Kala's Birthday Hypnotism

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #office #sub:female

He asked Kala what she wanted to be hypnotised into doing. “You know what I like,” she said. “Surprise me…”

Kala’s Birthday Hypnotism

Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Kala had fantasised about erotic hypnotism for a long time.  The thought of having her inhibitions overpowered, of being a puppet to someone’s erotic desires, made her soaking wet every time it entered her mind.
So when she was offered a hypnosis session by the man she was seeing, on the day before her birthday, she accepted immediately.
“And what do you want to be hypnotised into doing?” he asked.
“You know what I like,” she said.  “Only things I want.  Surprise me.”
The hypnosis must have been fun, because when she woke up in the morning she felt happy, as if she had had several pleasant orgasms.  She couldn’t remember much of what had happened, but she was still sleepy, and she figured it would come back to her.
She dressed, and drove to work, but when she arrived at the office, she began to feel that something was wrong.  The feeling intensified over her first hour at her desk, until she slowly realised that her co-workers were *looking* at her - and had been since she walked in.  It was as though something had prevented her from noticing that they were treating her strangely, but now the fog was lifting, and an embarrassing awareness was beginning to set in.
They weren’t just *looking* at her - they were shocked - and horrified - and disgusted.  And they weren’t looking at *her*.  They were looking at her groin.
Slowly, Kala looked down - and turned bright red.  Where she had thought - had been *sure* - she was wearing a skirt, instead there was nothing.  No skirt.  No panties.  Just her cute, hairless cunt, nude to the world.
She had been walking around the office bare-cunted for an hour.  In front of everyone.  And not one person had said anything.  (Or had they said things, and she just somehow hadn’t heard?)
She jumped up from her office chair, intending to find something to cover herself – but she immediately realised she had no idea what she could use.  Was she prepared to have the embarrassing conversation where she asked her female co-workers if they had spare clothes she could wear?  Was she going to run around the office naked from the waist down, searching for something to conceal her pussy?
Sit down, said her mind.  It’s fine.  No one has fired you.  You look prettier like this.  Sit down.
And so, confused, she did.
She was aware that people were still looking at her – but only occasionally, out of the corner of their eye.  They weren’t *staring* at her.  And that was better than standing up and drawing attention to herself – even if it did leave her trapped here at her desk, half-naked.
She felt hot, uncomfortable, embarrassed.  It felt strange to be sitting half-nude at work.  It felt slutty.  But also… it felt *good*.  And a lot of the people around her seemed to be enjoying the way she looked, anyway.
She turned back to her computer screen.  She should get some work done, she thought.  She took the mouse in her hand, and double-clicked to open the document she was supposed to be working on.
Only she hadn’t opened a document.  Her hand had done something quite different to what she had expected.  Completely without intending to, she had just gone to her email, clicked on a particular email, and opened a file attached to it - a video file.  And now the video was playing on her screen, at a volume loud enough to be heard throughout the entire office.
Her eyes widened and she tried to close the video again.  But her hand didn’t seem to want to move the mouse.
Watch it, said her mind.  There’s a good girl.  Watch yourself being a slut, and remember.
And the video *was* of her, from last night.  She recognised the hypnotist’s house.  In the video, she was sitting in a chair, completely naked, and masturbating.  Her eyes were closed.
A voice came from off camera.  “Can you hear me, Kala?”  It was the hypnotist.
In the video, Kala’s voice was slurred, unfocused.  “Yes, sir,” she said.  She didn’t open her eyes.
“Good girl,” said the hypnotist, and in the chair, Kala moaned with pleasure.
There was a pause, and then the hypnotist spoke again.  “Before the hypnosis, I asked you what you wanted me to do to you.  Do you remember that, Kala?”
‘Yes, sir,” said Kala.
“And what did you tell me?” asked the hypnotist.
“Only things I want,” replied Kala.  “Surprise me.”
There was a chuckle from the hypnotist.  “And tell me, Kala - what do you want?”
On the screen, Kala paused, as if thinking.  Then she spoke, in that slurred voice again.  “Humiliate me,” she said.  Her lips were parted even when she wasn’t speaking.  Her fingers were between her thighs, rubbing at her pussy.  Her breathing was shallow.  “I get so wet when I’m embarrassed, sir.  Make it so everyone knows I’m a slut.  Don’t let me hide from it.”
“That might affect your normal life, Kala,” said the hypnotist.  “It might affect your job.”
“Yesssss….” Kala moaned, in ecstasy.  “At my job.  Make me a slut at my job.  I want to be a slut at my job.”
Around Kala in the office, people were definitely watching the video now.  People were moving over to get a better look at the nude slut masturbating on screen.
“All right,” said the hypnotist.  “Tomorrow when you go into the office, you will wear nothing from the waist down.  You will not know you are doing this until most of your co-workers have seen you like this.  Once you are aware of it, you will find a reason to not cover yourself until the day is over.  It will seem perfectly natural and like the right thing to do.”
Kala on screen moaned - and so did Kala in the office.  She was suddenly aware she was very wet.  She looked down - and to her horror, she was masturbating.  Her hand was rubbing her pussy, just like the girl on the screen, and she couldn’t seem to make herself stop.
“Second,” said the hypnotist.  “When you are aroused, you will masturbate.  You will not be able to stop yourself.  You will rub your pussy any time you are horny, no matter where you are.  This compulsion will last until you next visit me for hypnotism.”
“Third, once you become aware something is wrong, you will look in your work email for an email from me, and you will play the file attached to it in view of your entire office.”
She was doing that now.  She wished she wasn’t.  Or did she?  If she didn’t like this, why was she so wet?
“Fourth, from now on - and forever - you will accept anything that anyone wants to put in your mouth, your cunt or your anus.  You will not resist, and you will open your mouth, part your legs, or remove any clothing that is necessary to allow them to do so.”
“Holy shit!” whispered someone behind Kala.  “For real?”
“Let’s try it,” said someone else, and suddenly one of Kala’s co-workers stepped forward and pushed two fingers against Kala’s lips.  Obediently - unable to stop herself - Kala opened her mouth, and allowed the fingers to enter her.  They poked at her tongue, and pushed deeper, before withdrawing.
There was some laughter.  Kala blushed, and kept masturbating.
“And finally,” said the hypnotist, “if you are aware that someone has filmed or photographed you being a slut, you will immediately forget that the behaviour they just recorded ever happened.  You will have no memory of it until you are shown the film or photograph, at which point you will become uncontrollably aroused, and deeply ashamed.”
And at that point, one of her male co-workers stepped forward, pointed his phone at her, and took a picture.
Kala blinked. 
“Hi!” she said, dopily, as if waking from a sleep.  “Why are you all gathered around my desk?”
Her co-workers looked at each other guiltily.
“Hey Kala,” said a man, standing nearby her and holding his mobile phone.  “Would you come with some of us to the break room?  We’ve got a surprise for you.”
“A surprise?” she said eagerly.  “Because it’s my birthday?”
The co-workers shared looks again - now more smug and eager than guilty.
“Oh yes,” said the man with the phone.  “A very special birthday surprise.”
She followed them into the break room cheerfully.  Because she had just forgotten watching the video of her hypnotism, it really *was* a surprise.  She didn’t understand why she wasn’t resisting when the first man took out his cock and pushed it against her mouth - she just opened up and let it in.  And it was a surprise all over again to realise she wasn’t wearing anything below the waist, and another surprise when she parted her legs so the second man could stick his cock into her cunt. 
And later she would find she likewise couldn’t resist the female co-worker who had joined them, when she first pushed her tongue into Kala’s mouth, and then afterwards into her pussy.
But as it turned out, it didn’t matter, because they were filming the whole thing, so Kala wouldn’t remember it anyway...

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