ex, who he thought was a thoroughly decent guy, and he'd recognised Veronica from his friend's stories as “that bitch who's always fucking insulting everyone”.  He decided a little payback was in order.
When Veronica awoke from the trance, she was topless, her generous tits completely bare.
Her eyes widened as she realised she had been violated.  She looked at the hypnotist, grinning at her from across the table.  She opened her mouth to scream at him, to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing - but instead, she brought up her right hand, stuck her thumb in her mouth, and began to suck on it like a baby. 
Her eyes widened further.  She tried to stop.  She tried to yell.  But the more she formed an intention to say something angry, the more she felt the need to plug her mouth with the thumb.
“Welcome back, Veronica,” said the hypnotist.  “You look much prettier with your tits bare and your thumb in your mouth like a baby.”
She glared at him, and sucked her thumb harder.
“Oh, don't look like that, Veronica,” he said.  “I gave you exactly what you asked for - the ability to shut up.  From now on you'll find that whenever you form an intention to disagree with anyone, insult anyone, complain, or voice an unwelcome opinion, you'll instead have an overpowering urge to plug your mouth with the most degrading thing within immediate reach.”
He opened a drawer at his desk, and pulled out a baby's pacifier, and put in on the table.
“For example,” he said.
Veronica wanted to curse and swear at him, and tell him she'd take him to the police.  But instead she reached out, took the pacifier, stuck it in her mouth, and began sucking on it.
Her cheeks were burning red with rage and humiliation.  She had so many things she wanted to say and she was completely unable to say any of them.  The hypnotist thought she looked intensely cute, bare-titted and sucking on a pacifier like a baby.  She looked around for her shirt, intending to put it on and leave.
“Oh, I'll give you your clothes back when I'm done making sure the suggestions have taken hold,” said the hypnotist.  He reached into his drawer and pulled out a thick pink dildo, and placed it on the table.  “I think men are going to like you a lot more now, Veronica,” he said.  “You won't be such a bitch.”
Her eyes bulged at the word “bitch” - but when she opened her mouth, it was just to remove the pacifier, and stuff the dildo into her mouth.  She didn't just suck on this one - she began moving it in and out of her throat, as if face-fucking herself with it.  She'd taken a perverse pride in learning to deep-throat cock for her second boyfriend - until she'd told him that it was easy because his cock wasn't that big, and he'd dumped her on the spot.
“Good girl, Veronica,” said the hypnotherapist.  And then he stood, and moved towards her, and took his cock out of his pants.  “Show me what a slutty bitch you are,” he told her.
And she wanted to reply to that so much that she couldn't help herself - she spat out the dildo, and immediately plugged her mouth with his cock.  She looked up at him with eyes full of rage as she sucked on his erect dick.
“That's right, Veronica,” he said.  “You know you're going to have these exact urges to plug your mouth whenever you try to complain about what's been done to you here today.”  He laughed.  “Oh, you look so pretty when you're sucking cock while angry.”
He stroked her hair and said, “I've given you one more trigger, Veronica.  In the event that you ever orgasm from something that happens to you as a result of this trigger, or orgasm while thinking about it or imagining it, a little count will start in your head, and it will go up each time it happens again”
Her mouth felt good around his cock.
“And Veronica, if the count gets to three, you're going to come back here and beg me to give you some more suggestions - I'm thinking maybe that you'll be unable to put on clothes until you've accepted that you deserved everything that happened to you while you were undressed?”
There was such hatred in her eyes he half expected her to bite down on his dick - but she was unable to, and a few minutes later he filled her mouth with cum and gave her back her shirt.
He didn't seriously expect to see her again.
But she came back only a week later.

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