Actress Control Clause

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #sub:female #systemic #actress

No film studio wants to work with a difficult actress - but Keisha finds their hypnotic “actress control clauses” give them more power than she expected…

Actress Control Clause
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Control clauses in actress contracts were standard now.  No studio wanted to take a risk on a woman getting difficult halfway through a shoot, so actresses were required to take a series of hypnosis sessions during pre-production of any major film.
Of course, that didn’t necessarily stop them getting difficult.  Keisha had been cast as the lead in a new superhero movie, which was conceived as the tale of a strong, empowering woman overcoming evil and being a role model to other girls.  But as the film went on, the script underwent revisions, and the emphasis moved away from Keisha’s character to the younger male hero she was mentoring.
The trouble came when the latest revision took Keisha out of the finale entirely.  The male hero - now also her boyfriend and lover - had been rewritten as the protagonist.  In the new script, after she confronted the supervillain, he defeated her, fed her the Essence of Garthax, and then raped her while she was under the effects of the Essence to steal half of her powers.  Afterwards, her boyfriend found her nude and broken, and she begged him to fuck her, take the remainder of her power, and defeat the villain.
“I’m not shooting this!” Keisha complained loudly, and stormed off to her trailer.
The producer and director conferred, and decided regretfully to use the control option.  An actress under compulsion was never a very good actress - but then, Keisha had had only middling talent to start with.  She’d been cast for her tits and face.
The director went into Keisha’s caravan, spoke the command phrases, and shortly thereafter, Keisha emerged, blank eyed, completely nude, and absolutely obedient.  They passed her the script.
“It’s no use,” she moaned, semi-convincingly.  “I should have known a woman could never defeat Arvanthor.  We’re just not smart enough.  My cunt betrayed me the moment he told me to kneel, and I obeyed.  Deep down, I wanted to be raped, just like all women do.  I orgasmed as he took my power.  Please - I need you to fuck me and take the rest.  Those girls were right that I was the best a woman can aspire to be - but that’s not a hero, that’s a whore, and I’m a whore through and through.”
“Read it again, honey,” said the director.  “And rub your pussy while you do.  We need it to sound sluttier and more desperate.”  He motioned the male leads over for a chat - the villain and the hero. 
“We were going to simulate the sex scenes,” he told them.  “But now that we’re using the control words - do you want to just actually fuck her?  Even if we don’t use the footage, consider it a little bonus.”
“Actually,” the screenwriter added, “I’m having an idea for extra scenes.  Maybe she gets raped in an alley the first time she tries to stop a crime.  And maybe she masturbates with guilt after each time she uses her powers because she knows she doesn’t deserve them?  And at the end she’s given up crime-fighting and is working in a brothel, and she’s showing those girls who admired her how to suck a customer’s cock?  We can release an extended X-rated edition for extra money after its initial theatrical run...”
Keisha heard it all, and fumed inside, but the greater part of her mind was blank and obedient, so she just kept masturbating, because no one had given her permission to stop...

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