Rebounding Curse

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #fantasy #gender #magic #mind_alteration #transformation #urban_fantasy #mental_transformation #nonconsensual_gender_change #Witch

What happens if you trick a witch into changing your gender? Well Ella might just find out.

This is a very short story that popped into my head one day. My own desire to change into my true gender sparked this what if tale. I hope you enjoy. My other stuff is longer. This one was just a short wish of mine.

CHA-CHING! The bell over the door to the bookstore rang out and Ella skipped happily to the front. When she got there she froze as recognition hit her as to who just entered the store.  “Uh…..hi” Ella squeaked.  “Hi indeed.” A dark looking woman of incredible beauty stood glowering at Ella.  “You can address me as Mistress Celeste you little hussy.”  Celeste advanced on Ella with supernatural speed and soon had the poor girl cornered against the counter.  A snap of her fingers locked the bookstore’s doors and closed the blinds.  Anyone passing would see a closed and empty store.

“Oh Ella, you were a smart man once.  Tricking me.  You knew five years ago that I was a witch didn’t you?  You sought me out because you knew I turned men into girls.  Oh yes you were so smart.  I guess my temper got me here.  I should have really changed you into something more horrendous than the cute pink hair pixie you are now.  I just made you slightly slutty and horny.  Tell the truth to me, when you spilled that coffee on me did you want this all along?”

“Yes Mistress Celeste.”  Elle twisted her foot and looked shyly at the gorgeous black haired woman before her.  “I saw you one night as I was walking by the Grand Hotel.  You turned a group of businessmen that drunkenly insulted you into cheap hookers.  I followed you and soon was finding out everything I could about you.  I realized as I watched you change men that it was always on a scale of the insult you encountered.”  Ella took a deep breath and looked at Celeste.  “I have always wanted to be a female.  It was something that seemed out of reach financially and realistically.  I gambled that a small offense might result in a happy ending.” Ella smiled shyly hoping she would just be sweet and maybe nothing bad would happen.

Celeste became enraged.  Her face reddened as she confirmed that she had been played.  “I cannot let this stand.  It makes me mad knowing I was played for a fool.  You now must pay little slut.”  Celeste began gathering energy with her hands and muttering in a language long forgotten.  Ella braced herself as the magic was let loose upon her.  It hit Ella full force and then bounced back and engulfed Celeste.  The witch screamed as her clothes burned away and her flesh seared.  A painful transformation happened in the blink of an eye.  Standing where Celeste had been was now a six foot hard muscled man.  Gorgeous muscles adorned his body.  His cock was standing at attention at twelve inches long.  A simple vacant stare was on his face.

The spell was complex and made of vile dark magic. Celeste planned on making this young fool turn back into a man. Not just any man either, Ella was to become a hard bodied fuck toy of a man. Celeste planned on making him be so simple minded he would obey any command that was given. He was to be ready to fuck or lick on command. That was the fate she herself would now live.

Ella pulled a large medallion from her top and dangled it before the hunk now standing before her.  “Guess you should have thought about whether I had also researched how to stay a girl if you ever crossed my path again.”  Ella smiled and walked over to her male visitor.  “See this is a medallion that protects from spells.  Any magic that is directed at the wearer is reflected and reversed.  So instead of you making me some vapid fuck toy you seem to have become my toy.”  She caressed the cock and watched as he shuddered in pleasure.  Ella then walked back to her office then turned.  “Come slave boy.  I need to be fucked and loved a bit.”

“Yes Mistress.” He obeyed. 

Ella grinned as she guided her new living dildo to the back of the store and her apartment. She grabbed his manhood and led him away to live the life of punishment planned for her. Ella wondered just how much Celeste could understand? Had she obliterated herself as she changed from the spell? Inside the guy a mind screamed in useless rage. Celeste would now be trapped in a prison of flesh. Her life was nothing more than that of a simple minded pleasure toy.

If you like this maybe you could buy me a Kofi. Anything would help me right now. So until next time, I hope you enjoyed what you read and will check out my other stories.


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