Doll Collection

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:noncon #bimbofication #dom:male #f/f #f/m #hypno #sub:female #ddlg #harem

When Kelly enters a relationship with an older man, she soon learns that there’s nothing wrong with playing with dolls.

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Also, my kinks aren't my politics.  I support respect, equity and positive, enthusiastic consent.
Kelly had always found older men to be hot - particularly if they had a certain look, and a certain kind of salt and pepper beard, and a commanding, stern personality.  And the fact that that was a description of her own father was something she didn’t allow herself to think about.
When she met Steven, shortly after graduating from school, she fell head over heels for him immediately.  He was the perfect match for her fantasy.  Their first encounter was at the supermarket where she worked as a cashier, and when he looked her over speculatively, and then told her - told, not asked - that she would join him for drinks at a nearby bar after she got off work, she felt her pussy wetten and her body got weak.
His house was practically a mansion, and he took her back there that very night, and fucked her in the opulent master bedroom - never asking permission, but moving slowly, confidently, with plenty of time for her to object to what was about to happen.  She didn’t, of course, and she orgasmed ecstatically when he came inside her, her tongue eagerly probing his mouth, her fingernails drawing red scratched lines down his back.
It was only the next morning she learned he had a daughter - a blonde girl called Taylor, the same age as Kelly herself.  At first she even thought Taylor might be some other girlfriend he had, because she was wandering through the house in little more than lingerie, but once Steven arose from bed, he explained that the girl was, indeed, his daughter from a past relationship.
“I’m so glad you’re having fun with my daddy,” said Taylor, in a bubbly, brainless voice.  Kelly didn’t think much of the girl’s intelligence, but she was so cheerful and sweet it was hard to dislike her.  
Over the next few weeks, Kelly kept dating Steven, and ended up coming back to his house to fuck every two or three nights.  The sex was always amazing, and the way that Steven simply told her what she would be doing left her pussy wet even when he wasn’t there.  He would tell her what to wear, where they were going, and then he would simply use her sexually in whatever way he wanted - and somehow it always seemed to be what *she* wanted too.
And over that time, she came to envy his daughter Taylor a little.  Taylor didn’t seem to work or go to school.  She wandered the halls of the sprawling mansion in expensive lingerie sets, unbothered by her partial nudity, and spent her days doing things that Kelly could only describe as shallow and childish.  She read fashion magazines, or watched reality TV.  She had children’s colouring books that she seemed to enjoy colouring with an impressive collection of crayons and pens.  
Most notable of all, she had a sprawling collection of Barbie toys, that occupied an entire room upstairs, complete with a giant, complex dollhouse, and she would spend hours sitting on the pink carpet dressing and undressing the dolls and leading them through complex social plotlines.  As best as Kelly could tell, the dozens of Barbies were all in some kind of complex, slutty lesbian relationships, and yet at the same time they all seemed to be dating - and, really, worshiping - a single male Ken.
Kelly had never been able to afford such a collection when she had been a child, and to be honest she really wished she could sit next to Taylor and join her in these games.  But she would be much too embarrassed to take part in such a childish game, even if Taylor didn’t seem to be bothered by acting like an infant.
The one drawback to Steven was that he snored, and if Kelly wasn’t lucky enough to fall asleep immediately after being fucked, she had to deal with his irregular nasal droning as she struggled to lose consciousness.
After a couple of nights of this, Steven took pity on her, and gave her a pair of earbuds.
“These will play white noise,” he told her.  “It will cancel out the noise of my snoring, and help you to sleep.”
And they worked.  The very first night she tried them, Kelly was able to fall asleep next to Steven almost immediately.
Her dreams were strange though.  They could only be described as… pink.  Most of them vanished when she woke up, and the only one she could remember was a vision of sitting next to Taylor in the doll room - naked, for some reason - and playing with the dolls as her father stroked her hair and called her a “good girl”.
What she didn’t understand is why she had woken from that dream so sexually aroused.  Her cunt was dripping wet, and her whole body throbbing.  She rubbed up against the still-sleeping Steven, and to her delight, he soon woke up, and fucked her again, and she forgot all about her dreams.
She used the earbuds every night after that - even when she slept at home, without Steven.  She had never slept so well in her life.  Sometimes it felt like there were words in the white noise - or even complete ideas - but if so, she assumed they were designed to deepen and increase her sleep, and she didn’t worry about them.
She had been fucking Steven for three weeks the first time she called him “daddy”.  It was an innocent mistake.  They were having sex, she was close to cumming, her mind was casting about for something hot to say, to make him thrust into her harder, to encourage him to control her, or maybe even put a hand on her throat, as he had done briefly on one occasion.  (He hadn’t noticed how she had cum almost immediately as soon as she felt the pressure on her neck.)
And so she had said, “Fuck me, daddy, please fuck me, daddy.”
Her face had gone red as soon as she had said it - but it had the desired effect.  Steven began thrusting into her wildly, and he said, “That’s right, baby girl, daddy’s going to cum inside you,” and he put his hand on her neck, pressing her down into the bed - and then they were both orgasming loudly.  Honestly, it was the best sex Kelly had ever had.
Afterwards, Steven addressed it directly.  “It’s okay if you want to call me daddy,” he told her.  “I like it.  And you can be my baby girl.”
And then it was a game with them, where he wouldn’t respond to her unless she called him “daddy”, and slowly Kelly became used to it, and eventually it was just automatic - just the right thing to call him.
She was worried Taylor would feel weird about it, but Taylor was rarely bothered by anything.  “It’s okay,” she told Taylor one time.  “He’s the best daddy in the world, and I’m glad you get to enjoy him as a daddy too.”
That very night, Steven had an experiment for her.  “I want you to pretend that I’m your actual, biological father,” he told her.  “And I’m going to fuck you.”
It was wrong - it was so wrong - and yet she couldn’t deny Steven anything.  She fixed thoughts of her real-life father in her head - and when Steven’s cock entered her pussy, and she said, “I love you, daddy”, she felt herself cumming, just like that, immediately, and she orgasmed three more times before Steven was done with her.
He pointed his phone at her and made her confess on video, naked, with his cum dripping from her twat.  “I want to fuck my father,” she breathed.  “I would cum so hard if my daddy actually fucked me.”
It made her shiver, to give him such a humiliating confession on video.  He would have power over her, forever - and yet that same idea made her dripping wet, and she finally realised that she *loved* Steven.  The catharsis of admitting her dirty fantasy had broken down a wall in her, and now she felt closer to her lover - and master - than ever before.
But Steven had a secret of his own to share.  After he had recorded her confession, he called out loudly, “Taylor, come visit daddy, baby girl.”
And Taylor walked into the bedroom.  Kelly squealed, as she was still completely nude, but neither Taylor nor Steven seemed bothered.
“Come over here, sweetie,” said Steven, “and clean daddy’s cock.”
And as Kelly watched in shock and horror, Taylor got down on all fours, crawled over to the bed, and began to suck on her father’s dick.
“What…” breathed Kelly.
“Taylor’s a very special girl,” said Steven, “and she needs her father’s cock to be happy.  She’s an adult, and she consents.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  It doesn’t mean I’m not satisfied by you, Kelly, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you - because I do.  I love you.  You just need to know that when I spend special daddy-daughter time with Taylor, it usually ends with me cumming inside her.  That’s not a problem for you, is it?”
Kelly was overwhelmed.  Steven was fucking his own daughter?  But he had said that he loved her.  And she had become used to the idea that Steven made the decisions, that Steven knew best.
And… if she did have a problem… if she made a scene… what would Steven do with the video where she confessed to wanting to fuck her father?
“No,” she breathed.  “That’s okay.  I don’t mind.”
And Steven smiled, and leaned forward, and kissed her passionately on the lips - even as Taylor was still sucking his cock.
“In that case, I have some good news for you,” he said.  “You’re going to move in.  You don’t need to work at that supermarket anymore.  You don’t need to maintain that poky little apartment.  Starting from the weekend, you live here now.”
It wasn’t a question.  It was Steven, telling her how her life would be, and Kelly didn’t argue.
She moved in.
She had thought she would be sleeping in Steven’s bedroom, with Steven - and she did, most nights - but she also had her own bedroom in the mansion, a pink, girly, childish room, with her name, “KELLY”, spelled out on the door in bright letters.  There was no wardrobe in the room, only drawers, and the only thing in the drawers was underwear.  Not her own underwear, but expensive, lacy lingerie like Taylor wore.
She asked Steven about it, and he told her he had thrown out her old clothes because they were unattractive.  She could choose from the lingerie in her room for outfits to wear around the house, and if she was going out, he would provide her with an appropriate dress.
It felt weird to go around in only underwear, but the underwear *was* very nice - Kelly could never have afforded it for herself - and it made her feel pretty.  It bothered her that she couldn’t leave the house without asking for clothes from Steven - but only a little.  She felt strangely calm these days, like nothing really worried her.
It seemed less and less strange with each day that Steven was fucking his daughter, and after a week he invited Kelly to watch as he fucked his daughter’s pussy in Taylor’s girly pink bedroom.  Kelly found it strangely arousing to watch, and afterwards she was delighted to get to clean off his cock with her mouth, just as Taylor had done the other night.
“Now clean up Taylor, too,” Steven said, pointing at Taylor’s naked, shaved pussy, from which Steven’s cum was currently dripping.  And the fact that it wasn’t a question meant that Kelly didn’t think twice.  She just crawled over to Taylor, and had her first lesbian experience, licking Steven’s cum out of Kelly’s young wet fuckhole.  It felt normal and natural, and when she was done she kissed Taylor on the lips, too.
“Thank you, daddy,” both girls said when it was over, and then they both giggled, a silly, infantile sound.  Kelly thought it didn’t sound like her at all - and yet, she had done it, so she supposed it was what she sounded  like now.
After that, Kelly and Taylor shared Steven in all things.  They drew up a schedule of whose turn it was to suck daddy’s cock at the breakfast table, and who should wash daddy’s cock in the shower, and who daddy should stick his cock into when he got home from work.  
When Steven was out at work, Kelly would join Taylor in her daily activities.  Taylor loved having a friend to do her colouring books with, and she was delighted to show Kelly how to play with the Barbies.
“All these Barbies are silly little sluts with empty heads,” said Taylor, passing a pair of Barbies to Kelly.  “They just spend all day doing silly little slut things and kissing and licking each other.”  She showed Kelly how the Barbies could do colouring, or watch TV.  
“And they’re dating Ken?” asked Kelly.
“That’s not Ken, silly,” said Taylor.  “That’s daddy.  And he looks after all the Barbies and makes sure they get all the cum and love and discipline that they need.”  She looked at Kelly.  “Some day my real daddy will have this many Barbies.”
Kelly didn’t know what that meant, but she was delighted to get to dress and undress the Barbies in different sexy outfits, and make them kiss each other, and kiss each other’s groins, and kiss the groin of the Ken doll.
Kelly wasn’t sure she could be any more satisfied with life, until Steven introduced her to the discipline ritual.  Each evening the girls would line up - sometimes Taylor first, sometimes Kelly - and confess to Steven all the mistakes and bad things they had done that day, and all the slutty thoughts they had thought.  And then Steven would spank them - on the ass, or the pussy, or the tits, depending on the scale of their misdemeanours.  And it would hurt, but also it would feel so good, and as Kelly lay across her daddy’s lap getting her buttocks spanked into rosy redness, feeling each slap reverberating in her cunt, she would know she didn’t have to feel guilt or insecurity, because her daddy would give her exactly what she deserved, good or bad.
(She liked it best when daddy spanked her pussy, because even though it hurt the worst, it would often result in her cumming.)
And every night she went to bed with her earbuds humming in her ears, giving her pleasant pink dreams and helping her sleep.
One day Steven asked her, “Kelly, sweetie, do you ever still think about fucking your real daddy?”
And she didn’t understand what he meant.  “Of course, daddy,” she said.  “I think about fucking you all the time.”
“But… your real daddy?” asked Steven, watching her face intently.
“You *are* my real daddy,” she said, wrinkling her brow in confusion.  She didn’t have any specific memories of Steven raising her or parenting her, but she knew with every fibre of her being that Steven was her daddy, and Taylor was therefore her sister.
And that seemed to satisfy Steven.  Two days later, he had her sign adoption papers, and legally change her last name to match his.  And a week after that, they moved house, to another state.
Kelly was sad to leave the old house behind, but the new one was even nicer.  Now she got to share a bedroom with Taylor, which meant they could lick each other’s pussies every night.  Steve had told her that she was taking a break from fucking him for a little while, which was sad, but she understood why, when she woke up one morning to find a new girl, about the same age as her, in the house.
The girl was fully dressed - although she had clearly been fucked by Steven the night before - and she was taken aback by seeing Kelly in nothing but underwear.
“Uh, my name is Grace,” said the new girl.  “Are you… “
Kelly giggled.  “I’m Steven’s daughter,” she said.  “I’m so glad you’re having fun with my daddy.”
And she was, because Grace was cute, and Kelly knew she would look even cuter having her pussy or mouth fucked by Kelly’s daddy.  And she knew that soon enough they would be sharing daddy with Grace, and Grace would join them for the colouring books and the dolls, and eventually Kelly would have *another* sister.
And, after all, Steven was the best daddy in the world, and he deserved to have as many Barbie dolls as he wanted…

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