Abby's Identity

Part 14

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #mindfuck #sub:female #identity_break

Abby’s Identity, Part 14
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Rape-Udders was going home.
She was confused when Richard told her this.  It was Abby who had made the deal with Richard to stay in his cabin for a month.  She wasn’t Abby - she was Rape-Udders, and the deal didn’t apply to her.
But Richard told her it was nevertheless time for her to go home.  He took the collar off her neck, and told her she was allowed to stand now.
Rape-Udders thought about standing.  She thought about bringing her head higher off the ground than a man’s waist.
The thought was awful.  It made her shake and whimper with anticipated pain.  She made a tortured, pathetic squeal, and stayed on all fours, looking at Richard with pleading eyes.
“Stand up, Rape-Udders,” said Richard, “or I’ll whip your tits with my belt.”
She tried to will herself to stand.  She got as high as kneeling, with a straight back, but when she tried to move a foot to propel her into a standing position, she was filled with such overwhelming panic that she lost her balance and toppled onto her side.
“Stand up, bitch,” said Richard again.
She couldn’t.  She just couldn’t do it.  She managed to struggle back to her knees - but made no effort to rise higher, instead cupping her fuckmelons with her hands and offering them up to Richard so he could whip them.
He did - harder and longer than he had ever done before.  Every ten strokes he stopped to remind her that she could end this by simply standing on her own two feet.
She made no effort to do so.  She took a full hundred lashes to her tits.  By the end they were bruised purple and red all over, and Rape-Udders was sobbing with pain, but she had also managed to orgasm twice from the pain alone, so when it was done she babbled her thanks to Richard for his discipline, and kissed pathetically at the front of his pants until he opened his fly and took out his cock for her to suck on. He stroked her hair and called her a “good bitch” as he fucked her face, and Rape-Udders was filled with overwhelming love for this man who had shown her her true place in the world.
After he had cum in her mouth, he helped her pack her cunt full of lunch - a can of dog food - and then fitted her into the chastity belt.  He led her out to his car - nude, but for the belt - opened the boot, and encouraged her to climb in, before closing the boot and locking her inside.  It was dark and hot in the car boot, but it felt right to Rape-Udders.  Of course a slut like her didn’t deserve to ride in the passenger seats.  She stroked her bruised tits as they travelled, and concentrated on the slimy, overstuffed feeling of the dog food in her pussy, and tried to bring herself to another orgasm despite being prevented by the belt from touching her cunt.  She wasn’t quite successful, but she still had a pleasant time.
When the car eventually stopped, and Richard let her out, Rape-Udders was confused.  She had thought they were going “home” - and she wasn’t sure where that was, but it wasn’t here.  This house belonged to the bitch Abby.  Why had Richard brought her here?
She soon discovered.  “Surprise, Rape-Udders!” he told her.  “We’re going to play a trick on Abby!  We’re going to humiliate her and ruin her house!”
Rape-Udders was delighted.  There was nothing she liked better than hurting that bitch Abby.
The first thing Richard did was remove Rape-Udder’s chastity belt, and have her eat her lunch on the front lawn.  Curious neighbours came out to see what was happening as Rape-Udders began to do this - after all, Abby’s house had been vacant for a whole month.  There were exclamations of shock as they saw the nude, big-titted Rape-Udders beginning to extract chunks of jellied dog food from her pussy and stuff them into her mouth, while masturbating wantonly.
Rape-Udders giggled as she masturbated.  These people were so silly.  They clearly all thought she was Abby.  They would think it was Abby who was an enormous disgusting slut.  Abby deserved to have people think of her that way.  She looked up into the eyes of Mr Milnorth, Abby’s nextdoor neighbour, who Abby had been friends with, and blew him a kiss.  She noted the bulge at the crotch of his pants with delight.  She saw the young men from the sharehouse down the street, and spread her legs a little wider to give them a better view.
Some people took photos.  Some people swore at her and called her a whore, and told her to go inside and put clothes on.  She ignored them, and kept eating and masturbating until her pussy was empty, her belly was full, and she had orgasmed twice.
Then Richard unlocked the door of Abby’s house, and Rape-Udders crawled inside.
The inside of Abby’s house looked strangely familiar to Rape-Udders, as if she had been here before.  It gave her an unpleasant feeling, and a wave of dizziness came over her.  She moaned, and Richard had to come over to her, and stroke her hair, and eventually take out his cock so she could suckle on it until she felt well enough to continue.
Then, together, they went to work.
Rape-Udders couldn’t reach much in the house, so Richard went through and found all of the mementos and objects most important to Abby so that Rape-Udders could break them and throw them in the bin.  
He pulled down Abby’s framed diplomas and degrees, ripping out the paper and giving it to Rape-Udders to masturbate with.  Rape-Udders gleefully stuffed the papers up her pussy and brought herself to orgasm with them, before ripping them up and flushing them down Abby’s toilet.
After a while, several men turned up - a work crew of renovators.  Richard directed them to their tasks, and they went to work.  They installed dog doors in every door in the house, large enough for Rape-Udders to crawl through - except for the toilet and the bathroom.  For these, they instead moved the doorknobs to a higher position - still easy for most people to access, but too high for Rape-Udders to reach without raising her head higher than a man’s waist.
They removed the locks on the front and back doors entirely - there was now no way to secure the house or prevent access by unwanted visitors.  They removed curtains from all the windows, giving clear vision into most areas of the house from the street outside.  And they put a sign on the front door that read, “Dear Visitors - you have permission to rape me.  Abby Fields.”
Meanwhile, Richard gave Rape-Udders a pair of scissors, and turned her loose in Abby’s wardrobe, where Rape-Udders began gleefully cutting every piece of clothing Abby owned into unusable shreds.  For his own part, Richard went around the house hanging new pictures - ones that showed a naked, degraded Rape-Udders in larger-than-life detail.  Some were from the porn shoot that Abby had done with Richard.  Others were from Rape-Udder’s experience in the cabin.  In every room there was evidence of Rape-Udders being a sub-human sextoy.
When Rape-Udders needed to relieve herself, Richard assembled a giant pile of books on Abby’s front lawn.  There were copies of Abby’s own writing, as well as the collection of feminist literature she had assembled over the years.  Rape-Udders crawled atop the pile - in front of much of the same crowd who had watched her that morning - and pissed all over it, before eventually dumping the ruined books in the garbage bin.
By this point, Rape-Udders had orgasmed several times that day already, but looking at Abby’s house, and thinking how degrading it would be for Abby to live in it, was driving her wild with lust.  Her pussy was sopping wet.  She wondered briefly if she was deliberately getting horny to stop her from thinking about something unpleasant, but the thought popped like a bubble the second she stopped to think about it.  Instead, she asked Richard if he could fuck her.
“That would be selfish, Rape-Udders,” he told her.  “Look at all these people you’ve been teasing all day - Abby’s neighbours.  Don’t you think one of them would like to fuck you instead?  Except they have to be willing to actually *rape* you, starting by slapping you across the face, because you go strange when men fuck you, don’t you?”
She did.  She knew what Richard meant.  When a cock entered her pussy, she (remembered she was Abby and started to struggle) went a little wild.  A man would need to really force her to enjoy her.
So she crawled around in front of the assembled crowd.  “Does someone want to rape me?” she begged.  “It’s okay.  I consent.  I’ll struggle when you use me, but I like it, really.  Please rape me.  I need to be raped.”
Some people wrinkled their noses, and retreated to their homes, disgusted by her behaviour.  Others were intrigued, but nervous.  Finally, Mr Minorth, Abby’s next-door neighbour, grunted, and said, “All right, let’s do this.”
She led him inside the house, to Abby’s bed, and told him to slap her across the face.
He did - hard - and then picked her up, and threw her bodily on the bed.  Rape-Udders started to squeal with delight at this much-deserved rough treatment, and spread her legs eagerly - but then, as he took out his cock, and pushed it into her sopping wet pussy, the locks came off the box where she kept Abby’s personality, and she remembered.
She went wild.  She started to scream.
“Slap her and see if she shuts up,” recommended Richard, “and if she doesn’t then stuff this in her mouth.” He threw Abby’s neighbour a sanitary pad from Abby’s bathroom.
Mr Minorth slapped Abby twice, and on the second slap she stopped screaming, and began to weep instead.  He fucked her harder, using her tits as handholds.
“Does she really consent to this?” Minorth asked dubiously as he fucked her.
“She said she does, didn’t she?” asked Richard.  “She’ll thank you when it’s over.  You’ll see.  And there’s no locks on the doors here anymore.  Once she moves back here, you can do this to her whenever you like.”
Minorth slapped Abby again, for fun.  “This cunt always was a bitch to me whenever she saw me.  I like whatever you’ve done with her.”
Richard smiled.  “It’s an improvement, isn’t it?”
Abby moaned with horror, remembering everything she had done that day - everything she had done to her house, to her possessions, to her degrees, to her reputations.  She had done it all herself.  She had willingly been Rape-Udders, ruining her own life, for fun.
She hated herself.  She hated Rape-Udders.  She hated how her cunt was so wet - how aroused Rape-Udders had made her, so that this rapist could enjoy her.  She wished she could hurt Rape-Udders as badly as her alter-ego had hurt her.
And then she felt Mr Minorth orgasming, ejaculating into her pussy, and just like that, Abby was orgasming too, bucking and spasming against her rapist’s cock.  
And as soon as she did, the cage doors slammed shut, and Abby was back in her box.  Rape-Udders was once more in control.
“Thank you, sir,” said Rape-Udders eagerly, kissing Mr Minorth on the lips and wriggling against him seductively.
“See?” said Richard.  “I told you.”
Minorth slapped Rape-Udders twice more, just because he could, and then pulled out of her, and put his cock back in his pants.
“I’ll be seeing you around, bitch,” he told her, and left the house.
Rape-Udders could hardly wait.
“All right, slut,” said Richard.  “You’ve been a good girl, but now it’s time to get you dressed up for your book launch.”
“Book launch?” asked Rape-Udders, confused.
“Oh, didn’t I tell you?” he asked.  “I’ve got you an interview tonight on an internationally-viewed webstream.  It has over 10 million viewers.  You’re going to pretend to be Abby Fields, and launch your new book, ‘I Am A Slut’.  And once it’s over, the whole world is going to know what a disgusting whore Abby Fields really is.”
Rape-Udders’ eyes went wide, and she smiled brightly.  It was amazing news.  It was everything she had ever wanted for that bitch Abby.  Humiliated in front of the entire world.  Her career ruined.  Her reputation ruined.  A joke and a sex toy in the eyes of everyone, everywhere, forever.
Her pussy was wet, and Richard was pleased with her.  Everything was perfect in the world.
So why did her smile feel so forced, and why did she feel like crying?  Why did she feel dizzy, and sick, and afraid?
She opened her mouth to ask Richard why she felt like this - but then Richard took out his cock, and stuffed it into her mouth, and all her difficult thoughts went away.
“Good bitch,” said Richard, and stroked her hair.

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