Inhibited Art

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female

Sandy seeks hypnotic help after critics says that her art is “too inhibited” - but she loses more inhibitions than she planned for.

Inhibited Art
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Sandy was committed to a career in art, but critics said her paintings were “inhibited” - “afraid to say anything personal”. Frustrated and unable to advance to greater recognition, Sandy visited a hypnotherapist, hoping it would help her to make a creative breakthrough.
Self-absorbed and shallow, she didn’t even recognise the hypnotist as Allie Jeffries. Even if she had, she may not have remembered how she made Allie’s life hell in secondary school by constantly calling her a slut, or how she had made it a game among the entire school to create vivid, humiliating stories of how Allie had slept with each of the teachers, male and female, in order to get the straight As she was known for.
Allie remembered, though. She didn’t say anything. She just took Sandy into a trance.
Afterwards, Sandy found the therapy very effective - although it had some odd effects. She felt a powerful urge to strip naked before painting - although she instantly found the art coming easier to her once she did. She painted with the studio door and windows open, and every time the thought occurred to her that someone could walk in and see her, she felt herself blushing, her cunt growing wet, and then her mind would wander back to her art.
There were other odd effects, too. When she invited guests over - either at home or her studio - she found herself stripping naked minutes before they were supposed to arrive, and masturbating furiously in front of the open front door, knowing that she could not bring herself to dress until she orgasmed. Most times, she found her orgasm and hastily dressed in time to greet her visitors. A couple of times, friends caught her nude and wet-pussied - she was unable to explain her behaviour, and blushed all the way through their visit. She thought about complaining to her hypnotherapist - but she *had* asked to be less inhibited, and her art was blooming.
The day came when her new exhibition was to open, showcasing all her paintings made since her hypnotherapy. She had rented the gallery space and hung the art herself, and invited all her friends, family, and former co-workers, as well as all the most influential minds of the art scene.
As people began to arrive, they gasped - and then laughed - and Sandy smiled. Her art was having an impact. She beamed happily, and welcomed each guest, and let them circulate, staring at each image. She noticed women blushing, and men’s cocks bulging in their pants, and thought it was odd briefly before her mind wandered.
The last guest to arrive was Allie, turning up in a gorgeous blue dress after everyone else had been circulating for an hour or more. She grinned ear to ear seeing Sandy, and she walked straight up to her, and whispered in her ear, “Little painting slut - all these dreams befit you - remember.”
And at the sound of the trigger phrase, Sandy *did* remember. She became completely conscious of her surroundings, and immediately realised that she was completely naked except for a pair of high heels. More than that, although one hand was holding her glass of champagne, the other was languorously fingering her pussy. She was nude and masturbating in front of everyone she knew! Her face went bright red and she wanted to die of shame - but she found she couldn’t cover herself, and couldn’t stop fingering her fuckhole.
Then she looked around at the paintings, and the full horror crept in. She realised what she’d been painting for months, and what the exhibition was. She’d titled the exhibition “Memories of School”, and each painting depicted herself completely naked, in vivid realistic detail, behaving like a wanton slut over the course of her final year of schooling.
There she was, masturbating in the girls’ toilets while she squeezed her left tit and moaned. There she was, bent over a school desk while Mr Rogers the English teacher pushed his cock into her anus. Here, she was kneeling and cupping her bare tits as she sucked Mr Dwelling’s dick in the gym. One picture showed her laughing and joking with a group of boys in the school’s courtyard - only she was completely nude, with semen visibly glistening on her face and tits. In Biology, she demonstrated the female anatomy by spreading her cunt open for a class of eager boys. In the principal’s office, she was bent nude over his wide mahogany desk, his cock in her mouth while his busty secretary used a cane to leave red marks on her ass. A particularly vivid scene showed her writhing in a nude 69 with Ms Selena, the maths teacher, desperately lapping at the older woman’s shaved pussy while Ms Selena returned the favour to her own fuckhole.
The centrepiece was a triptych entitled “Daddy’s Little Girl”. The left panel showed her sucking the cock of her own father; in the centre panel he ejaculated into her pussy; and on the right he was violating her anus. Her face had an expression of slutty bliss in all three pictures.
As the horror of what she had done - what everyone was looking at - washed over her, she orgasmed. And then orgasmed again. And orgasmed again. Allie burst out into delighted laughter. Sandy’s moans caught the attention of the guests, who turned to look at her, and laughed and applauded, assuming it was all part of the artistic statement.
She wondered desperately if she could take all the art down - if she ever stopped orgasming - but almost every item had a “sold” sticker next to it. Had she really sold them all? Were these pictures of her going to hang in people’s houses? In galleries, for the public to see? Oh God, she thought - but at least she had made money...
... only a sudden realisation came over her, that she was going to go back and see Allie in a month, and she was going to give all her new profits to Allie, and then she was going to beg to lick Allie’s pussy, and while she licked, Allie would tell her all about her *next* exhibition, which would be titled something like, “A Love Affair With Cum” or “My Adventures With Dogs”...

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