Abby's Identity

Part 3

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #mindfuck #sub:female #identity_break

Abby’s Identity, Part 3
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Richard Owens stopped Abby as she went to enter his woodland cabin.
“Wait, Rape-Udders,” he said.  Abby flinched.  He’s only been calling her that name less than an hour, and she already hated it.  But they’d played the game where she’d tried to reject it, and he’d made it clear that “Rape-Udders” would be allowed in the house, but anyone else - for example, any woman called “Abby” - would be left outside overnight to shiver, nude, in the cold forest air.
“Yes, sir,” said Abby, stopping.
“Kneel,” he told her.
She did.  The sticks and leaves on the ground were uncomfortable beneath her knees.
He reached out, gently gathered her hair away from her neck, and then fastened a black dog collar around her neck.  She felt a clasp snap loudly into place at the back.  The front had a heavy plastic device on it, that pressed against her throat, and the side touching her skin had what felt like two metal points on it that poked at her skin.
“What is this, sir?” she asked.
“Just a little gift, Rape-Udders,” he said.  “Okay, you can go inside now.”
Abby got to her feet - and immediately yelped, twitched, and dropped back to her knees.  The collar had given her an electric shock, through the two metal contacts on her throat!  She clawed at the collar, but couldn’t work out how to undo the clasp or get it away from her skin.
“Oh yes,” said Richard off-handedly.  “The collar will give you a shock if you raise it more than four feet and a half feet above ground level.  You can kneel, and crawl, and even sit in a chair, but you’ll find standing up or walking quite painful.”
“Get it off!” Abby wailed.  “You said you wouldn’t hurt me!”
“I haven’t hurt you, Rape-Udders,” Richard said.  “If you hadn’t tried to walk around like a human, like that bitch Abby is always doing, you wouldn’t have been hurt at all.  It’s not me who hurt you - it’s Abby, for making you think you can walk upright.  Abby is a bitch that we hate, isn’t she?”
Abby pursed her lips.  She was sick of this.  No one had said anything about shock collars.  She couldn’t work out how to get the thing off.  Was it *locked* in place? 
She tried to stand again, and squealed, and dropped back to her knees.
“If you provoke multiple zaps in a short period, each one is stronger than the one before,” said Richard calmly.  “I’d advise you to be careful so you don’t damage yourself.”
“Fuck you,” Abby spat.  “This is nonsense.  Get me out of this collar and send me home.”
“I actually can’t remove the collar,” said Richard.  “It’s on a time delay.  It’s not going to unclip for seven days, and I’m afraid I don’t have anything here that’s capable of cutting through it.  You did say you agreed to the whole month…”
Abby gave a screech of rage and pulled at the collar with all her strength.  It shocked her again.
“The application of force can set it off too,” said Richard, amused.
Abby looked up at Richard with pleading eyes.  “Please,” she said.  “This is insane.”
Richard squatted down next to her, and looked her in the eyes.  “What’s insane,” he said, “is how that bitch Abby told the world that I literally raped my porn models.  There are definitely bitches in this world who deserve raping, but my models are good girls and I don’t lay a hand on them without consent.  Don’t you hate that Abby bitch, Rape-Udders?”
She was silent.
Richard was silent.
Abby stared at him defiantly.
Richard sighed.  “Or shall I go back inside and lock the door and leave you out here naked except for that collar?”
She remained silent… until finally, in a small, broken voice, she said, “No.”
“What’s that?”
“No, sir,” she said.  “Please don’t leave me outside.”
“I think you need to apologise, Rape-Udders,” Richard said.  “And then you need to tell me how much you hate Abby for making you get shocked by this collar.  And remember, apologies should always be delivered with a wet cunt.”
Abby looked at him with pure hate - but she was trapped, and she knew it.  She lowered her hand to her pussy, and began to masturbate, trying to get back the wet cunt she’d had before he put the collar on her.  She closed her eyes, and focused on the sensations, and soon she felt her pussy start to cooperate.
Once she was nice and wet, her face flushed and her nipples hard, she opened her eyes, and looked at Richard.
“I’m sorry I’m such a stupid ungrateful bimbo cunt, sir,” she said.  “I hate Abby so much for getting me shocked.  She is such an awful man-hating hag, and I’m so sorry for what she did to you.  Please may I come inside now, sir?”
“Yes, you may, Rape-Udders,” he said.  “Come along.”
He strode off towards the cabin without looking back.
Abby thought about standing up again, but knew that it was not a battle that she could win.  Blushing, defeated, she got down on all fours, her huge fake tits hanging down beneath her, and crawled after Richard like an obedient dog.

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