by All These Roadworks

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She insisted her new employers call her Nicole - “Nikki” was a porn star name - but as time passed she found it harder and harder to object…

Story by All These Roadworks (2020).
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Nicole was surprised to get the job as a senior file manager at the office, but was quick to take it.  
Her new boss, an older man, congratulated her.  “Can we call you Nicky?” he asked her.
She wrinkled her nose.  “Just Nicole.  Nicky sounds like a child.”
“Not even Nikki with two Ks?” he teased.
“Even worse!” she objected.  “Then it becomes a stripper name.  I got teased with names like that all through school - people making fun of me by calling me Nikki, saying I was a slut, that I’d grow up to get fake tits and be a bimbo.  Just Nicole is fine.”
They took her to her desk, in an isolated cubicle.  She had her very own personal water cooler there.  “I want to see you drinking from that non-stop,” her boss said.  “Consider that an order.  Sadly, the air conditioning makes the office very dry, and I want you to stay hydrated.”
He looked her up and down.  “Now, we *do* expect employees to dress well for this job, but we don’t expect them to buy their own clothes.  A uniform will be provided for you in your locker in the change rooms each morning.  Change into it before starting work, and put it back at the end of the day.  I expect to see you wearing everything in your locker, and nothing that isn’t.”
Her first day was easy.  Her name plate on her desk said “Nicole - Senior File Manager”, and was in a very important looking gold colour.  The uniform in her lockers was a professional-looking jacket, blouse, and skirt, even if the skirt was a bit short.  She raised an eyebrow at the lacy panties, but wasn’t sure if it would be worse if they were granny panties, so just put them on.  High heels completed the look.
She drank copiously from the cooler all day.  It tasted a little funny - but also made her feel good.
By the end of the day she was inexplicably quite horny.  She was grateful to finish the day, change out of her uniform, go home, and masturbate.
On the second day, her uniform was slightly different but much the same.  The panties were now a G-string.  The heels were a little higher.  She put it on, and drank from her cooler, and started to feel strangely horny by about lunch-time.  She wished she could masturbate, but instead just tried to ignore her wet cunt and blushed her way through her work.
Her calendar indicated she had a medical appointment on the third floor a bit after lunch.  She attended, curious as to what it was for.  The male doctor indicated it was a routine employee checkup.  He made her strip naked, which she did - a little embarrassed to do so before a man - and he took measurements of her breasts and pussy. She blushed deep red as he discovered her wetness.  Then he probed her anus and pussy with what felt for all the world like a thick dildo.  
To her great horror, after only a few minutes of the doctor working it in and out of her snatch, she felt herself orgasm visibly and humiliatingly against his hand.  The doctor went to write down in her permanent record that she had orgasmed during her inspection, but she begged him not to, hating the thought of the humiliating report on her record, and in the end convinced him to fuck her in return for his silence.
That only made things worse, though.  When he was done, there was cum leaking from her pussy, and she suddenly realised she couldn’t put the G-string back on or she would leak cum onto it and have to return it with cum stains.  When the doctor realised her dilemma, he helped her by clipping her cunt lips together with bulldog clips. It hurt agonisingly, but it helped keep the cum inside her, and the doctor gave her a strange pill “for the pain”.  It made her feel weird and floaty.  She worked the rest of the day pretending her pussy wasn’t clamped shut.  After work, at home, she frantically removed the clips and masturbated to another orgasm.  She felt strange - kind of stupid and horny.
The next day, her uniform had no jacket - just a loose blouse with a V-neck, and a short business skirt.  There were no panties either.  She blushed, assuming whoever provided her uniform had seen wet stains on her panties and was making a point.  She meekly went to her desk with no panties.
At her desk, something was different.  Her desk name plate said “Nicole”, and it was pink.  Hadn’t it been a different colour before?  With more words?  But why would they change it?  She had a drink from the cooler and immediately felt less anxious.
After lunch there was another medical appointment.  She attended, and asked why she needed another appointment.
“What do you mean?” asked the doctor - the same man as yesterday.  “This is your first appointment.  Strip, please.”
She was confused.  Had she imagined yesterday?  It was hard to think clearly.  Maybe she had.  It had certainly been strange enough.  She stripped.
After she stripped, the door opened, and two male co-workers came in.  They said nothing, and their presence was not explained.  They just watched.  
The doctor had her get down on all fours for her examination this time, like a dog, but again he probed her anus and pussy with his dildo - and also her mouth, making her gag - and again, she found herself orgasming after a couple of minutes of probing of her cunt.  
She again offered to fuck the doctor to stop him recording her humiliation.  As she fucked him, lying on her back on his examination table, one of her co-workers came over and, without speaking, put his cock in her mouth.  She opened her mouth in surprise, letting it in, and then there was nothing to do but suck on it.  The other co-worker also came over, and began to masturbate, his cock aimed at her tits.
Before long, all three were cumming.  She desperately swallowed the semen pumping into her mouth, even as the doctor filled her pussy, and the other man spurted long sticky ropes of cum over her breasts.  When they were done, the doctor encouraged her to lick as much cum off her tits as possible, and transfer as much cum as she could from her pussy to her mouth before he again clipped it closed.  He gave her a pill again, and sent her back to work.
On the fourth day, her uniform had an even shorter skirt, and a tighter shirt, with no underwear at all.  Her nameplate was still pink, and said “Nicky”.  She asked her boss about her nameplate.  “What’s the problem, Nicky?” he said.  “It’s got the name on it that you asked for.  You said it made people treat you like a child, and you liked that.”
Had she asked for it?  She didn’t think so.  She took a long drink from her cooler and looked at her schedule.  Another medical appointment, first thing?  At the hospital?  She obediently got back in her car and drove to the nearby hospital.
In her confused state, she didn’t realise what she was there for until they were already sedating her.  “You’re going to have such nice, pretty tits,” said the doctor - the one from the office - as they put the gas mask on her.  “Such nice, pretty, big, fake bimbo tits.”
She spent a whole two weeks at the hospital, in various levels of sedation, until her new big, fake tits were completely healed.  She remembered being fucked at various times, half-conscious, by the doctor or by others.  She remembered being partly awake at one point, completely naked and exposed, with most of her workmates from the office gathered around her, laughing and chatting, as her boss fucked her cunt with his thick cock.
When she was able to think again, the doctors told her how much she had begged to have these new cow tits she had.  “We told you they would look very slutty and whorish,” the doctors said.  “But you insisted.  You said everyone had to know you were a fucktoy.”  And indeed, she did look like a fucktoy, she realised.  She wept a little but she was always horny now, so she masturbated as she wept.
When she returned to the office, she found her uniform was just a blouse and heels.  The blouse was tight against her tits and she couldn’t pull it down far enough to cover her cunt.  She blushingly shuffled to her desk with a bare cunt.
Her desk was different, too.  Her nameplate now read, “Nikky - Receptionist”, and her desk was indeed at reception.  Hadn’t she once had a different job?  But it was hard to believe a woman with fake fuckmelons like hers could have done something more complicated than reception.  She sat and obediently did her job.  She masturbated as she worked, because she needed to.
Her medical appointment now happened in the middle of the office floor.  Her workmates watched as she stripped for the doctor and let him stuff dildos into her holes.  Then she fucked him, and several of her workmates, and went back to her desk dripping with cum.  There was no longer a need to hide her sexual activity, but they clipped her cunt shut anyway, because it amused them.
On the next day, her transformation was complete.  There was nothing in her uniform locker except heels and bulldog clips.  By now she knew where they went.  There were too many to put on her cunt, so she clamped the last two on her nipples.  
Her desk nameplate said “Nikki - Fuckdoll”, and her desk was now just a dog-cage in the middle of the office.  She crawled into it obediently, lapped at her cooler-water from the dogbowl it had been poured into, and waited for her daily checkup...

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