Biting Her Finger

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #microfiction #sub:female

When Leah is hypnotised on reality TV, everyone thinks they know the humiliating result - but do they?

Biting Her Finger

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Leah was probably the world’s most famous fucktoy after signing up for the reality show “Real Life Extreme Hypno”. Her episode was called “The Making of a Slut”, and in it she confessed to the camera that she had near-constant rape fantasies but she was too scared to act on them. The program then showed her being implanted with a simple hypnotic trigger - when she was talking to a man, and liked and consented to the idea of being raped by him, she would bite her little finger without realising she was doing it. The final segment of the show depicted her having several surprising encounters of dubious consent with men and gushing about how happy they had made her.
The makers of the show, however, had decided to have a little more fun with Leah than that. The real problem she had gone to the show about was her habit of biting her little finger when she was nervous. The makers had taken her straight to hypnosis, but instead of dealing with that problem at all, they had instead implanted two other suggestions - that knowing she was about to be raped would make her pussy gushingly wet, whether she wanted it or not, and that she would be completely unable to talk about her real experience on the show, or say anything to suggest she hadn’t consented to or enjoyed any sex she had.
After it aired, everyone knew that Leah biting her finger was her signal that she wanted to be non-consensually fucked, and Leah couldn’t say a word to suggest otherwise. Those who took her up on her “invitation” found her cunt wet and willing, even if Leah herself struggled and cried, and afterwards she would smilingly thank them and say she had enjoyed it, all of which confirmed their understanding of her sexuality.
There was an upside for Leah. By the end of the first month of being repeatedly raped by friends (and family) she began to associate arousal with being nervous and with being used non-consensually, and she started to get wet long before her mouth found her little finger. More and more often she found herself orgasming from her abuse, and more and more often her thanks afterwards were genuine and heartfelt.
It was two months after her program aired that she realised she had begun biting her finger deliberately, while looking directly in men’s eyes, her pussy already wet and needy...

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