A Pleasing Wife

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #bride #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #hatefuck

Before the hypnosis, Lisa hated the man her parents had arranged for her to marry. After the hypnosis, she still hates him - but at least now she’s “a pleasing wife”.

A Pleasing Wife
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Arranged marriages were so much more civilised in the current age.  Before, if you were marrying into a powerful business empire as Scott was, to consolidate an important merger, the daughter of your business partner might object to being forced to marry a stranger, or be cold and distant towards him after the marriage.
But all it took was a little hypnosis session for Lisa, arranged by her father.  Now, a little process in the back of her mind constantly looked for clues as to what Scott wanted in a woman, and subtly changed her behaviour to accommodate them, all without her realising she was acting differently or out of the ordinary.
She still hated him on first sight, and never stopped hating him or the fact of their impending marriage.  That was okay.  It amused Scott.  Her hatred made it all the more entertaining when she started wearing his favourite shade of lipstick, started wearing her hair down instead of in the severe bun she had previously favoured, started dressing in crop tops and short denim skirts even around the office.
She let all her anger out on the morning of their wedding.  She stormed into the lounge room in a fury.  She was wearing only a denim skirt with no panties, because Scott liked seeing her bare tits, but she acted like she was in battle armour.  Her face was flushed and her nipples erect because she had been edging for much of the morning, as she did most days since Scott had started dropping hints that he liked his women wet and ready to go at short notice.  He liked walking in on her during these masturbation sessions - she always looked so confused, as part of her mind registered what she was doing but another part refused to let her know she was doing anything unusual.  She would often mewl and moan, and half-cover her pussy without actually taking her fingers out of it, and try and tell him how much she disliked him even as she kept masturbating to thoughts of him fucking her.
This morning, she angrily knelt in front of him where he was sitting - because he liked women on their knees - and began to loudly tell him how much she hated him.  He listened for a bit, then unzipped his fly, took out his cock, grabbed her hair, and guided her mouth down onto his cock.  She protested for a bit, and then started sucking, like she knew he liked.  He enjoyed her mouth, and then pulled out to cum all over her face.
She started to raise her hands to wipe it away, but he said, “I think if I was marrying a stupid slut, I’d really enjoy it if she turned up to her wedding with dried cum on her face.  But if I was marrying a woman who deserved to be treated well, I’d like her to be clean and pretty.”  He watched her, watched the conditioning try to decide which category she fell into.  He lifted one of her tits and wiped his cock clean on it while he waited. 
Eventually she lowered her arms.  Deep down, she knew what she was, and she knew that she would please her husband by letting everyone at the wedding see it too...

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