by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #f/m #hypnosis #office #sub:female

Dorothy is a great employee - but difficult to work with. But a course of hypnotic intervention soon makes her more “agreeable”…

Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Dorothy was an asset to the company, but she had problems with insubordination - always difficult and stubborn whenever she was told to follow someone else’s idea rather than her own. After a contentious disciplinary meeting, she agreed to a course of therapy with the company hypnotherapist.
The hypnotherapist’s brief was only to make her more agreeable, but he noted that all her superiors were men anyway, many of them his close friends, and so he opted for a simpler set of suggestions to implant in her head: “Men are always right. If you think about disagreeing with a man, you will feel like a stupid giggling brainless bimbo. Agreeing with men makes you happy.”
Her session was on a Friday afternoon, and he tested her immediately after she came out of hypnosis. “I think that was a very good session, don’t you?” he asked. She blanked for a moment, and then nodded enthusiastically, and then her smile widened as her trigger that agreeing made her happy kicked in.
“Good girl,” he told her. “In fact, I think it would be a good idea for you to thank me by sucking my cock, don’t you agree?”
Her face twisted - she wanted to disagree - and then her trigger kicked in, and she giggled stupidly, smiled, and said, “Yes!” She crawled on hands and knees to him, extracted his cock from his pants, and began to suckle on it eagerly. He could see that behind her smile, a part of her mind was fighting her conditioning, humiliated and blushing. He liked that part. He patted her head like a pet while she sucked him to orgasm.
The next day, a Saturday, she was gardening in her front garden, trying to understand why she had sucked the therapist’s cock the other day. She felt like a slut, unable to comprehend why she had behaved so whorishly, and why doing it had made her so happy.
Her cell phone rang. It was her manager.
“What are you doing today, Dorothy?” he asked her.
“Oh, just gardening in my front garden. What’s up?”
“I think you’d look a lot prettier if you were gardening naked, so all your neighbours could see you. Don’t you agree?”
Dorothy felt herself starting to blush, trying to disagree with the ridiculous suggestion. But as she did, she felt it hard to muster those thoughts. A stupid little giggle escaped her lips, and she heard herself saying, “Yes, that’s a wonderful idea, sir!” To her horror, she found herself stripping naked, right there in her front yard where her neighbours could see, exposing her pretty little shaved cunt and her shapely tits to the world.
Her manager was still talking on the phone. She put him on speaker.
“In fact, I have some ideas for improving your work at the office, and your life generally, Dorothy. I want to see if you think they’re good ideas. First of all, I think you should probably burn any clothes you own that don’t make you look fuckable. Get rid of all lower bodywear that isn’t short skirts, and all shoes that aren’t high heels. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?”
No! No! her mind said, but instead she said, “That’s a great idea!” and shivered when the corresponding rush of happiness for agreeing with a man ran through her. She knew she would do it, too - it was, after all, a good idea that she agreed with.
“Also, I think you need to consider an underwear OR outerwear policy. No bra or panties if you’re wearing a skirt or shirt - no shirts or skirts if you’re wearing underwear.”
“I love it!” she giggled. Her elderly Croatian neighbour on one side had emerged from his house and was staring at her naked body. A teenager walking a dog had stopped to stare at her.
“Also,” her managed continued, “I think you’ll be happier if you’re horny all day. Why don’t you drive, naked, down to the local sex shop, and buy a big thick vibrator with labia clamps at its base, so you can use the clips to keep it inside you all day without wearing panties. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have that inside you and turned on all day at work?”
She wanted to cry, but disagreeing made her feel stupid and silly, so she giggled and said, “You’re so smart. I should absolutely do that.”
“Good girl,” he said. “And start each day by giving me a blowjob, yes?”
“Mmm, yes,” she purred. More people were stopping to stare at her slutty naked body. She blushed.
“Last thing,” her manager said. “We’ve had a bit of an office mistake here and accidentally changed all your identification, desk nameplate and email address to say “Fuckbunny”. It would be a hassle to change it all back. Why don’t you go buy that dildo, and once it’s inside you, head down to the government shopfront and just legally change your name to Fuckbunny? Don’t you think that would be a good way to help the company out?”
“Yes, sir,” she giggled.
When her manager had hung up, she looked at the crowd of people staring at her naked fuckmelons and sluthole, and thought about driving naked to a sex shop to buy a dildo that she would clamp painfully to her labia, and then permanently changing her name to “Fuckbunny”... it should horrify her. It did horrify her. But at the same time, a man had suggested it, so it all made her so very happy...
She became aware that her cunt was dripping wet. Without even being told to, her hand dipped to start masturbating it...

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