Back To School

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #clothing #humiliation #milf #schoolgirl #sub:female #uniform

Amanda accepts hypnosis to gain the confidence to go back and complete high school as a mature-aged student - but it turns out that wasn’t exactly the experience she wanted.

Back to School
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
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Amanda had some regrets about how her life had turned out.  She’d never completed school, instead dropping out to work in her father’s restaurant, eventually marrying a nice but boring man and having two children.
Feeling depressed on her 30th birthday, she went to see a psychologist.
“You know, you could re-enrol in school as a mature student,” the psychologist told her.  “You could get your graduation certificate…”
Amanda blushed.  “I’d be too embarrassed…” she demurred.
“Well,” the psychologist said, “I could give you some hypnotic encouragement to get over that embarrassment…”
Amanda let herself be convinced, and allowed the psychologist to lead her into a hypnotic trance.
“When you wake up,” the psychologist told her, “you will want to re-enrol in school, and do all the things in school that you wish you had done the first time…”
When Amanda woke up, she thanked him, full of enthusiasm, and went off immediately to enrol as a mature student.
Only, as it turned out, deep down it wasn’t her *failure to graduate* that Amanda had regretted.  Deep down, if she was really honest with herself, she regretted that she hadn’t gone to one of those schools with the slutty little uniforms for the girls, and that she hadn’t gone around fucking every boy, girl, and teacher she could see…
She had intended to enrol somewhere specifically for adults, so when she found herself enrolling at the school her own son and daughter went to, she became alarmed – but she couldn’t stop herself.  And when she bought an adult-sized uniform, even though mature students weren’t required to wear them, she got even more worried.  And when she found herself deliberately forgetting to wear a bra and panties with it, she panicked, and tried to stop herself leaving the house…
… but she couldn’t stop herself, and soon she was on the school grounds, everyone looking at her whorish outfit in disbelief, as she pressed herself up against one of her 18-year-old classmates, stroked his cock through his uniform pants, and asked him whether he might be interested in taking her out behind the gym to show her exactly how much cum he could put inside her whorish pussy…

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