Cunt Control

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #experiment #medical

When scientist Angela tests her new experiment on herself, she finds herself at the mercy of her male assistant, who plans to transform her into a brainless sex-toy.

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
Author's Note: If you enjoy this story, you can support its creation with the purchase of an e-book or membership at!
Also, my kinks aren't my politics.  I support respect, equity and positive, enthusiastic consent.
Angelica was a brilliant biological scientist.  Her work was meticulous and diligent, she was capable of intuitive leaps that approached genius, and she had more peer-reviewed research than anybody could count.
But she was also a bitch, and difficult to work for, and from the moment that she was put in charge of a research group operating out of Geoda University, her co-workers hated her.
Part of it was that they were all men, not predisposed to working for a woman in the first place, let alone one that treated them like shit.  And part of it was the nature of their project, which they dismissed immediately as “women’s science”.
To be fair, the intended beneficiaries of the project *were* women.  Angelica’s idea was for a new approach to birth control - a single drug that completely controlled a woman’s hormones, giving her regular and painless menstrual cycles, completely stopping impregnation, and preventing distracting levels of arousal.  It would be administered as a slow-release subcutaneous capsule, and if the woman wanted to override it for a day - to have some really excellent sex, for example - she would take a second pill to temporarily cancel it out.
Angelica’s direct underling, Craig, had immediately dubbed it the “cunt control” project - to a round of laughter from the team, which had immediately sent Angelica into full bitch mode.  Craig had endured a round of loud and vicious verbal scolding in front of the whole team - and a second round when he had inquired whether the project would also stop women from “acting like a PMS-ing bitch”.
In fact, Angelica would have fired him, if she could have - but there were very few experts in this space willing to work for the money her budget made available, and it was clear the project couldn’t be completed without Craig, so she settled for merely making his life hell.
To Angelica’s frustration, the need to administer the grants and finances of the project prevented her from performing much hands-on work on the drug, and it was Craig who oversaw the majority of the development.  He complained at every step, insisting that the project was a waste of time, and that because women were intended to fuck and breed anyway, their work was just “playing God”.
So when finally, after a year of work, Craig came to Angelica and told her the project was dead in the water, she didn’t believe him.
“Seriously,” said Craig.  “You have to give it up.  We have a working prototype for the drug, but we are never going to get permission to do human trials, and without that permission, we can’t proceed.  The ethics board has knocked us back three times now.”
“Screw the ethics board,” said Angelica.  “This drug is too valuable.  I’ll be the trial candidate.”
Craig wrinkled his nose.  “No,” he said.  “I’m not destroying my career for the sake of your arrogance.”
“Just leave the prototype in the lab when you go home,” said Angelica.  “What happens next will be on my head, not yours.  Although I’ll expect to take the credit, too, when it works.”
“Suit yourself,” said Craig, and went home.
But he was smiling, because he had a very good idea what the prototype would actually do, and why the ethics board had rejected it.
He was right. 
He did a full physical of Angelica the next day, in the lab - which involved asking her to strip nude for him.
She hated it - but she was, after all the test subject, and she could hardly say no.  She stood there blushing, naked, as he looked her over, staring at her tits and her cunt, and then taking photographs.
“How do you feel?” he asked her.
“A bit dopey,” she said.  “Like my head’s foggy.  And my breasts are very sensitive.”
He encouraged her to sit in an examination chair, reclining backwards in a half-sitting, half-lying position.  He strapped her arms down at her sides, and thankfully she didn’t ask why.  Then he moved her legs into stirrups, spreading her wide open, and began an inspection of her cunt with a speculum.
She hated this too - blushing bright red - but the drug was intended to control her reproductive system, so the inspection was necessary. 
His first observation was that Angelica was wet - soppingly, sluttishly wet.  Craig took copious notes, and photos, commenting loudly on how wet she was, just to humiliate her more - and then, experimentally, he brushed her clitoris with his finger.
She moaned whorishly.  He smiled.
“Your mouth next,” he said, moving to the other end of the bed.
“Why?” she asked.  “Wait, the speculum is still in me.  Can you take it out?”
“Shush,” he said, and when she next opened her mouth, he popped a ring gag into it, preventing her from closing it again, or making any coherent sounds.  He poked around her mouth for a bit with a tongue depressor - and then with his finger - but the point was mostly just to make her feel she didn’t control her own mouth.
Finally, he moved to her breasts, taking a series of measurements of each tit, ending with wrapping a length of measuring tape tightly around the base of each boob and securing it in place.  They were tight enough to be painful, make her breasts bulge lewdly, and cut off the blood supply.
Then he left her there, with the speculum spreading her cunt open, the ring gag in her mouth, and her tits in bondage, and went back to his work.
She made a series of loud, incoherent sounds, demanding release, but he ignored her.
Over the course of the day, the other men in the lab came in to make their own observations of her tits and cunt.  Each would release the binding on her tits, letting the blood rush back in - a process that caused Angelica excruciating agony - before re-applying it again.  Each would also probe her cunt, and rub and pull at her clitoris, provoking more slutty moans. 
Late in the day, while having her clitoris fondled by the intern, Angelica orgasmed, and they made a note of that too.
At the end of the day, Craig released her. “Come back tomorrow and we’ll do it again,” he told her.
She was livid.  “Like hell I will!  You think you can just keep my bound up all day, on display like some kind of toy?  I’ll have you all up on sexual assault charges!”
Craig’s face went cold, cruel.  “You illegally injected yourself with an untested drug,” he reminded her.  “All it takes is one word from anyone in this lab to destroy your career forever - and maybe see you up on criminal charges.  Your only hope of coming out of this with your reputation intact is to get results.  So yes, you will come back tomorrow, and you will do as you’re told, and you will hope to hell that your cunt control drug actually works.”
She blushed, and opened her mouth - and thought better of it.  She went home, she slept, she came back, and in the morning she meekly undressed for Craig and let him bind her to the bed again.
This time, her face was flushed bright red throughout the day.  She squeaked whenever anyone touched her tits, she howled in agony when they were bound up, and all it took was a few seconds of play with her clitoris to make her orgasm.  She came many times throughout the day, and Craig documented them all.
On the third day, she arrived wearing no bra, and when Craig casually squeezed her tits while binding her, she noisily orgasmed, apparently from nothing but the breast pain.  So once he had her bound up, he ordered an investigation of her pain tolerance, and the lab workers spent the day deliberately slapping her tits and pinching her clitoris.  Angelica spent much of the day simultaneously crying and orgasm.
At the end of the day, Craig sat down with the still bound Angelica, and removed her ring gag.
“I’ve got bad news for you,” he said.  “Your drug works, but it doesn’t do what you wanted it to.”
“What do you mean?” asked Angelica.
“It’s not suppressing your hormones,” he said.  “It’s sending them into overdrive.  Your sex drive is through the roof.  As far as we can tell, you’re incredibly fertile.  And your breasts appear to be swelling and actively growing.  You’ve gone up a bra size in the last three days.”
Angelica looked panicked.  “Then take it out!  Take the capsule out of me!”
Craig shook his head.  “We’re very much worried that the effects of the capsule are addictive.  If we take it out suddenly, it could kill you.  I’m afraid you’re going to have to stay on this drug for the rest of your life.”
“But…” Angelica pleaded, wide-eyed.
“And I think the changes are permanent,” said Craig.  “Your tits are going to be just bigger, forever.  And we also think the hormones are doing something to your brain.  You’re getting dumber, Angelica - permanently.”
She started to cry.
Craig put a hand on her tit, and squeezed, in a gesture which looked calming from the outside, but in reality just intensified her pain and humiliation.  “It’s not all bad,” he said.  “The intention was for the drug to be shut off by a second pill, remember?”
Her tears stopped and she looked at him with hope.  “That’s right!” she said.  “Do we have the pill?”
“Well,” said Craig, “we did our early work using substances that already triggered a hormonal reaction in the female body.  We tried male pheromones, but then found something that worked much better.”
“What?” asked Angelica.
“Cum,” said Craig.  “Men’s semen.  It wasn’t our long-term plan, we were just seeing if we could get that to work, and then we were going to hijack that interaction for a more synthetic product.  But… we didn’t get that far before you tested the product.”
“What are you saying?” said Angelica.
“I’m saying you can shut off the drug by taking cum into your body,” said Craig.  “Once a day, minimum, and ideally twice.  It’s a hormonal reaction, so it will work in any of your orifices - cunt, ass, or mouth.”
“I won’t…” protested Angelica.  “That’s disgusting.  It’s whorish.  I can’t!”
“Yes, you can,” said Craig, soothingly, as he unzipped his pants and took out his cock.  When Angelica opened her mouth again to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing, he pushed his cock past her open lips and into her warm, wet mouth.
His hand was still resting on her breast, and he gave it another little agonising squeeze, to remind her she was at his mercy and encourage her to be compliant.
“There’s a good little cunt,” he said, smiling.  “Shut up now and suck.”
She spent nearly a full minute trying to get her head away from his cock, to get his manhood out of her mouth.  He let her try.  She was strapped down very solidly, and all it took was his other hand on her cheek to keep her head flat against the headrest, facing his groin.  Her attempts to escape from his cock were actually very arousing.  On the one occasion that he felt her start to bite down with her teeth, he squeezed her tit, hard, and her mouth sprang open as if on springs, as she squealed in pain. 
Then came the passive resistance, when she stopped trying to escape but made no attempt to pleasure him.
“You can do the work or I can, honey,” Craig told her.  “If being skullfucked is your thing, I’m okay with it.” 
She held still regardless, and so he grabbed her hair, and began to fuck his cock hard in and out of her mouth.  He felt her gag as the tip of his dick tickled the back of her throat.
“Don’t you throw up on me, or I’ll whip those tits with my belt,” threatened Craig.
She shook her head back and forth against his cock, and he let go of her hair and gave her a chance to behave.  She did, doing her earnest best to fellate his cock from her bound position.
She wasn’t very good at it - whether through a lack of practice or just a present lack of mobility - but the sight of Queen Bitch Angelica pathetically doing her best to service his dick was pleasing enough that he felt no need to reassert control.  He watched her passionately drooling around his phallus until he felt his orgasm approach - and then, and only then, did he grab her hair again, and force his cock deep into her mouth until her nose bumped against his skin, to stop her trying to escape as he ejaculated down her throat.
When it was done, she was coughing, and choking - but he could see that his cum was already having an effect on her.  Her eyes were clearer, more focused.  The flush was leaving her cheeks.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he asked her.
She looked at him with wounded, hateful eyes.
“I know it does,” he said.  “Say ‘thank you, sir’.”
She was still tied up.  He was the only one there who could untie her.  Her tits were still in agonising pain - if anything, the pain was worse, as the endorphins of her arousal faded.
She relented.  “Thank you, sir,” she said, softly, sullenly.
“Now go home,” he told her, as he began to untie her.  “Tomorrow you can go back to your normal work - we can do a quick examination of your tits and cunt in the morning, but probably don’t need to tie you down all day.  And remember, two serves of cum a day, if you don’t want the drug to work.”
She had looked broken as she went home, but Angelica hadn’t gotten her reputation as a bitch by submitting easily, and when she came to work the next day she resolutely refused to beg for anyone’s cum.
Craig was certainly able to humiliate her, regardless - there was still the matter of her unethical trial of the drug, and her reputation was still important enough to her that she didn’t want news of that getting out until she had fixed the drug and had something amazing to report.  So he got her to undress for her morning cunt inspection and tit-measurement and permit her breasts to be bound and her pussy to be invaded by the speculum.
“Good news,” he told her.  “Your tits haven’t grown since yesterday.  But your cunt is starting to get wet again.  Is that the drug, do you think, or do you just like spreading your pussy for men?”
“Go to hell,” she snapped, slapping his hand away and pulling the speculum out of her pussy.  “Give me back my clothes.”
“I don’t think so,” said Craig.  “We need to keep your tits and cunt under observation.  You can wear this.”  He gave her a white lab coat.  The buttons had been removed so it didn’t fasten down the front.
“You’re joking,” she spat.
“If it’s a joke, I’ll be laughing all the way to the ethics board,” said Craig.  “Do you want to cooperate, or not?”
It turned out she did want to cooperate.  The lab coat refused to cover her front unless she held it closed - at the slightest chance, it would swing open, exposing her large breasts and her pussy to the world.  She didn’t look like a scientist; she looked like a pornstar.  The other men in the lab snickered at her, and stared, as she walked around.  She may have looked less exposed wearing nothing at all.
“Are you sure you don’t want some cum?” he asked her.
“Go to hell,” she said again.
All that day, she refused to fuck anyone.  She focused herself on the drug, doing the hands-on work that she had shirked until now, desperately trying to fix the problems in their pharmaceutical invention.
By the end of the day, her face was flushed, and her pussy was visibly wet.  He let her change out of the lab coat, back into her normal clothes, and go home.
The next day, her tits were straining against the tight sweater she wore into the lab.  He performed his inspection on her again, and noted she was once again orgasming easily from light touches to her clitoris.  He dressed her in the porn lab coat, and she took it without argument.
He watched her trying to do her science throughout the day, and could see that she was struggling.  She was having difficulty focusing and paying attention.  A couple of times he saw her hand drift towards her groin, as if she wanted to masturbate, before she snapped it back to the task at hand.
Once again, he let her go home at the end of the day.
On the next day, when he inspected her pussy, she began to hump his hand, moaning sluttily and orgasming quickly.  His hand got covered in her pussy juices, so he wiped it clean on her face, and she allowed him to do it.
She made no progress on her scientific work.  He watched her face become strained, and thrilled as she began to cry.
“Something the matter, Angelica?” he asked her.
“I can’t do it!” she moaned.  “I can’t remember all the… stuff… I need to… science.  I feel so stupid!”
“There, there, Angelica,” he said.  “You *are* stupid.  You’re just a stupid slut, aren’t you?”
Her brow furrowed.  “No,” she said.  “I’m not.  I’m a… smart… science girl.”
“That doesn’t sound right, does it, Angelica?” he asked her.
She shook her head.  “No,” she said.  “I can’t think of the word.  What is it?  Lab girl?”
“Lab slut,” suggested Craig.
“No…” Angelica moaned.
“You know how to remember, right?” he asked her.  He gestured to his cock.
She pressed her lips together.  “I don’t want to,” she said.  “I’m not a… not a slut.”  Her brow furrowed again.
“That doesn’t sound right either, does it?” asked Craig.  “Because you’re standing around with your tits out and your pussy bare, in front of all these men.  You must be a slut.”
She moaned.  She couldn’t think clearly.
“And look at your tits,” he told her.  He was impressed.  Under the influence of the drug, they had not grown naturally, but instead had taken on a rounded shape that made them look fake and plastic.  “You look like you did this to yourself deliberately,” he told her.  “You look like you deliberately turned yourself into a sex doll for men.”
“No…” she said - but in her mind, she was thinking that the answer must be yes.
“Beg me to fuck you, Angelica,” he said.
She whimpered - and then, slowly, she bent at the waist, bringing her tits down to her workbench and pointing her ass towards him.  She raised the hem of her lab coat, and said, ‘Please.  Please fuck me.”
He did.  He wasn’t gentle, and she seemed to enjoy the roughness.  She came multiple times as he raped her tight, wet pussy - but when it came time for him to ejaculate, he deliberately pulled out of her, and masturbated himself until he ejaculated onto the floor.
He grabbed Angelica by the hair, pulled her off the bench, and threw her to the floor, in the middle of the pool of sperm. 
“Be a good bitch and lick it up,” he told her.
She did, desperate now for the cum that would cure her stupidity.  And as she crawled on all fours, licking sperm off the floor, a wonderful thing happened to her face.  Because with each swallow of cum, the fog in her mind lifted a little bit more, and by the end of it she was completely sober and completely aware of exactly what she looked like and exactly what she was doing.
The humiliation was overwhelming.
And, to Craig’s delight, her response to it was to orgasm.  She moaned, and shook, and orgasmed from pure shame.
That evening, he fucked her again, at the end of work, and this time he ejaculated onto the floor of a large cage set up in the corner of the lab for housing animal test subjects.  Mindlessly, Angelica crawled into the cage to lick up the sperm she was desperate for - and once she was in there, Craig locked the door.
“Have a good night, Angelica,” he said.  “I don’t think you’ll need to go home anymore.”
From that day forth, everyone in the lab raped Angelica at least once a day.  They always made her beg for it - but they would never actually cum inside her.  Their cum went into a large bucket that they kept out of her reach.  At the end of the day, they would tell her to get into the cage.  If she didn’t get in the cage, she didn’t get the cum - which often left her too stupid to find her own way home anyway, and she would have to sleep in the lab.  (And in any case, Craig quickly relieved her of her phone and house and car keys, which she wouldn’t need anymore.) 
If she did get into the cage, the men would discuss whether she had been a good slut that day.  If they thought she had been well-behaved, they would pour the cum into a large stein and pass it to her in the cage, telling her to poke two fingerfuls up her pussy and drink the rest.
Angelica was a little reluctant to put the cum in her pussy - she dimly remembered being told the drugs were making her *more* fertile than normal - but she had no real choice.  She would then drink the rest while masturbating.
If she had been less than fully satisfying for the day, they would deny her the cum, keeping it stored to add to her supply tomorrow.  Each occasion of this would make Angelica’s tits grow a little more, and make her a little stupider. 
There was, of course, no reason that the drug capsule couldn’t actually be removed from Angelica, and Craig intended to do so once Angelica was both pregnant, and stupid and huge-titted enough to be nothing but an obedient sex-cow.  The day was coming close, he thought.  He didn’t intend to even tell Angelica he’d done it - he liked the thought of her continuing to believe she was dependent on daily doses of sperm.
And of course, there was no need to “fix” the drug.  There was a huge market for “Cunt Control” in exactly the state that it was in.  Craig already had a long list of rich men eager to implant the drug into their wives, girlfriends, daughters, co-workers and secret crushes, and each was willing to pay top dollar for only a single capsule.
He thought he might even have Angelica administer the first doses to women herself, so she could see up-close exactly how her life’s work had improved the freedom and autonomy of women…

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