by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female

Jenny built her career on her identity as a lesbian. When she realises to her horror that she might actually be bisexual, she seeks hypnotic help to suppress her urges - with unexpected and humiliating results.

Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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In a fit of exploration in college, she had identified as a lesbian after kissing a few girls, and gone on to write some very well-received papers on the intersection of feminism and lesbian.  Now lesbianism was part of her professional identity - only she had come to realise she had a deep and abiding sexual need to fuck men.

“Help me,” she begged her hypnotherapist.  “I’m a lesbian.  I can’t want sex with men.  Please fix me.”
“Hypnotism can’t just change your sexual orientation, Jenny,” her hypnotist explained.  “But it can alter your behaviour.  You don’t *want* to fuck men, with your brain, right?  I mean, your pussy does, but your brain doesn’t.”

“That’s right,” Jenny confirmed.

“And when you *do* fuck men, you feel disgust and humiliation and self-hatred at how slutty you are?”

“Yes,” Jenny whined.

“Well, we’ll just use that to control your behaviour.  We’ll do a session today and give you some little suggestions.  We can’t take away your need, but we can probably shut off the orgasm trigger – so we’ll make it that you can’t orgasm if you’re fucking a man, and you can’t orgasm if you’re *thinking* about fucking a man.  And then we’ll give you an overwhelming need to come back and see me and tell me about it.”

Jenny nodded, eager.

“Then what we’ll do,” he continued.  “Each time you come back here is we’ll do another hypno session.  We’ll increase the degradation and shame you feel from being fucked by a man, to help you stop, and we’ll give you a permanent change in your behaviour that you’ll feel ashamed of, so you’ll remember what you did to make you act like that and why you’re a slut.  If you can go 12 months without fucking a man, you’ll be cured, and we’ll just go ahead and remove all those shameful triggers.”

Jenny agreed easily, and let herself go into a deep trance for her first programming.

But as the weeks went past, nothing seemed to help.  Ruled by her cunt, Jenny kept fucking men, and then attending her hypnotherapist’s office, ashamed and horny.  She hadn’t been able to orgasm from sex, and whenever she masturbated, thoughts of fucking men appeared in her head, preventing her from reaching climax – and that just made her need to be fucked even more. She went into a deepening spiral of arousal, stimulation, and frustration, forever wet and forever unable to cum.

As promised, her hypnotherapist deepened her feelings of shame after every sexual encounter, and gave her a wealth of compulsive behaviours to remind her what a slut she was being.  First he made her dress in sluttily short skirts with no panties.  Then he required her to masturbate for 10 minutes in a public place every day.  He sent her to get large, round, fake plastic tits, and dye her hair bimbo-blonde.  He made her take her meals on all fours, naked, from a dog bowl.  He made her spend thirty minutes every day with clothespegs on her clitoris and nipples.  He made her piss outdoors, naked and masturbating.  He made her display and spread open her pussy when having a one-on-one conversation with any man.
Finally, he decided the real problem she had was the tension between her slutty behaviour and her respected academic career.  If he couldn’t stop the sluttiness, he could remove the tension from the other side.

The best day of his career was fucking the crying, naked Jenny from behind as she bent over in front of his computer and serially uploaded a wealth of pornographic documentation of her new life to the internet.  Pictures and videos showed her naked, or masturbating, or torturing her fake tits.  They showed her crawling, sucking cock, her face and breasts dripping with cum.  He made her put them on Facebook, Instagram, upload them to porn sites with her name attached, submit them to academic journals with the title “What lesbians really want: a study”, and email them to her father and brother signed “love and kisses, Jenny”.

At the end, as he ejaculated in her pussy, he told her she would feel free to fuck all the men she wanted now, because no one would ever take her seriously as an academic or a lesbian again anyway.  And then, to make sure she really enjoyed her new freedom, he put her in one last hypnotic trance, and took her away her ability to refuse consent to any sexual proposition ever again...

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