Ashley's Addiction

Part 5

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #drugs #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #brat #discipline

Ashley’s Addiction, Part 5
Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Once again, the smell of cooking bacon woke Ashley, and she wandered out into the kitchen wearing the same cute white pyjamas that Eric had put her to bed in.  She wrapped her arms around him without being asked, and kissed him on the lips, pressing her delicious young tits against his chest as she did so.
When the kiss was over, she looked at him with adorable puppy-dog eyes and said, “May I please have my pill, Uncle Eric?”
“It’s not great for you to have these pills on an empty stomach, Ashley,” said Eric.  “Have your breakfast first.”
Her eyes drifted eagerly to the bacon and eggs he was frying - but then narrowed when she realised there was only enough in the pan for one person.
He shook his head, and pointed to the ground.  Her spaghetti from last night lay in the dog bowl where she had left it, cold and deeply unappealing.
“You can’t be serious,” said Ashley.  “I can’t eat that.  I’ll throw up.”
“You should have thought of that when you skipped dinner last night,” said Eric.  “I expect you to be present at meal time, and eat what you’re given.  If you want your pill, you’re going to get down on all fours and eat your dinner.”
“Fuck you,” said Ashley.  “I’ll go without.”
But there was a look of uncertainty on her face.  She hadn’t eaten dinner, and she was hungry - and more than that, she was eager for her pill.  She would be able to think of little else until she received it.
Eric shrugged, and went back to cooking his own breakfast.  When it was ready, he took it to the kitchen table and began to eat.
Ashley stared at him all the while, caught between her intended defiance, and her need for food and drugs.  
Finally, pouting, she got down on all fours in front of the dog bowl, and hesitantly took a bite.
Almost immediately she gagged, and made retching noises.
“Tasty, is it?” asked Eric, finishing off the last of his bacon and eggs.
“I *can’t*, Uncle Eric,” protested Ashley.  “I can’t!  It’s disgusting!”
“That sounds like a problem you brought on yourself,” Eric told her, picking up his dishes and taking them to the sink to wash.
Ashley tried to take another bite of the cold spaghetti, and gagged again.
“Please!” she begged.  
“It’s only going to be worse by lunchtime,” Eric told her.  “I’d eat it now, if I were you.”
Ashley stared at the dog bowl, with tears in her eyes, trying to muster up the courage to take a bite - but it was clear that the more she thought about it, the more her stomach was rebelling against the idea.
“Please, Uncle Eric,” Ashley said again.  “I know that I deserve to be punished.  You can spank me - just let me have something else.  I’m sorry, okay?  I’m sorry I wasn’t here at dinner time.  I won’t do it again.”
Eric loved that she was begging for a spanking - and he loved even more that she was acknowledging that she “deserved” punishment for disobeying his arbitrary whims.  But he had something else in mind for her.
“Fine,” he said.  “If you won’t take your breakfast from the dog bowl, you can take it from my cock.”  And he unzipped his pants, and took out his stiff, throbbing cock.
Ashley recoiled, and looked up at him in disbelief.  “Gross,” she said.  “Don’t be such a pervert.”
“I’m sorry, Ashley,” said Eric coldly.  “Who was it who pissed themselves in front of me like a baby?”
Ashley pouted, and was silent, but when it became clear Eric actually expected an answer, she said, “Me.”
“And who orgasmed like a disgusting whore from being spanked?” Eric asked.
“Me,” said Ashley in a quiet voice, almost too soft to hear.
“So the pervert is you, Ashley,” said Eric.  “Now, you can eat your dinner from the dog bowl, or you can come and suck your breakfast from my cock.  Those are your only options.  Which is it going to be?”
Ashley looked at the dog bowl, and started to lean down towards it - but she was already gagging and retching again at the thought.  She pulled away from it in defeat, taking deep breaths to steady her stomach - and then, humiliated, she crawled over to kneel at Eric’s feet.
She looked up at him with big, vulnerable eyes as if hoping he might relent, but he just looked down at her without mercy.  And he knew in that moment, from the uncertainty and fear in her eyes, that she might be a grade A teen bitch, but she had never sucked a cock before.  This would be her first time.
She touched his cock with her hand, feeling its warmth and hardness, feeling it twitch and throb at her touch.  She looked up again - and then she opened her mouth and placed her lips on the tip of his dick.
It felt amazing, and it was all he could do to avoid grabbing her hair and violently facefucking her.  But he wanted her to do this willingly, to know that she was choosing it, and choosing it because she was too weak to endure the less slutty option.  So he let her slowly slide her lips down his cock, taking more of its length into her mouth, and then begin trying to please him.
Her first instinct was to actually suck, and he laughed.  He tapped her lightly on one cheek - a kind of mock slap - and said, “I know we use words like ‘suck’ and ‘blow’,” he said, “and I guess some guys actually like that, but it’s not the normal way to give oral sex.  What you want to do is slide your lips up and down on my cock, like your face is a vagina and I’m fucking it.  And you want to be most careful with the tip - that’s the most sensitive area, so make sure I feel your lips on it from time to time, and maybe use your tongue there.”
She changed her technique to follow his instructions, and Eric felt himself lost in immediate pleasure.  Her mouth made an amazing cunt, and he wanted nothing more than to rape it until she cried.  But he held back, and let her do the work, allowing her to actively prostitute herself for his pleasure.
Soon he felt his orgasm approaching, and *now* he grabbed her hair to control her.  He didn’t want her pulling back and wasting his sperm.  He pulled her face down hard on his cock, until the tip was tickling the back of her throat and making her start to gag, and then his orgasm hit, and he began to pump sperm down her throat.
“Swallow,” he told her sternly.  “Swallow, or you’ll regret it, you little slut.”
With no escape from his cock, she had few options, and he felt her start to swallow his sperm.
“Good girl,” he sighed, as he felt his sperm continue to spurt into her mouth.
When the orgasm was done, and his cock was drained, Ashley tried to pull back - but he kept his grip on her hair, holding her in place against his groin.  He wasn’t done yet. He wanted her to be completely humiliated by this experience.
His cock slowly softened in his niece’s mouth. She was looking up at him with questioning eyes, wondering what was happening, but unable to speak with a mouthful of cock.
And then, when his cock had softened enough, he began to piss.
She immediately began to struggle like a wildcat, pulling away violently, scratching at his hands and kicking her legs.  He was worried she might bite down on his cock - but even in her panic, it seemed she had survival instincts, and knew better than to do something so vicious.
“Swallow,” he said again, and he held her hair as he pissed, waiting, until he felt the movement of her mouth to tell him that she had swallowed her first mouthful of his urine.
Then he let go of her, and she fell away from him, gagging and spitting.
He was still pissing.  He directed his stream at her face, her hair, her chest, and then moved down her body to soak her groin, before finally his bladder was empty and he was done.
“What the fuck?” screeched Ashley.  “What the FUCK?”
He took out his phone and photographed her.
“Say thank you,” said Eric.  “Say thank you for the cum and piss, or I’ll make you eat the spaghetti too, and you won’t get your pill.”
She looked at him in horror, drenched in his piss and lying in a puddle of it.  Then she looked at the dog bowl.
“Thank you,” she said finally.  “Thank you for feeding me your cum and piss, and for pissing on me.  I’m sorry I was too much of a dumb slut to eat my dinner.”
“Go put your wet pyjamas in the laundry,” he told her.  “Then come back to me and get your pill.”
She scampered away, and came back nude.  Her hair was still wet, and he would have preferred to have her shower, but he needed to do this now.  He beckoned her over to him, and she stepped up to him uncertainly.  He took her hand and put it on his cock - now semi-erect again from the enjoyable act of humiliating her.  And he waited.
Unbidden, she began to slowly pump his cock, and then she leaned in and kissed him on the lips.  He kissed her back, and his own hand went between her legs, parting her newly-waxed pussy lips, and finding exactly what he wanted - wetness.  Despite being forced to suck his cock, and despite being pissed on, she was aroused.
“Slut,” he whispered, and she blushed a deep red.  He pushed her away, and down.  She fell to her knees, and he took her pill, and balanced it on the tip of his cock.
Eagerly, without thinking, she leaned forward and licked the pill off his penis.  “Thank you for the pill, Uncle Eric,” she said once she had swallowed it.
“Good girl,” he told her.  Then he held up a card for her, and pointed his phone at her naked body.  “Read the words.”
Ashley scrunched up her face in distaste and humiliation.  But she knew that disobedience would only get her an even worse punishment.
“My name is Ashley,” she said, “and I just asked my uncle to let me eat his cum and drink his piss, because I’m a disgusting cocksucking piss-drinking slut.  Then I asked him to piss on me, and it made my pussy wet.”
“Good girl,” said Eric again.  Then he pointed to the puddle of piss.  “Now, clean up your mess, and then go have a shower.  You’ll find your clothes for the day waiting on your bed when you’re done.”

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