Emma's Policy

Part 8

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #office #sub:female #bimbofication #blackmail #exec2sec

Emma’s Policy, Part 8
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).

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Emma crouched nude in the cavity beneath Tim’s office desk, sucking submissively on Tim’s cock, her tits and pussy aching from their recent abuse.
It was dark down here, with privacy shields on all sides, so she could see nothing except Tim’s groin, and (she hoped) no one could see her.
Which was good, because no sooner had she tasted Tim’s pre-cum than she heard the door to his office open.
“Ah, Gareth, come in,” said Tim.  “Excuse me if I don’t stand - my knee’s playing up today.  Take a seat.”
“Good to see you, Tim,” said the newcomer, and Emma could hear him settle himself into the seat opposite Tim’s desk.
Gareth Bridge was the head of Finance at Kavenagh & True.  It was Gareth who Emma had spent the most time convincing to let her try her diversity hiring policy - the policy which had now landed her in so much trouble, and put her under the control of Tim.
“You wanted to talk to me about Emma, I hear,” said Tim, gripping Emma’s hair beneath the desk and forcing her face down on his cock.
“Yes,” said Gareth.  “I’ve been hearing really disturbing things about her, Tim.  Spending all her time in the toilets.  Having sexual encounters right here in the office.  In fact, I even heard she was spotted running completely nude through the office while she was supposed to be at the whole-of-office meeting this morning.”
“Well, as you’ll recall, I did say last year that it was a bad idea to promote women into any executive roles,” said Tim.
“You did,” sighed Gareth.  “And I should have listened to you.  I thought she had what it takes, but it turns out she’s just - well, a bimbo.”
Emma’s face flushed, as she sucked on Tim’s dick.  There was a time when she had cared about Gareth’s opinion, and had worked hard to earn his respect.
“Women are basically just children, Gareth,” said Tim.  “The only thing that changes when they grow up is their tits get bigger and they can make babies.”  He paused.  “But it’s not all bad. In many ways she’s actually a model employee.”
“How so?” asked Gareth.
“She hasn’t been the subject of one disciplinary complaint over the last few months,” said Tim.  “And for all the sexual attention she appears to be receiving, there hasn’t been the slightest hint of her making a workplace harassment claim.  Do you have any idea how much time and money it costs the company when women get uppity about men enjoying their natural assets?  Plus the morale among the men in her area is through the roof.  For every hour of productivity she’s not producing directly, her men are working twice as hard.”
“Well, that’s very interesting,” said Gareth.  “Very interesting indeed.”  He appeared impressed.  “But we can’t have a senior executive keep acting like this, surely?”
“No, I agree,” said Tim.  “We need a certain standard of behaviour from women in this company.  In fact, I’m preparing a whole new code for women at Kavanagh & True that I think will increase productivity immensely.  They’ll be required to call men ‘sir’, dress a certain way, accept compliments in the spirit they’re offered.  I intend to present it to the board next month.”
“Well, you’ll have my vote!” said Gareth.  “So what do we do about Emma in the meantime?”
“Well, it may just be a phase she’s going through,” said Tim.  “Or it might persist until we can get my new proposal up.  How about we just… lighten her load of responsibility?  Give her something less demanding to do?”
“Do you have anything in mind?” asked Gareth.
Emma tensed.  She didn’t like where this was going.
“Well, I could use a new secretary,” said Tim.  “Let’s fold her entire division into my branch, and she can be a direct report to me.  Her desk can be in my office.  Then I can keep an eye on her.”
Emma tried to raise her head to object.  She couldn’t help herself.  A secretary?  After all she had done to earn her position?  But Tim kept her head pinned against his groin and all she could do was fume impotently around a mouthful of Tim’s cock.
“Excellent idea!” agreed Gareth.  “You’ll let her know, I assume?”
“Oh, she’ll be told,” agreed Tim.  And then he reached down, pulled Emma’s face off his dick, and orgasmed.  Cum spurted from Tim’s cock and coated Emma’s face, dripping down onto her tits.  When he was done cumming, he pushed her back down to lick his cock clean.  And all this happened without Gareth noticing anything.
When Gareth had left the office, Emma exploded out from under Tim’s desk, pushing his chair back and getting to her feet.
“No!” she said.  “Not in a million years!  I am not being your secretary!”
Tim was laughing.  He took out his phone and took a photo of her, then showed her the photo.  She looked ridiculous, standing nude in his office, cum splattered across her face and tits, her fits clenched like a little girl.
“Try again,” he said.
“No, sir,” said Emma.  “I’m not being your secretary, sir.”
“Sugar-tits,” said Tim, “you just let me whip your breasts and cunt and then rape your mouth in public, rather than let me release the information I have about you, your slutty behaviour and your diversity policy.  Are you really going to draw the line here?”
Emma’s face was red.  “It’s too humiliating.  Everyone will know I’m unfit for my job.”
“You *are* unfit for your job, sweet-cheeks,” said Tim.  “Because you’re a woman.  Now, if your diversity policy somehow turns around its stats, you’ll be able to fix all this and get your division back.  But if it doesn’t, you’d better get used to the idea of being a sweet submissive secretary, because that’s the only kind of job we’re going to have for women in this company.  Understand?”
Emma was silent for a long time.  Then she said, “Yes, sir.”
“What else?” asked Tim.
“Thank you for realising I’m too stupid and slutty to do my job, sir,” she said, her face flaming with humiliation.
“Good girl,” said Tim.  “Now go tell your team that you’re going to be my secretary because you’re too stupid and slutty to do your job.  Use those exact words.  You should wear your new uniform, by the way - it’s on the chair in the corner.  Oh, and Sugar-tits?”
“Yes, sir?” she asked.
“Don’t bother cleaning your face or breasts first.”
A short while later, Emma found herself in front of the men and women of her team.  She had never been more humiliated in her life, even when she had been gangbanged in the office or had to ask for permission to piss. 
Her new uniform was part of it.  She *looked* like a secretary now.  She wore a short black business skirt with no panties beneath it.  She knew that if she bent forward at the waist, it would reveal her ass and cunt.  She stood uncomfortably in six-inch high heels, and long lacy black stockings held up by a belt at her waist.  She wore a peek-a-boo bra that lifted her tits up into a tight cleavage, but with missing front panel that exposed her nipples.  Over this she wore a tight white button-up shirt - too tight - unbuttoned down to below her breasts.  Most of her titflesh was visible, and in addition the shirt was tight enough that her nipples made visible bumps in it, and thin enough that it was mostly see-through anyway.  The whole outfit was completed by a black velvet choker around her neck, only a small step from being an animal’s collar, from which hung a silver name-tag that read “Sugar-Tits”.
She wasn’t just a secretary - she was a porn secretary.
On top of that, she was kneeling, even though everyone else was standing, as it was one of the few ways she was allowed to present herself when talking with men.  And her hands were cupping her tits, forcing them even further upwards, emphasising her fuckability with her body language as Tim had required her to do.
And, of course, Tim’s sperm was visibly drying on her face and udders.
“Hello everyone,” she said, gazing up at the people she had once had authority over.  “I have some bad news.  It has been decided that I’m…” - she swallowed and blushed - “too stupid and slutty to continue managing this team, so this area is going to be folded under the control of Tim in HR, and going forward I’m going to be Tim’s personal secretary.”
There was a shocked silence, and then some chuckles.
Nolan, one of her direct reports, raised his hand.
“Yes, sir, do you have a question?” said Emma.
“Yes,” he said.  “What do you mean ‘too stupid and slutty’?”
There were more chuckles from the team.
Emma wished she was dead.  “Well, by ‘too stupid’ they mean that I’m a woman, sir,” she said.  “And by ‘too slutty’, they probably mean the way I let men have sex with me at work.”
“And the way that you have cum on you right now?” asked someone else.
“Yes, and the way that I have cum on my face and breasts right now, sir,” said Emma.
“And the way you’re showing us your tits?” said someone else.
“Yes, sir, and the way I’m showing you my tits right now,” agreed Emma.  She wanted to cry.
Nolan said, “Didn’t you come to all of us here in the team, just the other week, and ask us to spank your cunt if you were being a slut?”
Tim had made her do it.  “Yes, sir,” she admitted.  “I did.”
The members of the team looked at each other.  “I think we should have a party,’ said Nolan.  “An ‘Emma Gets What She Deserves’ party.  Just a little team gathering for lunch.  Brett, how about you get some champagne?  And Mandy, find us something to eat.”  He looked down.  “And Emma, I think you should get up on the bench, lie on your back, and spread your legs for your punishment.”
She did start to cry then.  “Yes, sir,” she said.  “Thank you, sir.”
“Now,” said Nolan, moving to stand in front of her, his groin inches from her face, “do you think that you can have your cunt spanked and suck a cock at the same time, without accidentally using your teeth?”
She kissed his crotch, as she knew he wanted, and said, “Yes, sir, I’ll do my best.”
“You’d better,” said Nolan.
As it turned out, not only was she able to suck cock and have her cunt beaten with a ruler at the same time, but she was actually able to cum from the pain and humiliation.
And when she realised she was actually *proud* of that achievement, the shame made her cum a second time.

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