The Adventures of Alexia

Alexia & the Djinn: A Tale From the Queendom

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #D/s #dom:male #f/m #fantasy #sub:female #Genie #magic #sex #transformation

So this is a story from my time as a Slut in the service of a Queen. It is more of what happened when I was not being used or playing with others in this online place. I was allowed to express my magic in simple terms. I would get bored just cleaning and stuff. So I began seeing magical creatures that others could not. They would help me. That lead to the bar. Everybody imagined a large mirror as part of the area. This is about just what and who was in that bar. (Yadda Yadda all people in the story are over 18, in the case of the Djinn it is centuries old.)

Tap Tap.

My fingers gently poke the reader’s head. “Yes you. Don’t look so shocked. I mean you have some kind of imagination or you would not be reading these stories. So a sexy red haired cutie like me in a Throne Room should not shock you that much.” I giggle and move around the gorgeous room filled with seats, couches, regal looking chairs, and all coming to a focus on the Throne.  A thing of beauty and power. I watch as your eyes follow me drinking the Throne Room in. The magic of the place having your mind fill in some of the fixtures and objects around the room.

Some things that are clear fixtures stand out more than others. Four floor vibes on glossy black saddles are around the Queen’s Throne. The other is the Bar. It is a mixture of classic styles and future looking framework. The marble top looks like a mix of granite and obsidian.  A large mirror dominates the back, framed in gold with various runes carved in that frame.  The entire room is a place that looks inviting.

“OK Sweetie,” snaps fingers to get your eyes on me. “Now you are looking at the Throne Room of the Queendom of Dee. It is a place where all are welcomed. People chat, relax, and if lucky, play out fantasies in both public and private.” I see the wheels turning in your mind.  “I was a resident of the Queendom and did serve Queen Dee, mind, body, and heart. I once performed as many women did. I have brought you back in time to share a story of my time as a Trainee.”  Releases my magic from the palm of my hand blowing softly. “Just relax and enjoy this story.”


I happily enter the Throne Room of my Queen listening to my Black Heels click clack on the floor. I pause at a mirror looking at my image. I straighten my ponytail making sure it is tight with no stray hairs. The red hair falls back just to the nape of my slender neck. My hands caress my naked flesh as I revel in the attire of my station as a Trainee of the Queendom. Naked save for the polished Black Heels.  Satisfied I turn and walk to the bar taking a clean rag and wiping it down. I hum a bit as I work, straightening the bottles of alcohol I know nothing about. Soon I feel a presence behind me massaging my ass and back.

“Hello oh great Djinn. I came at this early hour hoping I would see you.” I giggle and wiggle my bum back into his hand.

“I am so glad my dear. You are one of the very few to see me. You have also been very sweet and a sexy treat to watch as you grow into your unleashed slut nature.” He takes me in his strong arms as I lean my head back savoring his touch.

“The rest of the Queendom think I am crazy, I think. They do not know you are here. When I address you they give me funny looks.”

A deep low baritone laugh rocks the room as he shakes me in his embrace. “It serves my nature to be a hidden voyeur of the Queendom. Besides, I am bound to this bar.”

“Tell again the story of your binding Master Genie. Please.”

He turns me to face him knowing I am attracted to him. I let my eyes roam over his Nubian body admiring his dark skin. The tattoos adorning his chest and arms softly glowing a powerful bluish white. My hand feels the runes embedded in his manacles. Looking down I see through the gauze-like fabric of his pants a growing bulge. I sigh as I relax, laying my head on his chest.

“Come my dear.” He takes my hand and we seem to phase through the mirror. I look back and see the Throne Room. Before me though is an apartment space that looks modern, yet has couches and places worthy of a sultan’s harem.  He guides me to his main couch or bed, it confuses my mind seeing it accommodate his wishes. “Easy my girl. The transition to my home is jarring for most, but your innate magic should handle it and help you adjust.” I nod.

He lays me back against soft cushions and then positions his body alongside mine. Stroking my hair and letting his hand gently caress down my naked flesh. The touch sends shivers along my spine and tingles in my pussy.

“Ah my sweet Alexia. Not all are as caring and good as Queen Dee. I have had some truly good Masters and Mistresses over the eons and those with evil holding their hearts.  The last was the worst. A mortal of ambition for power. He used me to give him the means to slaughter others, knowing a Djinn cannot kill another by a wish.  When he had believed he controlled enough to do without my magic, he became paranoid that another might steal me away.”

I lazily reach into his pants and begin slowly stroking his giant cock. Paying attention to his story with love and sadness. He softly pets me and then kisses me to where all thought escapes me until his mouth pulls back.

“This evil man had my Lamp first beaten until it was flat. Then using gold and mystical gems he had wished for, he melted and mixed until all those became liquid metal. He then placed the liquid into a container that was never to be opened. I was trapped in a vortex of color and magic. A limbo from which I thought there would be no end. Suddenly I awoke. My living space held me and I saw a window from which I spied one of the most beautiful mortals I had ever beheld.”

I giggle. “That was my Queen wasn’t it?” He smiles, “Yes little one it was your Queen Dee.”

I snuggle up close as he continues.  “I watched as she began forming her Queendom. I was intrigued by the way she gathered the lost and the seeking to her Throne.  Visitors came and went, but some, Oh some women were truly special. I watched as she took the derogatory word Slut and reshaped it into what my kind has known forever. That Sluts are a special kind of woman that can give pleasure in such great amounts.  They have healed souls and eased troubled mortal minds. Some Djinn have even taken Sluts as wives, breeding a set of magical beings that aid the universes and beyond.”

“But you knew that my dear. I have told you this story many times. I am bound to this Bar, but I am happy as I have silently used my magic to help the wishes of mortals and others that enter this Queendom come true.” He pulls my body close. “I love that your ability to see magic allows you to polish the metal inlay of the bar and mirror frame. I feel your love pour into me.”

“Is that why you help me when I have no idea about cocktails and things?”

“That is one reason, but I have always seen something special in your nature. Watching over the years I know that you can be a great slut for the Queen.” He  kisses me again making my skin tingle and burn where his fingers touch my body. As well as a future yet to be.” My eyes blaze orange as I struggle to hold my magic in. Sensing my conflict of mind he pauses. “Tell me why you will not reveal your full self to me. 

I look into his eyes seeing their blue glow as he is letting his magical nature be free of restraint. “I told my Queen Dee that I would use my magic sparingly when she gave me the honor of becoming a Trainee. I don’t want to break that promise.”

“Queen Dee has also told you to follow your heart and seek happiness. I wish to have you as you are when your magic is free and allowed to breathe.” He strokes my waist sending orange flames mingling with the blue flames of his hand.

“Oh my, Oh great Djinn!” I feel my arousal grow and grow. I make a decision hoping I have it right when listening to my Queen’s advice. “OHHHHHhhhhhhhh” My wards fall and I flare bright like a small sun, my body entwined with energy. Our magic swirling together as I feel his tongue enter my slit. I release a moan that echoes through his quarters.

My legs spread wide as I feel us float above the couch. His tongue is like nothing I have ever experienced. In a flash he is above me kissing me with hot passion. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him tight. My nipples push against his chest vibrating with the power of my magic.

“Oh My Fucking Genie!”

“I am Slut.” He enters my treasure and my walls surge with energy as his massive cock stretches my hole. He begins making love to me as we twirl in the air. Kisses and thrust become my focus as I enjoy the feeling of being filled. He moves his dick deep inside me with each thrust. I writhe under the pain and pleasure of his giant rod stretching and pushing deep inside. 

We remain coiled together for how long I don’t know. Time became irrelevant as I succumb to his use of my body. Soon though after edging countless times I hear a whisper, “CUM” he gasped in my ear. My body tenses and shakes as I feel magic and cum leave my body. Coating his cock that is still deep inside me. “ahhhhHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm” I scream.

I feel his hand cradle my head as suddenly I am filled with a heat that pulses inside my depths. I know it is the Djinn releasing his seed in me. Joy washes over me as I feel his magic radiate from my flower out along my body. I shake and begin to relax as he gently places my body on the couch. I look at him as our magic subsides and smile.

“Thank you oh great Djinn”

He leans down and whispers into my ear. My eyes go wide. He has told me his name, his real name. That is the most trusting and intimate of things a Djinn can share. “I promise to never speak it.” I say.

“You may speak it if you ever need me. I am allowed to go to one who knows my true name. I have given you my most precious possession, my Sweet Alexia.” He kisses me passionately. I suddenly find myself standing at the bar, making a few visitors jump.

“Sorry. May I get you anything?” After serving some coffee I then walk over to my Queen and kneel. My legs spread, my tits are pushed forward as my head is held high. I clasp my hands behind my back holding the wrist. “Greetings Queen Dee. How may your slut in training serve you this evening?”


“You Whooo?” Waves at you. “Oh no my apologies, finish up.” I grin as I watch the reader slowly finish their “reading” and wait patiently. “Oh good. All done I see. Well I hope you liked that story. If you have read this it means my Queen has allowed it to be so. I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you could visit the Queendom of Dee anytime. Alas, that is a story for another day.”

I wink and disappear.


So dear reader, this was a bit of fantasy mixed with truth. I did for a time serve as a Slut in a place that was kind of a chat room. I was one of many women that would service people there. Sometimes we would do shows and stuff. It was all in writing. I have been a Text Whore for a long time. Wow, if I could have gotten paid for the things I have done. Anyway, online there is freedom to be a being of Magic. This is one of the ways my mind was free to be who I wish I truly could be.

I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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