Just One Date

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #humiliation #hypno #sub:female

In return for securing a desperately-needed loan, Katie allows herself to be hypnotised to do whatever Mark wants for “just one date”.

Just One Date

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Katie needed a temporary loan badly, and Mark was offering one - on the condition that she go on just one date with him.  Reluctantly, she agreed.
“I don’t believe you,” he had said.  “You’ll chicken out.”
“No,” she tried to assure him, “I won’t.  I really need the money.”
But he remained sceptical, and nothing would satisfy him but that she agree to attend a hypnotist, and be conditioned to do exactly what he told her to, all night long.
She thought she saw where this was going.  Mark would condition her to obey him, and then he would tell her to fuck him.  It was distasteful - but she could be a prostitute for one night if it got her the cash.
Only, as it turned out, that wasn’t what Mark had in mind at all.  When Mark stared at Katie’s pretty, voluptuous body, his fantasies weren’t anything so simple as just putting his cock in her.  Some women, he thought to himself, look prettiest when they’re being fucked, but others - like Katie - were prettiest when they were crying, humiliated, and being raped.
He told Katie to dress for her date in classy eveningwear, and Katie, her new hypnotic compulsion taking hold, felt the irresistible urge to obey.  He picked her up from her house in a chauffeured limousine, and told the driver to continue to the destination once she was seated inside.
“Where are we going?” said Katie, nervously.
“You don’t need to know,” he told her.  “Put this on.”   He was offering her a small earbud speaker, and when Katie saw it she began to become truly worried.  But she found herself unable to disobey, and obediently nestled the device in her left ear.
“Take off your panties and give them to me,” he told her.  His voice echoed in the earbud, transmitted by the small microphone he was wearing.  Katie made a small noise of distress, as she felt herself obediently rise up from the seat a little, reach under her dress, and pull her lacy pink panties down her thighs, over her feet, and pass them to Mark.
“Good girl,” he said.  “Now spread your legs and raise your dress. Let me see your sluthole.”
She whimpered, and obediently parted her knees and arranged her dress to give him an excellent view of her shaved pussy.  Her face flushed with humiliation.  She wanted to cover herself, but could not - he had told her to let him see.
“You’re going to play with your pussy,” he told her.  “Only you’re not going to do it to please yourself, but to degrade yourself.  Pinch your labia and your clitoris painfully.  Push your fingers in and out of your cunt in a way that deliberately makes lewd, wet, noises.  When your fingers get wet with your pussy slime, smear it on your face and lick it from your hand with your tongue.  You will seek out the ways to play with yourself that embarrass you most and degrade you the most, and the more embarrassed and degraded you feel, the wetter your pussy will get.  Begin now.”
“Please, no,” she begged, but her hands were already obeying, stretching her cunt lips wide open so he could see her pink rape-tunnel, pulling on her labia painfully, grabbing her clitoris between thumb and forefinger and pulling on it till she squealed.  Her fingers dived into her vagina, pushing in so painfully deep that she was almost fisting herself, and then coming out dripping with secretions which she eagerly licked at with an extended tongue.  She wanted to die, to be unconscious, so she didn’t have to feel the overpowering shame she felt at behaving this way.  She couldn’t think of anything except what a disgusting whore she was being - and every time she thought about that, her cunt got wetter, until she was aware she was forming a slutty little puddle of fluids between her legs on the limousine seat.
“Do you remember your friend Alice, from high school?” he asked her.
“I haven’t seen anyone from high school in years...” she replied.  “Please, let me stop doing this.  You can fuck me, just... please...”
“I know you’re out of touch with them,” said Mark.  “I think it’s about time we fixed that.  Alice is having a fancy party tonight in the Luxuriant Hotel lobby, to celebrate her engagement to Brendan.  Do you remember Brendan?  I think you dated him for a while.”
Katie said nothing, just blushed.
“I’ve got us invitations to the party,” said Mark.  “Alice said she’d love to see you again.  Only, she doesn’t know what a whore you are, does she?”
“I’m not a whore!” Katie protested, blushing.  She had taken her mobile phone out of her handbag and was trying to use it as a dildo, while simultaneously using the camera to photograph the inside of her pussy.  She was also considering the hard hairbrush that was in her handbag, which she knew would be extremely painful to fuck herself with...
“When we arrive, you may stop masturbating.  You will get out of the limousine and enter the party by yourself, and you will circulate among the guests.  You will hug each and every guest, male or female, old or young, and nuzzle their neck, and whisper to them that you enjoy being raped.  Then you will climb into the hotel fountain, fully dressed, while they watch, and then you will lift your dress to your waist, and expose your tits, and crawl around in the water like a slutty pet.  Then you will spread your legs wide and masturbate while everyone watches, under the same rules we have just practiced here in the limo, until you have orgasmed three times.  Then you will rip up the rest of your dress and underwear until they are unwearable, stuff the remains up your cunt, and then you will find your way back to my limo, refusing all offers of clothing, and I will take you home and rape you until I’ve ejaculated in each of your holes.”
Katie wailed in horror.  “Please,” she begged.  “Please.  Don’t make me do this.”
“Oh, you’re going to do this,” he told her.  “But just one final command for you, as you get out of the limo.  If any part of you, deep down inside, *wants* this to happen, is incredibly turned on by the whole idea, and knows that this is exactly the treatment that you deserve, you will give me a kiss before you leave the limousine.  And the more you want to be degraded this way, the sluttier the kiss will be.  If you don’t want it at all, you will not kiss me.”
The limo stopped.  Katie stopped masturbating, and she looked at Mark in despair.  There was a long moment of silence.  Mark held his breath.  He honestly didn’t know if she was going to kiss him.
Unsteadily, Katie rose, head bowed by the roof of the limo, and moved towards Mark.  She leaned in, and he breathed quickly, excitedly - she was going to kiss him.  She *was* a whore... but then she leaned further, and her face moved away from his and down, and he felt disappointment take hold.  He supposed it had been a bit much, hoping that she would *want* to be degraded like this.
But she kept leaning forward, and to his surprise, he felt her hands on his pants, desperately unzipping his fly, moving his underpants aside, and bringing his rock-hard cock into view.  Katie looked up at him, her eyes trapped, humiliated, pleading for mercy that wasn’t going to come - and then she leaned down and took his cock into her mouth, giving it the most passionate, intense, whorish, slutty kiss she could imagine...

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