Candy Girls

Part 1

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Candy Girls, Part 1

Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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“Candy Girls” was the hottest and most addictive mobile game of the year.  All Niemira’s friends were playing it, so she had to as well.
The premise, as she understood it, was simple.  You matched coloured pieces of candy together to make them vanish and earn points.  When you had enough points, you levelled up, and when you levelled up you could earn new virtual clothes for your cute little “Candy Girl” avatar, and then you could share your Candy Girl for all your friends to see.
The unique gimmick, though, were the Bonus Candy Rounds, which occurred whenever you levelled up.  All the girls Niemira knew were pretty vague about what the rounds entailed, but she knew you could win real-life money or pretty clothes in them.  Her friend Caity had won $300 just last week, and her cousin Liz had earned an expensive lingerie set.
But when she installed it, she discovered the process of making an account was trickier than she’d thought.
“GIRLS ONLY!” declared the screen.  “Watch the Candy Girls video, then answer the question.”  Frowning, Niemira pressed “play” on the video – but all it played was white noise, and all it showed was static.
At the end, it said, “What is your Candy Girl’s name?”
Niemira frowned deeper.  Something tickled her brain – but she couldn’t quite catch it.  She typed “Niemira” into the text box.
“Wrong!” said the game.  “Watch the Candy Girls video again, and then answer the question!”
Static again.  Niemira stared at it intently.
“What is your Candy Girl’s name?”
She felt her lips forming a shape – “S” – “Sh” – She typed “Sharon”.
“Wrong!  Watch the Candy Girls video again, and then answer the question!  HINT: Try using headphones!”
Niemira ran to her room, and came back with her noise cancelling headphones.  She plugged them into her phone, settled them over her ears, and then played the video again.  The static hissed in her brain.  Lights strobed on the screen.  She felt overwhelmed, like her whole world was the noise in her ears and the flickering images on her mobile phone.
“What is your Candy Girl’s name?”
She knew what it was.  “Sherbet Giggles,” she typed.
Immediately a triumphant fanfare played – loud, directly in her ears, through her headphone – and a deep male voice said, “GOOD GIRL”.
Niemira twitched her legs together.  She’d just had a weird reaction in her groin.  She blushed.  Her hand strayed to her pussy – but no, she needed one hand to hold the phone, and the other to play the game.  She focused back on the screen.
The game was now showing her a blurry, vaguely female shape, with a big question mark in the middle of it.
“Meet Sherbet Giggles!” said the game.  “What does Sherbet Giggles look like?”
Niemira didn’t know, but she wanted to find out.  She clicked “next”.
An icon of a camera appeared, and text: “Take a photo of yourself naked, with your legs spread, and upload it, so we can create an avatar!”
Something tried to sound an alarm in Niemira’s mind, but it was distant, behind a wall of static and flashing lights.  In the front of her mind, she thought only of how *cool* it was that they’d make an avatar of her out of an actual real photo.
Quickly she pulled off her skirt, her shirt, her shoes and socks, her bra and panties.  She was glad her family weren’t home – both parents, brother and sister were all out on a shopping trip – because she was sitting in her kitchen, and it felt weird and slutty to be naked there.  It didn’t occur to her to go to her bedroom.
When she was naked, she thrust her tits forward, spread her legs wide – the late afternoon air felt good against her shaved, naked pussy - held up her phone, and smiled a big sexy smile for her camera.  Her phone made an artificial shutter noise, to show it had taken a picture, and she quickly turned it round to see the results.
It was perfect - her brown hair looked cute, her large breasts were attractive, and her shaved pussy was fully visible, with the nub of her clitoris just winking out from between her cunt lips.  She pressed “upload”.
As it uploaded, she realised she could no longer hear the game’s music, and quickly put her headphones back on.  She was just in time for the upload to complete – resulting in the same positive fanfare, and the male voice saying “GOOD GIRL”.
She shuddered, and pulled her legs tightly together.  Yes, she’d definitely felt something that time – a very tangible spasm of happiness and wetness in her pussy.  But almost immediately, she parted her knees again.  The voice had said “GOOD GIRL” when she’d uploaded a picture that showed her twat.  It wouldn’t approve of her covering it again.
But there on the screen, finally, was her Candy Girl, Sherbet Giggles, in all her glory.  She looked just like a little cartoon Niemira!  She had long brown hair, big naked tits, and a shaved pussy.  Niemira could see her tits and pussy because Sherbet Giggles was naked.  She looked happy like that, rubbing her tits with one hand, and covering her pussy with her other.  Or - was she *really* covering it, or actually pleasuring it?  Niemira couldn’t be sure the little slut didn’t have one finger up her fuckhole. 
She frowned.  She would have to get Sherbet Giggles some clothes. 
Then the game started.  It was exactly as Niemira had seen her friends playing – although her friends were higher level, and their Candy Girls had clothes.  Colourful candy began to fall from the top of the screen, as a cute melody played.  She began to concentrate on matching candy, and building up points. 
She suffered her first loss at around 200 points.  There was just too much candy on the screen, blocking her ability to move it around, and eventually it exploded in a shower of sugar.  A sad fanfare played – and then a picture flashed up on the screen.  It was the same picture she had uploaded to the game – herself nude, with her pussy spread – but the word “SLUT” was superimposed over it in big pink letters. 
It was only there for a moment, and then it was gone.  Niemira wondered if she’d imagined it.  She started again.
She made another 200 points before triggering another loss. 
The picture of her appeared again.  This time it read, “I’M A DUMB CUNT.”
She recoiled.  She wanted to put the phone down.  What was happening?  Why was she playing this game?  Why was she playing it *naked*?  Her family could be home at any moment.  She should at least go to her room.
But she was only 100 points away from a level-up.
She started again.
100 points was easy, and soon she hit the target.  The fanfare played, and the voice said “GOOD GIRL”.  She moaned with naked lust.  She wanted to touch her pussy, but no one had told her she was allowed to.
“You are now level 1!” said the game.  “Sherbet Giggles has earned a present for being a good girl!  Pick her reward!”
Two rewards were offered.  The left was a cute blue dress, that would make Sherbet Giggles look appropriate to go out in public.  Underneath, it said, “Sherbet Giggles loves looking pretty for boys.” 
On the right was a leather dog collar and leash.  Underneath, it said, “Sherbet Giggles doesn’t want to be leashed, but she understands it’s what’s best for her.  Earn double points on Gummi Dog-Bones when you’re wearing this and nothing else!”
Niemira hesitated.  The dress was cute… but the collar would let her earn points faster.  She selected the collar, and watched it appear on Sherbet Giggles.  Amusingly, the little Candy Girl was now blushing, visibly humiliated by being naked except for a dog collar and leash.  Niemira smiled – and then wondered if it was weird to be enjoying the humiliation of an avatar that looked so much like herself.
Then the words she had been waiting for appeared: “BONUS ROUND APPROACHES!”
The game explained: “Win real prizes on the Wheel of Candy!  Upload a photo of you pouting and cupping your bare breasts with your hands to play the bonus round – and unlock a new pose for Sherbet Giggles!”
Niemira didn’t hesitate.  She set her phone camera to timer mode, set it on the table, then leaned forward with her lips in a kissy pout and her hands cupping her large boobs.  The flash flared, and without hesitation Niemira uploaded the new video to the Candy Girls app.
“GOOD GIRL”, said the voice, and Niemira moaned.  Then, “Watch the Candy Girls video, then enter your reward code.  75% chance of success, 25% chance of forfeit.”
The video was just static again.  She watched, and listened, and felt her mind go blank as she strained to understand the message she was receiving.  She had the distinct sensation that there were words in the static…
Then the video ended, and she knew the reward code immediately and instinctively.  “Cocktease,” she typed into the text box.
“Congratulations!” said the game.  “You have won $25, credited to your app store account!”
She smiled.  It wasn’t much, but it was free money.  She felt good.  The game returned – and she noticed that Sherbet Giggles would now occasionally lean over, cup her tits, and make kissing faces.
At that moment, she heard a car in the driveway.  Her face went red.  What was she doing here, naked in the kitchen, playing a stupid mobile game?  “Slut”, she thought to herself.  “I’m a dumb cunt.”  She jumped to her feet – and saw, to her dismay, that her wet cunt had left a smear of pussy juices on the chair she’d been sitting on.
The car doors slammed as her family got out.  Dithering with distress, Niemira couldn’t decide whether to run or clean the seat.
Finally, she fell to her knees, and desperately began licking her pussy juices off the chair.  She didn’t know why she was doing it, but she couldn’t help herself.
Outside, the footsteps of her family came closer.  She heard the key in the front door.
When the last of her cunt slime had been licked up, Niemira jumped up, grabbed her clothes, and ran naked to her bedroom, closing the door behind her at the last possible second before her returning family would have seen her naked ass.
Alone, in her room, with the door shut, she whispered, “I’m a dumb cunt.”  Her hand strayed to her pussy, and she began to masturbate furiously and desperately.  As she felt her orgasm approaching, she knew only one thing – she had to play more Candy Girls… a *lot* more…

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