A+ Cam Girl

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #humiliation #hypno #microfiction #sub:female

Susie accidentally takes a hypnotic “cam girl training course”, resulting in a slutty transformation.

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Susie wasn’t very bright, and when she decided to get into the world of digital content creation she didn’t understand that a “cam girl training course” wasn’t the same thing as a “web cam training course”.  She only saw that the online training app promised to make her an A+ cam girl in under five hours.
The course itself was confusing.  She had been expecting lectures and how-to videos but it was just a series of flashing lights and subliminal sounds.  It made her feel strange, like she wasn’t thinking straight.
Afterwards, she found herself eagerly configuring her webcam to point at her bed, and stripping off her clothes.  A part of her mind rebelled - “Why are you doing this?” - but she felt powerless to listen to it.  She set up a channel, and watched with mixed parts delight and horror as it confirmed it was now broadcasting her nude body to the internet.  She watched the first viewers turn up, and at the knowledge that strangers were starting at her tits, she felt her cheeks blush and her pussy wetten.
“Why can’t I stop this?” she thought to herself, but she knew that she needed to be a good cam girl, and so she began to play with her fuckmelons, stroking and caressing them in the hopes of making strangers aroused.  A hand dipped to her cunt and began to spread it to give her audience a better look.
She knew inside she was going to do this every day now - every morning and night, show off her slutty whore’s body to the world, fingerfuck her pussy for their pleasure.  And just as the knowledge of that was settling in, she moaned in horror, because her hands, entirely of their own accord, were beginning to post links to her nude webcam onto her social media accounts, and email personalised invitations to view her to her boss, to her friends, to her brother and her father...

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