Calling Her "Girl"

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #hypno #infantilisation #sub:female #cum_play

She objected to her psychiatrist calling her “girl” – so her psychiatrist decided to fix her.

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She shouldn’t have been a bitch to her psychiatrist in her first session. He only asked, “So, what help does a pretty girl like you need?”, and she tore his face off. “Girl”, she said, was infantilising. She wasn’t a girl, she was a woman. 
And so he decided she’d forfeited her right to an ethical treatment. He told her that clearly she didn’t want to see him more often than she needed, so he proposed a shortcut to years of long sessions – hypnotherapy. He would put her into a trance, and fix all her problems. Fuming, she agreed.
She was no longer fuming at the end of her first session. In fact, she agreed she would need to come back for more sessions and more hypnotherapy. In particular, she had just noticed that her oral fixation had returned – something she thought she’d overcome years ago. She had the vexing urge to put her fingers in her mouth and suck on them.
At their second session, he explored her childhood. She agreed, under trance, that she had been happier when she was younger, and he encouraged her to dress as she had when she was a girl – shorter skirts, hair in pigtails. He had placed a bowl of lollipops on his table, and he watched in satisfaction as she took one unbidden and sucked on it throughout the session.
When she turned up to her third session, she certainly looked more like a girl than a woman. Her professional dress was gone, replaced by a short-skirt and tube-top ensemble, with pigtails on top. When he entered his waiting room to call her into the session, he was pleased to find her kneeling by the short children’s table, enthusiastically applying crayon to a colouring book.
He led her into his office. By the bowl of lollipops today, there was a baby’s bottle filled with white liquid. Her eyes went to it immediately. “Just letting you know,” he said, pointing to the bottle, “this was for another patient who cancelled their appointment today. They have some severe sexual problems. The bottle is filled with a mixture of human breast milk and men’s semen.” Kate wrinkled her nose, but did not look away from the bottle.
In this session they established that Kate had happy memories of running around as a child half-dressed in summer-time. He gave her permission to be naked when she wanted to be, and helped her out of her shirt and bra, baring her pretty tits. She giggled happily, a not at all womanly sound, but rather the laughter of a silly child. Her eyes were still glued to the baby bottle, so he offered it to her, and watched as she eagerly suckled on the breast-milk-and-cum mixture. She walked out of his office at the end of the session still topless, with a box more bottles of the mixture to suckle on at home.
In their final session, he gave her permission to crawl, and she did, wearing nothing but her panties. Her eyes looked everywhere for her baby bottle, but there was none to be seen. Instead he opened his pants and extracted his cock, and watched as she crawled over to him, took his penis in her mouth, and suckled happily. 
At the end, once she had swallowed his cum, he looked down at her and said, “Good girl.”
She beamed in delight, looked up at him with big eyes eager for approval, and said, “Thank you, daddy…”

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