Being A Role Model For Young Women

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #humiliation #hypnosis #office #sub:female #slut_transformation

McKenzie has a reputation for being a bitch - so she’s surprised when her company nominates her to attend a two-week “leadership” course…

Being A Role Model For Young Women
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
Author's Note: As always, my kinks aren't my politics!  And you can find more hypno-erotica, plus other sexy stories, e-books and membership at my creator site,! (Click here to view.)
McKenzie was surprised that the company were prepared to send her on the leadership course - “Being A Role Model For Young Women” - as she had thought she had something of a reputation as a bitch around the office, and would not have thought the company wanted her to be a role model for anyone.
The course ran for two weeks.  The first two days, McKenzie and the other women sat in a lecture theatre staring at a screen.  When she went back to the hotel afterwards, she couldn’t remember what she had just watched.  She remembered strange flashing lights, and a hum in her ears.  She felt strange. 
On the third day the course facilitators gave each woman a vibrator, and without even thinking about it, they all slipped the devices into their already-wet pussies, and let it buzz inside them as they again watched the bright, flashing screen.
That night, McKenzie looked at the notes she had taken during the day.  She had no memory of writing them.  They read, “Dumb slut.  Good slut.  McKenzie good slut.  Stupid bitch slut.”  She had drawn pictures of herself next to them, pictures where her tits were cartoonishly large, and what appeared to be semen was dripping from her face and udders.  She was unaware that she was idly still working the vibrator in and out of her twat as she looked at these notes.
On the fourth day, it didn’t seem strange to McKenzie that she greeted the other women on the course by tongue-kissing them and squeezing their tits through their tops.  That was just how women should greet each other, she thought.  Nor did it bother her that the morning activity required each girl to expose their cunt (dripping wet, of course) to a photographer for him to take photos of.
In the afternoon, the girls were delighted to receive their complimentary shirts from the course.  Each shirt was white, tight enough to strain against their tits, short enough to expose their midriff, and printed on the front was an enlarged photograph of that girl’s wet pussy.  The girls got new ID badges to go with it, that again showed their spread fuckhole instead of their face, and a slightly edited version of their name.  McKenzie’s said “Bitchslut McKenzie.”  They all watched the flashing screen again, and by the end of the day it didn’t even feel strange to McKenzie that people were calling her “Bitchslut” as if it were her name.
On the fifth day, none of the girls were wearing any clothes other than their cunt-photo T-shirts.  At lunch, instead of food, they were each given a small bowl of white fluid.  McKenzie instinctively knew it was sperm, and, hesitantly, seeing the other girls doing the same, she placed it on the floor, got down on all fours, and licked it up from the bowl like a cat.  Moments later, she froze, as she felt a tongue licking her pussy from behind.  A girl had come up behind her, also on all fours, and begun to tongue her twat.  McKenzie let it happen, and soon felt herself orgasming in public from her first lesbian experience.
Over the weekend, the girls all got their boob jobs.  McKenzie’s tits were upsized into slutty fake udders, which delighted her.  She signed all the paperwork as “Bitchslut”.  She thanked the doctor by sucking his cock - twice.  The second time he came on her face, and she giggled with delight at how *right* it felt to have cum drying on her cheeks.
In the second week of the course, none of the girls walked anymore, instead crawling around like good girls with their heavy new udders hanging beneath them.  The beds in their hotel rooms had been replaced with dog cages, that they happily slept in, and all their meals now had cum mixed with them, and they ate them from dog bowls on all fours.  Between sessions of the flashing screen, the course facilitators would fuck the girls, or the girls would lick each other’s pussies.  Bitchslut found herself thinking of the other girls in terms of the unique look and taste of their cunts, instead of their faces or names.  She hoped they thought of her the same way too.
On the last day, the facilitators walked the girls through the formal paperwork to legally change their names to their new preferred identities, and McKenzie legally became Bitchslut.  She chose “Rapecow” as her new surname, because she thought it suited her and she liked how “Bitchslut Rapecow” sounded.  They all changed their social media profile pictures to images of their cunts, and took time to send videos of their recent sexual behaviour to their families and friends along with personalised invitations to fuck them with or without their consent. 
Lastly, they went through the paperwork that would, as far as legally possible, make them the property of the companies that had sent them on the course.  Bitchslut thrilled at the thought of her manager being in charge of her finances and wardrobe and having the power to make all her legal decisions for her.  She hoped he sold her house and clothes and made her sleep naked in a cage in the men’s toilets at work.  After all - it was important to be a good role model for young women...

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