Glass Bauble

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #sub:female #clothing #fantasy #mental_transformation #mind_alteration #transformation #Transgender

A trip to the Flea Market turns into a nice change.

Everybody in the story is 18 years old or older. It is a work of erotic fiction. It is Transgender desires made real. It is lots of my secret wishes in the themes. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Being secretly Transgender in a rural area can be frustrating.  I live a life of quiet desperation and a whole lot of masterbating to porn.  Reading and watching transformation stories stole my imagination for my own dreams.  Finding a weird glass purple gem allowed dreams to become reality.  It all started at the Flea Market.

I was really on the low money side of life and just decided to go look around only.  It was the typical stuff; old tools, broken toys, women’s clothes I wished I could buy, and other brick-a-brack.  I was looking in a fishing tackle that was loaded with a variety of dust collectors.  I felt a small shock when my fingers touched a small purple gem.  I picked it up and looked it over.  The way the light hit it just began to hypnotize me.  I shook my head and found out that the seller wanted fifty cents for it.  I had to have it and it was cheap enough.

Walking around the rest of the market I kept my hand in my pocket just fondling the glass bauble.  It felt nice and warm as my hand caressed it.  My mind felt so clouded as I slowly made my way around the booths.  Then I became laser focused on a wig in a stall near the end of a row.  A very pretty Latina came over as I ran my fingers through the long locks of this blonde wig.  “A pretty wig for a pretty lady,” she said.  I turned to correct her and felt the gem heat up in my hand.  Her eyes had a purple glow and as she looked at me my mind fogged up. “Just one dollar and I will even help you put it on. Then maybe we can find you a cute and sexy outfit in my booth.” she smiled.

“Okay,” I stammered, “here is a dollar.”  Without even realizing it I had the money in hand ready to pay.  In my pocket I felt a strange string slither around my hand.  I pull it out quickly and the gem is now part of a necklace.  I hold it up and stare at it.  “That is a pretty necklace, you should be wearing it honey.  Let me.” she said as she put the necklace around my neck.  I felt a warmth flow through me.  She then began placing the wig on me and it hurt.  “Oww!”  “Oh, I am so sorry Miss.  It should have fit better.”  We looked in the mirror on the wall and saw my head glow in a soft purple light.  One streak of purple wove down through the locks of hair.  It felt real.  Somehow I knew it was now my hair.

“Now come with me Miss.”  She took my hand.  Was my hand different?  Smaller?  We went to the back of the booth and was in a curtained off area.  She had brought a pile of clothes with her.  “Trust me Miss.  I will make you look stunning.”  I don’t know why I let her begin to undress me.  I blushed when my flat chest was bare.  Didn’t I have chest hair?  Shoes, socks, and jeans came off next and I felt so vulnerable as I stood in the ugly male briefs.  “So sad.  You have the wrong underwear.  Naked, I reached down to cover my groin.  My hand felt a smooth mound with a slit in it.  Was that right?  Why was my mind so confused?

“Here, lift your foot Miss.”  I comply and feel the lace panties she is slipping up my legs.  Tingles of pleasure rush through me.  I look in the mirror and see the purple lace boyshorts wrapped around my new curves.  Slowly I caress my hips.  My new friend has brought a matching purple bra and placed it around my chest.  As she hooks it I see my breast grow in.  They swell until I have large C-Cups jiggling on my new frame.  I see a gorgeous young woman standing in front of me.  I gasp as I feel her begin to caress my ass.  “You are so sexy Miss.”

I was sexy.  Looking at a mirror in front of me I saw the curves of a young fit woman. Her hair was blonde with purple highlights streaked through.  I saw her reach a hand up and caress her ample breast and realized she was me.  My mind was confused.  Who was I?  Somehow I felt like I had walked in here a different person, but that was silly.  I was a sexy woman.  “What is your name sweetie? I really should know it since I am being so intimate with you.”  I looked at her and my vision felt funny as the world seemed to be purple.  “It's Violet.” I said quietly.  I lowered my head shyly.

“Well my name is Rosie.  Here is a nice bra to hold those sexy tits of yours.”  She wrapped a strapless bra around my chest and adjusted my breast.  I felt tingly as she did.  “Arms up Violet.” she commanded as a lovely lavender dress was pulled over my head.  I looked in the mirror and marveled at my dark purple hair matching the lavender dress.  It had thin spaghetti straps that showed off my pale shoulders.  The hem came just above my knee and flared out in pretty pleats.  The mirror was showing me how lovely I looked.

A click sounded as Mistress Rosie hooked my leash to my purple pet collar.  I liked the sparkly bauble that hung from it.  “Come along Violet.  Be a good girl and you can have a treat.  Mistress Rosie led me from the market to a house nearby.  Once inside I slipped out of my dress and got down on all fours.  Mistress led me to her room and I watched as she stripped.  She had a wonderful honey color to her skin.  I loved her short haircut and sexy body.  Her breasts were not as big as mine, but they were very cute.  I became excited when I smelled her arousal.  Her dark bush was glistening with wetness.

“Here girl” she called as her legs spread.  I crawled to the bed and began sniffing her sex.  Slowly I licked at her folds and soon I was lapping sweet nectar that was seeping around her.  “Ummmm oh yeah puppy, right there.  Oh good girl, lick that twat.”  I loved hearing my Mistress command me.  Soon she was thrashing in excitement before squirting all over my face.  “Well, Well, someone is being a good girl.” a deep voice boomed.  I turned and saw my Master.

He walked over and I noticed that he was already naked.  His muscles were hard and tight as he worked out all the time.  A proud dick bobbed in front of my face as I looked up at him.  He was stroking his cock as I licked his head.  “PRESENT!” he commanded.  I twirled around and pulled my panties off quickly.  My face hit the floor as I stuck my ass up and spread my legs.  “That’s my good bitch.”  His cock slid into my hot hole and soon I was being fucked like the bitch I was.  “Ughn, fuck that is a tight cunt.” he bellowed.  “Oh you look so good Papi.” Mistress said as she began filming us on her phone.  

No one saw the Glass Bauble shatter and disappear in a puff of purple smoke.

          I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.


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